Brief letter to the Daily Mail re Chickengate.

I sent the following to,,, and I’m not holding my breath for it being printed, nor any retractions, corrections or clarifications, but I can ask.

Dear Editor,

In response to the article by your columnist Liz Jones in this weeks Mail On Sunday:

Leaving aside the false implications that I use and endorse battery meat – illustrated and exaggerated with the photos of £1.99 chicken and the pigs in cages – I notice she failed to include in the article her own endorsements of ‘buttery soft leather’ goods, nor did she mention the Marks and Spencer prawns she claims to buy for her 17 cats. In the tiny world of Liz Jones, killing animals for arm candy or cat food is something to gleefully boast about, but choosing to eat a little free range meat here and there is apparently akin to apartheid.

For the record, and for the umpteenth time, I only use free range meat and eggs, and not very often come to that. I don’t think that’s worth a half page hatchet job in a national newspaper, and definitely not worth the vulgar comparison to racial segregation, and thousands of deaths under the brutal apartheid regime. Perhaps Ms Jones should stick to her sperm-stealing confessionals and buttery soft leather handbags, and leave the commentary about real issues to people with an ounce of comprehension and the ability to communicate without drivelling nonsense.

And this is the third hatchet job smear campaign that you have let one of your ‘journalists’ run about me in a matter of weeks. I’m not holding my breath for an apology or retraction – I’ll leave the finer points to the Press Complaints Commission. I’ve got a petition to take to Parliament on Wednesday and I sort of need to concentrate on that, ta.

With my best wishes,

Jack Monroe.

Best regards,

Jack Monroe

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