1. Well… I find this one odd. Are you a business? Are you a brand? Or are you being shoe horned to fit, because you are a new buzz word?? Who cares, it’s nearly Christmas. Have a good one, Jack. More power to you x

    • I did find it a bit odd myself but also quite cool to be recognised as working hard for once! (That’s how I took it anyway). I suppose the context is that I created a job for myself – although that makes it sound a lot more organised than it was. I really just said yes to a lot of stuff. Damn that Danny Wallace book!!

  2. I think that maybe you are turning into the New Delia, purely due to the effect you have on improving the diet and lives of those living on a tight budget. Will we see the “Jack Effect” soon. I am not in dire need but I use at least 75% of the recipes that you publish.

  3. LOL! I remember that! Maybe, rather than creating a job for yourself, you filled a gap that had been made. You have given a lot of people a united voice – and made it loud enough that it has had to be heard. And that has given hope. Which is, indeed, very cool.

  4. The time was right ‘ a girl called jack’ and we needed you and still do to allow everyday Folk to admit to needing help,guidance and fellow travellers along the journey of coping with austere times. You are the voice of this generation ,particuarly the young. As a middleaged Mother,I never stop learning and promoting your Blogs… the credits are so justly deserved.Well done .

  5. I so wish I had found Jack when I was at my lowest ebb.

    Not so much for the recipes – I am a pretty good poverty cook. (Even when I earned loads I couldn’t believe people would spend money on ready-made mash, or ready meals full of unknown chemicals and mechanically-recovered scraps of gristle.)
    I just wish I had found her positive, practical encouragement.

    I was so lucky. And handful of friends from childhood kept me going . And the one with the least herself gave the most!

    I am OK now. But I shall never forget what it was like.

    Jack is an inspiration.

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