David Cameron forced to debate hunger crisis as our petition reaches 100,000 signatures (Daily Mirror, 5 December)



For the full story, click here: David Cameron forced to debate UK hunger as our petition reaches 100K signatures, Daily Mirror, 5 December 2013

Again, huge thanks to everyone who signed. I will be handing the petition in to the House of Commons on Monday, along with Ros Wynne-Jones from the Daily Mirror, and Chris Mould from the Trussell Trust.

Please continue to sign and share it, to add your voice to ours and continue to demonstrate the strength of public feeling that there is behind this campaign.

Also if you can, please donate to the Mirror’s “Give Our Kids A Christmas” campaign, to help give 60,000 families in the UK a Christmas this year. Donate to the Christmas appeal here.

Many thanks,

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/agirlcalledjack


  1. Every year my office asks people to contribute to a charity appeal rather than circulating Christmas cards. Last year it was the Syrian civil war – this year, there is a cardboard box on each floor collecting food for the local foodbank. Says it all.

  2. Mandela.

    Malala, Monroe… Jack, you are a living inspiration. With people such as you, there is hope for us all.

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