WE DID IT! Foodbanks and hunger to be debated in the House of Commons. #jackspetition

Two days after launching #jackspetition, Labour have announced that the Opposition Day debate on the 18th of December will be about food bank use and hunger in the UK.

We still have two weeks to get as many signatures as possible do please please add your voices to this debate – I’m reeling from the fact that we’ve managed to secure a debate in Parliament so quickly(!) but the sheer strength of public opinion on this was clearly too much to ignore.

I’ll keep you all posted – it’s going to be a difficult few weeks.

Many, many thanks, and please keep signing and sharing – we haven’t won yet but at least it’s coming out for discussion – something the Government has been desperately trying to avoid.

People power at its best. Thankyou all so much for your support.

Sign and share: Change.org/foodbanks

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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  1. You are not the only one reeling, Jack. You go from strength to strength. As I said to you a few weeks ago your career is assured if you can keep this up. However the life of a freelance writer and campaigner must be a hard and lonely one. I could never have persevered like this at your age, so I admire you unreservedly.

  2. Well done! The debate the Tories and their stooges have been trying to avoid is finally on. Now it’s time for Labour to do their bit and speak for the people they’re supposed to represent. Come on, earn our votes and nail your colours to the mast, Labour!

  3. Well done, a fantastic achievement.

    Let’s just hope they do something other than talk, or use their favourite cop-out “This will be looked at in the next term of government”

  4. Well done, Jack! I’ll write to my local MP (Frank Dobson – Labour) and ask him if he’ll be attending. I wonder if you’d be able to post a few key statistics and points for MPs to bring up in the debate (or a link to a factsheet), that people could use if they also want to write letters?

  5. Never thought I would see the day again of this disgraceful situation in the UK but there again the evil tories never go away propped up by a crowd unprincipled so called liberals.

  6. Wow – that’s fantastic – Well done Jack for bringing to light such an important issue – you have gone from being a victim to a strong ray of light shining in the face of adversity – I hope that you will get the opportunity to be present at the debate – you deserve to see the results of your toil – even just raising the petition has brought out the subject further into the public eye, so your efforts have probably already helped some people – here’s hoping the government will spring into action to support those who need it the most – it would be good to see benefits flying in the direction of those who need and deserve it – rather than those who know how to play the system. Again well done!

  7. well done, i would also like to write to my MP ( unfortunately Tory ) with some facts and figures if you could help with info or directions to info i would be grateful.

  8. Well done, this is a serious matter that needs addressing, I ask myself the question, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTY it’s unreal to believe that we have such wealth in this county, but the poverty is even more unreal. Good luck.

  9. Fantastic results.. well done …We need Figures now as well on how many people have Died because of the cuts to the benefits they received.. something this government are keeping hush hush on..Lots to do.. people to see.

  10. I am made up it’s not before time it is a disgrace and I am surprised at the people of this countrey sitting back and letting this shower who are in charge getting off with it. and now they are getting a rise what about the rest of us.

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