#jackspetition foodbank and hunger petition – UPDATE.


On Tuesday morning, I handed the petition in to Parliament, along with the Daily Mirror, Unite and the Trussell Trust, with over 130,000 signatures on it – including yours.

We got a debate!

The debate will go ahead in a week’s time, on the Wednesday 18th of December, so the next week is crucial.
Please take a moment to contact your local MP to tell them why you signed the petition and ask them to attend the debate to represent you as one of their constituents.

Ask them to visit a foodbank in their area, if they haven’t already. Ask them to stand up for the hungry people in their constituency, people in work, out of work, people living on their own, people with children, all struggling to put food on the table in one of the richest and most developed countries in the world.

We’ve got less than a week to make sure as many MPs as possible are at the debate. So click here to find and email your MP today.

And please continue to share the link to the petition on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.change.org/foodbanks

We have achieved more than I ever thought possible over the past 7 days, but every additional voice strengthens our campaign.

Thank you so much for your help and support,

Jack Monroe

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  1. Thank you for doing this. You really are an inspiration to everyone.
    Ironically, I work in a benefits department responsible for administering part of these unfortunate cuts and today the council had a dress down day in support of our local food banks. I hope this debate answers the questions that need answering and helps the people it needs to.

  2. Sent my Tory mp several emails about this petition and the wow petition, unlike our squabbling Mp’s in parliament I was very polite, however I’ve still not received a reply, the chances of him turning up are slim it’s rare he attends much more than twice a week if that!
    I really hope this gets the media attention it deserves, the IDS show last week in front of the Welfare committee although he passed the buck on everything it did get plenty of press, so this debate should attract a lot of media attention 🙂 x

  3. Well, I would, Jack … but my MP is David Burroughs, who is so Right wing he’s meeting himself coming back. Meh. Waste of time, but will contact him anyway.

    Well done with this, by the way – it needs someone of your caliber to keep reminding those who should represent us – but don’t – that there are real people out there having a hard time.

  4. Fiona, absolutely contact him anyway – we shouldn’t let the fact that they DON’T work for us let them off the hook that says they should!

    I could tell, from his voting history, that my local MP was the sort of person who would be concerned about foodbanks and very probably would attend the vote, but I was still pleased to have it confirmed when he replied (promptly!) to my email and said he was seriously concerned, had already visited several local foodbanks and intended to go to the debate.

  5. Hi jack. I seriously admire what you are doing. So many are struggling in the UK, including good friends of mine. Unfortunetly I dont think it will help. MPs dont give a s***. Sorry to be blunt but its true.
    a good friend of mine is hopeful that labour gets in at the next election.she believes they will get rid of the bedroom tax. I felt bad telling her that labour does not get rid of taxes.
    personally I say get rid of all politicians and let the people run the country themselves. We would do a much better job.

  6. I’ve e-mailed my MP (Ed Milliband) and put forward reasons why this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I’m sure that he will speak out on the behalf of those of us affected. I have also pointed out that our local (3 miles away) food bank has been closed and relocated 8 miles away, making it impossible for many from this area to get to it. I’d like to point out that there is a new “supermarket” opened in a nearby town (it has been reported locally, but I don’t think it’s made national news yet) that sells surplus stock (in date) from Asda, Tesco, Marks and Spencer etc at incredibly low prices . This is a trial (with a view to opening a further 20 or so similar places next year) where you have to live within a certain postcode and be in receipt of benefits. At least someone is trying to help and this should also be pointed out to those MPs who think that there isn’t a problem!! Thanks for all your hard work Jack…i8t really is appreciated!

  7. Because of your blog I decided to give some things to the foodbank when they were collecting today. I now know you don’t have to buy the expensive products, but can help with just a few (cheaper) item. It made me feel really good doing that and I hope someone will havea nicer christmas because of it.

  8. I wrote to my two local Labour MPs a few days ago about this but still haven’t got a reply…here’s hoping..

  9. Jack my names Aaron and I think your fantastic your so strong I wished I had half your strength. And unfortunately there are to Manny people like Edwina in the country ignorant is the word im looking for. Look after your self jack!!

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