Published in the Guardian, 18th December 2013. For the full recipe, click here.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe



  1. Equally delicious (in a different manner): turn the kippers in about 3 tbsp of polenta (cornmeal) before frying. No fiddly batter and and fewer dishes to wash.
    I did this today with rags and snippets of smoked salmon (cheap, if you don’t buy perfect slices) to make some sort of goujons – Kids loved it.
    have fun

  2. I like the polenta idea very much – but the kippers in oats sound lovely as well – now to have a problem deciding which to try first!

  3. Aww geez, the title left me thinking you were beating up the kippers with oat grass! Don’t be mean to the kippers or the oats !
    Don’t know how it translates, but battered has some evil connotations for me.
    Sorry for being nuts. Thanks for all of the help you provide. You and your little one are darlings.

  4. I hear a great many saying that they won’t vote for their mp next time round…I have a question “Why vote at all?” simply ignore them, do what feels right to you, build communities, share and become stronger. Eventually you’ll never even think about politicians anymore, let’s face it people, these ‘parasites’ are sucking the life out of us, time to wake up and take back what is truly ours.

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