WINNER: Red’s Hot Women Awards 2013


On Monday night I was awarded one of Red magazines annual ‘Red’s Hot Women Awards’ for my blog and campaign work – a very pleasant surprise and a lovely evening, in brilliant company – I’m just sad I didn’t get to talk to all of the fabulous and inspiring women there, there just wasn’t enough time!

The other winners were Laura Mvula, Mary Berry, Alice Temperley, Sophie Turner Laing, Dr Suchitra Sebastian, Professor Geeta Nargund, Sarah Wood, Louise Serpell, Janvi Patel, Chloe Macintosh and Samantha Shannon. We all got a magnum of champagne (mine is currently sitting in my hallway, I’ve no idea what to do with it), a Kate Spade handbag (ditto the champagne) and a beautiful bouquet of roses – red, of course!

And just for the occasion, I even wore a dress…


Jack Monroe. Twitter: @msjackmonroe

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  1. You deserve it so much Jack, congratulations. And use the damned handbag! If you don’t want to drink and/or share the champagne, pass it to a Christmas dinner for the elderly or the homeless to enjoy or auction it for funds for the same.

    *claps, cheers, shakes pompoms*

  2. Many Congratulations, Jack! Well deserved- I’m so glad that all your hard work and genuine passion for campaigning has been rewarded. Keep up the good work and a happy and healthy Christmas and 2014 to you and your family!
    Very best wishes, Kate

  3. Fantastic!! If you can’t drink all the champers at once, just think of the fun recipes!! My personal fave is champagne ice lollies with antique spoons instead of sticks – festive and delightful 🙂

  4. Please don’t wear a hair shirt – it won’t suit you. a) drink/share the champers with friends/family b)use the handbag or give it away, maybe your mum would like it? Simples! You are allowed to be a caring person AND have fun

  5. Congratulations you deserve it. Share the champers with your family & friends who have supported you and auction the bag or give it as a xmas present to someone who deservesit ..

  6. Congratulations Jack. How are you fitting all this stuff into your life? There are still only 24 hours on my clock- have you added a few extra?

  7. Congratulations! Drink the champagne with the people you love, and if you really hate the hangbag give it to one of them or auction it and send the money to charity.

  8. Send the champagne to me 🙂 seriously use the bag, it’s not bad to have nice things. We all know the award and recognition means more to you.

  9. You don’y know what to do with the champagne??? Have some friends round to celebrate and drink it! Have fun!

  10. Hi Jack, I’d have loved to have met you too… hopefully another time! Ditto – I gave the giant champagne to a friend and am contemplating the best use for a handbag 🙂

  11. Many congratulations! You are a worthy winner.
    By the way, did you get a chance to chat to Mary Berry at all?

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