1. It’s as well to have debates on what the causes of poverty are that have hit any household…though this newspaper article provoked the usual response to any such article of “So its only families is it that are hit by financial problems that sometimes aren’t of their own making? Hmmm……”. I do wish these newspaper columnists/MPs et al would recognise that single childless people can also land up in Poverty Not of Their Own Making type situations. ‘Scuse the rant that yet again another blimmin’ newspaper hasn’t recognised that single childless people can be poor too. No sympathy vote I guess for those who don’t have a Card to Play to help them. I’m only too thankful personally that I’ve gone from No Cards to Play to get any sympathy at times of poverty (due to not having any children, so that I can say “Its not me I’m worried for…its them”) to having a Card to Play at last. I’ve now got the Pensioner Card to play for some sympathy if I get financial problems landed on me despite my best efforts….so I have a Card in my hand at last, after all these years of not having any to use. I’m deliberately NOT dying my hair now that its gone white with age LOL.

    I shall be interested to hear if you ever come across any articles/lobbying on behalf of working age single childless people (as these are THE worst-off group of people in the country overall imo).

  2. I read a similar article in the Guardian. I just can’t see how wages can rise in the private sector. A look at all the closed businesses and shops in France, which have failed because of having to pay the “charges” towards social benefits, paints a sad picture.

  3. Ashamed and disappointed to see that our Eastbourne MP STEPHEN LLOYD voted with this. Bye bye Lib Dems at next election!!!

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