The 296 MPs who voted AGAINST investigating food banks use and UK hunger: THE LIST

Taken from Hansard, 18th December 2013.

Adams, Nigel

Afriyie, Adam

Aldous, Peter

Amess, Mr David

Andrew, Stuart

Bacon, Mr Richard

Baker, Steve

Baldry, rh Sir Tony

Baldwin, Harriett

Barker, rh Gregory

Baron, Mr John

Barwell, Gavin

Bebb, Guto

Beith, rh Sir Alan

Benyon, Richard

Beresford, Sir Paul

Bingham, Andrew

Blackman, Bob

Blackwood, Nicola

Blunt, Mr Crispin

Bone, Mr Peter

Bradley, Karen

Brady, Mr Graham

Brake, rh Tom

Bray, Angie

Brazier, Mr Julian

Bridgen, Andrew

Brine, Steve

Brooke, Annette

Browne, Mr Jeremy

Bruce, Fiona

Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm

Buckland, Mr Robert

Burley, Mr Aidan

Burns, Conor

Burns, rh Mr Simon

Burstow, rh Paul

Burt, Lorely

Byles, Dan

Cable, rh Vince

Cairns, Alun

Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair

Carmichael, Neil

Carswell, Mr Douglas

Cash, Mr William

Chishti, Rehman

Chope, Mr Christopher

Clappison, Mr James

Clark, rh Greg

Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth

Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey

Coffey, Dr Thérèse

Collins, Damian

Colvile, Oliver

Cox, Mr Geoffrey

Crabb, Stephen

Crockart, Mike

Crouch, Tracey

Davies, David T. C.


Davies, Glyn

Davies, Philip

Davis, rh Mr David

de Bois, Nick

Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

Dorrell, rh Mr Stephen

Doyle-Price, Jackie

Drax, Richard

Duddridge, James

Duncan, rh Mr Alan

Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain

Dunne, Mr Philip

Ellis, Michael

Ellison, Jane

Ellwood, Mr Tobias

Elphicke, Charlie

Eustice, George

Evans, Graham

Evans, Jonathan

Evans, Mr Nigel

Evennett, Mr David

Fabricant, Michael

Fallon, rh Michael

Farron, Tim

Featherstone, Lynne

Foster, rh Mr Don

Fox, rh Dr Liam

Freeman, George

Freer, Mike

Fuller, Richard

Gale, Sir Roger

Garnier, Sir Edward

Garnier, Mark

George, Andrew

Gibb, Mr Nick

Gilbert, Stephen

Glen, John

Goldsmith, Zac

Goodwill, Mr Robert

Gove, rh Michael

Graham, Richard

Gray, Mr James

Grayling, rh Chris

Green, rh Damian

Griffiths, Andrew

Gummer, Ben

Gyimah, Mr Sam

Hague, rh Mr William

Halfon, Robert

Hames, Duncan

Hammond, Stephen

Hancock, Matthew

Hancock, Mr Mike

Hands, Greg

Harper, Mr Mark

Harrington, Richard

Harris, Rebecca

Hart, Simon

Harvey, Sir Nick

Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan

Hayes, rh Mr John

Heald, Oliver

Heath, Mr David

Heaton-Harris, Chris

Hemming, John

Henderson, Gordon

Hendry, Charles

Herbert, rh Nick

Hinds, Damian

Hoban, Mr Mark

Hollingbery, George

Hollobone, Mr Philip

Holloway, Mr Adam

Hopkins, Kris

Howell, John

Hughes, rh Simon

Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy

Hurd, Mr Nick

Jackson, Mr Stewart

Javid, Sajid

Jenkin, Mr Bernard

Johnson, Joseph

Jones, Andrew

Jones, rh Mr David

Jones, Mr Marcus

Kelly, Chris

Kirby, Simon

Knight, rh Sir Greg

Kwarteng, Kwasi

Lamb, Norman

Lancaster, Mark

Lansley, rh Mr Andrew

Latham, Pauline

Laws, rh Mr David

Leadsom, Andrea

Lee, Jessica

Lee, Dr Phillip

Leech, Mr John

Lefroy, Jeremy

Leigh, Sir Edward

Leslie, Charlotte

Letwin, rh Mr Oliver

Lewis, Brandon

Lewis, Dr Julian

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

Lidington, rh Mr David

Lloyd, Stephen

Lord, Jonathan

Loughton, Tim

Luff, Peter

Lumley, Karen

Macleod, Mary

Main, Mrs Anne

Maude, rh Mr Francis

May, rh Mrs Theresa

Maynard, Paul

McCartney, Jason

McCartney, Karl

McIntosh, Miss Anne

McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick

McVey, Esther

Menzies, Mark

Metcalfe, Stephen

Mills, Nigel

Mordaunt, Penny

Morgan, Nicky

Morris, Anne Marie

Morris, David

Morris, James

Mosley, Stephen

Mowat, David

Munt, Tessa

Murray, Sheryll

Murrison, Dr Andrew

Neill, Robert

Newmark, Mr Brooks

Newton, Sarah

Norman, Jesse

Nuttall, Mr David

O’Brien, rh Mr Stephen

Offord, Dr Matthew

Ollerenshaw, Eric

Opperman, Guy

Ottaway, rh Richard

Paice, rh Sir James

Parish, Neil

Patel, Priti

Paterson, rh Mr Owen

Pawsey, Mark

Penning, Mike

Penrose, John

Percy, Andrew

Perry, Claire

Phillips, Stephen

Pincher, Christopher

Prisk, Mr Mark

Pugh, John

Randall, rh Sir John

Reckless, Mark

Redwood, rh Mr John

Rees-Mogg, Jacob

Reid, Mr Alan

Rifkind, rh Sir Malcolm

Robathan, rh Mr Andrew

Robertson, Mr Laurence

Rogerson, Dan

Rosindell, Andrew

Rudd, Amber

Ruffley, Mr David

Russell, Sir Bob

Rutley, David

Sanders, Mr Adrian

Sandys, Laura

Scott, Mr Lee

Selous, Andrew

Shapps, rh Grant

Sharma, Alok

Simmonds, Mark

Simpson, Mr Keith

Skidmore, Chris

Smith, Chloe

Smith, Henry

Smith, Julian

Soames, rh Nicholas

Soubry, Anna

Spelman, rh Mrs Caroline

Spencer, Mr Mark

Stanley, rh Sir John

Stephenson, Andrew

Stevenson, John

Stewart, Bob

Stewart, Iain

Stewart, Rory

Stride, Mel

Stuart, Mr Graham

Stunell, rh Sir Andrew

Sturdy, Julian

Swales, Ian

Swayne, rh Mr Desmond

Swinson, Jo

Swire, rh Mr Hugo

Syms, Mr Robert

Thornton, Mike

Thurso, John

Tomlinson, Justin

Tredinnick, David

Truss, Elizabeth

Turner, Mr Andrew

Tyrie, Mr Andrew

Uppal, Paul

Vaizey, Mr Edward

Vara, Mr Shailesh

Vickers, Martin

Walker, Mr Robin

Wallace, Mr Ben

Walter, Mr Robert

Ward, Mr David

Watkinson, Dame Angela

Weatherley, Mike

Webb, Steve

Wharton, James

Wheeler, Heather

White, Chris

Whittingdale, Mr John

Wiggin, Bill

Willetts, rh Mr David

Williams, Mr Mark

Williams, Roger

Williams, Stephen

Williamson, Gavin

Wilson, Mr Rob

Wright, Jeremy

Wright, Simon

Yeo, Mr Tim

Young, rh Sir George

Zahawi, Nadhim

I’ll be cross-referencing these to see who on this list also voted against repealing the bedroom tax… Full report on last nights events to follow.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @BootstrapCook


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    • The media sit quietly and happily take good wages and good living,of course there is not a whimper.As it these and other Morons,voted this scum into power first place.

      Yet our glorious pillars of society believe-:

      Every single MP in Cornwall believe that no one is going hungry in Cornwall or that welfare reform is not harming their constituents. How can we allow such thick evil people keep conning us.

      This proves LIBDEMs or any Monetary Parasite in Cornwall are not fit for purpose or a voice of the majority.Evil people Who don’t find find food banks and ostracisation of the sick and weak abhorrent or morally EVIL.

      In the 21st Century,when £71 to these people is a bottle of wine. Yes and life or death to their constituents. OUT OUT OUT OUT.NOW!!!!!!!!

      Maybe Morbid, but this the stage the Government has reached, where it’s own people are beginning to evidence their heinous criminal decisions, when £71 is a bottle of wine to them, yet life or death to some one with illness.


      Merry Xmas and enjoy your Turkey’s.

      • I detect that everyone in the UK is absolutely sick of this lot. Check out Larken Rose for a hopeful alternative to government. We really cannot afford these leeches.

      • I have been a volunteer in my local foodbank for a year. I have heard stories from people in desperate situations. These people have small babies, they can’t afford nappiies as their benefits have been stopped. For Gods sake, this is the year 2014. Unbelievable.

  1. No surprise seeing my local parasite of a politician Francis Maude on the list, these people that lord it over the rest of us have no idea what it is like to struggle or go without. Politicians are just spineless scrounging scumbags the whole lot of them, I think I will ask Santa for a peoples revolution this Christmas.

    • I agree, they make our lives a misery ! and have no concept of what its like living on practically nothing, if they had, they would not be voting against such an important question.

    • Gary,
      I agree with you about the central point, but you spoil your argument with your intemperate and self indulgent invective. Most MP’s are highly motivated and caring people.

  2. I don’t know how they can sleep at night !! But there again they don’t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or whether they can afford to buy tokens for the meter and making the choice between food and heating..

    Grrr makes my blood boil….

  3. I have just written a letter of disgust to my MP. Not sure it will make a jot of difference but it is my right as a constituent, therefore I have exercised it!

  4. That “rh” by the side of some MP’s names…I didn’t realise it was spelt “Right Harsehole” did you ?

  5. I’ve just posted on Facebook the names of ALL the Cornish MPs who voted against the motion and asked all my friends to do so. I hope they will. I’ve also given them the link to your list.
    It must be really tough living in the Westminster village, one’s heart bleeds …

    • Yup, mine too. I emailed him about both things too, and got no response either time. Cheers, Stephen Williams Bristol West, merry bloody Christmas to you too…

      • Neither did I get any response after asking him to sign an early days motion in support of teaching assistants. The man has his ministerial position now so that’s the end of anything he may have said pre election, You know what to do inthe next election Kelly!

      • Sue’s comment above needs saving, printing and nailing to the wall in your home. Get these parasites out at the next opportunity.

  6. How depressing! Even includes Tories who spoke some sense, like Mr Baldry, and of course loads who weren’t there to hear the scale and severity of thousands of their constituents – now.

  7. Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me. They don’t want to acknowledge that there is a real problem out there. Same garbage behind not wanting to ban zero-hours contracts. Ostriches with heads in the sand hoping that everything will be all right come the next election.

  8. This is upsetting – after all your hard work to get this debate. We do feel that they question to be voted on was put in the wrong way. I guess that is down to the Labout leadership in the end. The question should have been about how to deal with the failings of the benefits system, and how to properly investigate the root causes of food poverty so that they can be dealt with. MP’s need to keep being pushed to get the exisiting report published – WE WANT TO PROPERLY UNDERSTAND how this happens.

  9. Thanks for the list. I have written to my MP, James Gray, to express my disappointment and to ask for an explanation.

  10. No surprise to see my local MP vote against it – James Duddridge. He is hopeless and ignores all his constituents. We have some deprived areas and 2 foodbanks in Southend East and yet still he doesn’t think it’s worth investigating. Interesting to see so many Lib Dems on the list. It would be interesting to see which party they all belong to.

  11. Thank you Jack for being a person of honour. I emailed my MP
    Christopher Chope asking him to vote for this bill. I have emailed him again expressing my sadness that he did not stand with the hungry of his own constituency.

    I noticed that there were some snide remarks about you not being working class. Anyone who has to work for a living and does not have a private income sufficient to live on is working class. I am a teacher but consider myself working class because of this rule.
    I am proud to be a member of the working classes.

    I also want to say that the more vitriolic the remarks against you are the more you must realise you are getting to them. I thank God for your work for ordinary people who have mostly temporarity fallen on hard times.

    • I agree with you about the snide remarks, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a multimillionaire, have a job, or are living in poverty, it’s about knowing what is right, and what is wrong, and doing something about it. I just don’t understand, how so many pathetic ignorant people, seem to be able to run roughshod over the ordinary people. We need more people like Jack to run this country, and give us back true! democracy !

    • This is simply the Whipping process at work. MP’s don’t want to harm their chances of promotion by being seen as members of the awkward squad through voting against their government on issues they see as largely irrelevant. That is the true horror, that they can see such an issue in such a way. I note that Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has not joined the gutless gaderene swine.

  12. I’m annoyed and concerned that they are allowed to vot when they didn’t even attend the debate. If they don’t attend the debate they should not be allowed to vote.

  13. Why on earth are these people MPs , if they are not interested in the struggle some people are in shame on the lot of them, they make my blood boil. Get rid of the lot of them, then get some real descent folk in there.

    • I note, without surprise, that my MP (very rich Mr Mel Stride), despite all the food banks in the Central Devon constituency. I also note that the only Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, is NOT on this list. Good for her. And let us remember that, come the next election, we are not FORCED to vote for any of the LibLabCon Axis!

      • True, Keith, you don’t have to vote for any of the mainstream parties. But you may be pushed to find a radical alternative recipient of your vote. So, if you want to displace as many Tories as possible, & the crypto-Tory wing of the Lib-Dems, it may be that the plodding old labour carthorse is the least worst option. At least there’s a realistic chance of embarrassing them out of doing bad stuff – you ain’t gonna be able to do that with the Tories still in power.

  14. As usual, the “That doesn’t happen on the Isle Of Wight” mentality is stuck fast. Andrew Turner is high on the expense claims list you did, too… I bet a lot of them are on both.

  15. Just received a Christmas message from my mp Steve brine. Have sent him a response asking why he voted this way and reminding him that he is (like me) fortunate this Christmas. Doesn’t he want to know why so many people aren’t or is he too well aware of the answer and so doesn’t want it revealed in all it’s Conservative colours

  16. My local MP David Tredinnick (Tory) Hinckley and Bosworth (Leics) is also on this list – I did write to ask him to attend the debate and gave some reasons why but received no correspondence – I will now write to him again requesting an explanation for his no vote – I will let you know what he says if I get a reply.

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath for a reply from David Tredinnick (my local MP too) especially about things that really matter. I’ve e-mailed him about food bank use and also the bedroom tax, never ever get a reply from him

  17. Jack your heading for this blog is not quite correct. What they actually voted against was the motion moved by Maria Eagle:

    Maria Eagle (Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Garston and Halewood, Labour)

    I beg to move,

    That this House
    notes that the number of people using foodbanks provided by the Trussell Trust alone has increased from 41,000 in 2010 to more than 500,000 since April this year, of whom one third were children;
    further notes that over the last three years prices have risen faster than wages;
    further notes the assessment of the Trussell Trust that the key factors in the rising resort to foodbanks are rising living costs and stagnant wages, as well as problems including delays to social security payments and the impact of the under-occupancy penalty;
    calls on the Government to publish the results of research into foodbanks commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which Ministers promised would be made public in the summer of 2013;
    and further calls on the Government to bring forward measures to reduce dependency on foodbanks, including a freeze on energy prices, a water affordability scheme, measures to end abuses of zero hours contracts, incentives to companies to pay a living wage and abolition of the under-occupancy penalty.

    As usual in our parliamentary system our elected representatives voted mainly along party lines. Sadly the motion was phrased in such a way as to make this a certainty – the suggestion of a freeze on energy prices and an end to zero hours contracts ensued that that the vote would go as it did despite many on the Government benches praising the work of Food Banks. That the Minister left the chamber before the end of the debate was appalling.

    You can read the whole debate at:

  18. Every single one of them need to be led by the hand around this country’s poorest areas . Where the vast majority are starving , living in a eat or heat scenario and buying the cheapest food on offer. I fully expect rickets and other health related diseases to begin to take hold soon. Shame on them , every last one of therm

    • The problem is nationwide! Even where I live,Windsor,one of the most expensive and supposedly affluent places to live,there are homeless people living and sleeping rough under the shadow of the castle! We also have hidden poverty and a food bank run by the local churches.Adam Afriye should hang his head in shame for being on this list.

    • ‘Let us rope ’em round the neck & lead them round the streets of London/We’ll show ’em something that’ll make ’em lose their minds.’ (Wiv apologies to Ralph McTell & respect to Ralph Miliband)

    • I have wrote to geoffery,

      Dear Mr Cox,

      I was very disappointed to see that you voted against looking into the growing dependency on food banks and food poverty, I know that here in Bideford our own food bank struggles to meet demand and to open often enough.

      I would like to invite you to meet with me to discuss why you feel this is of no concern to our government and hope that you would join me on a visit to our local food bank in the New Year to discuss this,

      I look forward to hearing from you

      yours sincerely

      if you want to meet up and go to (if he gets back to us) let me know

  19. My MP is there … No surprise there, useless, expense fiddling baggage. The email will shortly be in cyber space

  20. So many Rh (Right honourables) don’t make me laugh. Nothing right or honourable about any of them. Glad to see no Northern Ireland MPs on this list of parasites

  21. Hardly surprised to see my local MP (*cough*Hague*cough*) on here. Mr Man-of-the-People never seems able to vote in a way that would actually help people.

    • Naïve people believe that MP’s are there to help the masses. Most MP’s main priorities are their present and future careers. That they are allowed to hold other positions e.g. directorships etc is the biggest travesty. Being an MP, on the salaries they are on, should be a full time job. Any other job on top of that is a distraction to the very important job that they (are supposed to) do i.e. representing all of the constituents. As it is, they come and go with no-one keeping tabs on them. They are rarely at their constituent offices. Where do they go? How do they spend their time?
      Who checks up on them? They should be more accountable.

  22. Appalling and sickening. I am relieved not to see my MPs name on the list but I have copied the entire list onto my Facebook page and sent an email to the London Freecycle Cafe Group, encouraging everyone to check for their MPs name and write expressing their disgust if it is on there.

    Not at all surprised to see that that First Class Weasel IDS walked out of the chamber.

  23. Adam Afriyie and Theresa May… because apparently we don’t have hunger in the Royal Borough! Totally out of touch.

    • It will be interesting to see if they both trot out the same response letter… It wouldn’t be the first time!

      • I agree…I have written to Adam so many times and he just tows the party line all the time! He has no desire to rock the party boat on his way up building his career .

    • We have homeless people and people in need of the food bank …but then Adam is so out of touch with his constituents he probably does not know that……he should be ashamed of himself at his lack of compassion!

  24. My Mp isn’t on the list but he doesn’t turn up to vote or take part in debates very often, I have a feeling he knows his Party are on their way out.

  25. Stephen Williams is MP for Bristol West,where I live. He is a total Coalition clone who has NEVER voted against this government. He does not represent me, or many others in Bristol West. I repudiate him and his Party entirely.; I can see no difference whatsoever between them and the Tories.

  26. Everyone off us should be writing our MPs and asking them to explain there self’s why they voted against this and make sure they are not voted in again as they do not give a shit about anyone other then them self’s its a disgrace that we are using foodbanks these days as we are the 8th richest country in the world.

  27. According to her website, my MP, Sarah Newton, volunteered the following in the debate: ‘‘I pay tribute to the many local people who give food to the food banks and to the volunteers who do such invaluable work. I want to make sure that as people are given food they can speak to one of my very kind and knowledgeable team who can help with benefits issues and sign post to a wide range of local services. Helping tackle the underlying causes of why people need to use food banks is important to me and I appreciate the partners in our community I work with to do this, including Cornwall Council, local churches, NHS services and charities.

    ‘People who most need help are often the most difficult to reach and food banks are a friendly and safe place to meet and help local people get the help that is available to help them. I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with all those food bank volunteers who are as passionate as I am about helping people to help themselves out of poverty.’’
    but voted AGAINST the motion.
    Double standards?
    Not sure whether or not the mediator will allow this, I hope so!

  28. Keep the faith if you don’t here from any often, soon you will. there is an election coming. I would also like to see how many of these voted for the Badger cull also.

  29. I wish my MP was not on this list James Gray, sad to say he is on both lists, I shall have to have words.

  30. Our MP IS on there, Glyn Davis! Shame on you all! Enjoy your feasts whilst your constituents go hungry! Don’t any of you sad excuses for human beings give anyone else a second thought!! Disgraceful.

  31. Time for a victory garden, people. Do some research and give it a go. I have started one. Just herbs at the moment and then I will try veges once I get the herbs going. Won’t hurt and might make all the difference. If hubby was more interested, I would have 2 or 3 chooks in the garden as well. My friend has a few chooks and has more eggs than she can use.

  32. Totally selfish, what do they care? Poor unfortunates HAVE to take a raise for all their immoral acts!

  33. I have written to my MP Mark Harper noting that he voted against an investigation and I have promised to remember that in 2015!

    • good for you. harper is first in line to vote for the government on everything – as for representing his constituents – forget it!!!!! he was the minister for disabled people when in opposition – and of course claimed off us nearly £800 to pay for his fuel bills only a few weeks ago

  34. Might help some people to understand why their MP voted as they did if they read Adam Shallcross’s comment (posted at 6.30pm 19Dec) – a shame the vote was not only about food banks. However, I totally agree that too many MPs appear to be taking the p*ss…

    • This is a very good point. I believe in holding any government in power to account regardless of whether I voted for them or not. If people start using these petition websites such as to turn things into a party political debate instead of a debate about the issue, then people will be put off. Be warned!

      • Sorry, would you elucidate further on what’s wrong with interventions by, 38Degrees etc. Surely it depends on the wording of the petition. Purely hostile & combative ones may indeed make positions more entrenched. An utterly reasonable one, however, shows the government up in an appalling light if they ignore it – failure to respond satisfactorily then becomes the basis for even more large-scale campaigning in the community. The more of these there are, the more we can make a case to encourage people to use their vote to bring down this wretched crew. And – Heaven’s above – sometimes they’ll actually feel compelled to grant some concessions, just to defend themselves from further criticism.

  35. Please do keep us informed of your cross-referencing exercise results.

    As some of the other people who have left comments have found, my local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, is on the list. This isn’t much of a surprise to me as she is an ignorant Tory drone. She has even stopped responding to my e-mails. If you’re interested, you can view my e-mails to JD-P and her replies on my blog.

  36. Thank you for sharing this.
    Charlotte Leslie is our MP here in Bristol.
    Last December my partner had a brain haemorage and we very nearly had to use the foodbank ourselves. Still playing catch up on bills 12 months later , but don’t be fooled that anyone will help you. We weren’t entitled to any extra benefits apart from a small increase in Child Tax which took 4 weeks to come through. Our mortgage company would not allow a holiday break and our policies didn’t start until after six months after being out of work.
    I couldn’t send my daughters to school on three occasions as I dint have packed lunch for them, we weren’t entitled to free meals and as we live a good 15 minute walk each way they didn’t have time to walk home for lunch and back.
    A horrendous time for all of us made so much worse by lack of support. My partner has never had more than a working week off sick in over 10 years!!

    • I’m Disqusted with my MP Charlotte Leslie she should hang he head in shame. she voted along with the scum who claimed expenses fraudently etc Take a look at comment by SOPHIE ROWE (above) one of your constituents Charlotte that is the peope who have to use foodbanks and it must be debated
      Once I thought she was a honest Tory but Not anymore rool on the next election Tony

  37. Very surprised to see our local MP James Wharton is there. He is always going on a out helping the little people & vulnerable! This stinks of a fixed, forced vote ie vote our way or lose your job. Tactics from them top me thinks…!!!! Disgraced. E-mail going to him now!!!!

    • That the problem with some mp’s (no backbone!!). We had one like that, but thankfully we now have someone who will stand up for the people that put her there.

  38. Of course that pathetic, foul mouth, kebab eater Andrew Percy is on the list. He doesn’t represent his constituents, he doesn’t listen to them, he automatically calls anyone who don’t agree with him “Lefties militants with political ambitions”, sends vile emails to constituents he has never met and insult everyone nationwide on Twitter day and night….obviously has too much time on his hands.
    As for Martin Vickers, he has got a food bank in his own constituency and therefore should know better.
    Roll on 2015 so we can get rid of these b…….!

  39. I notice our own Gloucester mp is on the list Richard Graham no surprise ian Duncan smith or give their all bloody theiving shits the whole lot of them only care about themselves its just me me me

    • Because it forces them to come clean in public & then decide whether to say that making people destitute was their intention all along or whether to try to claim that they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Vicious or incompetent? Either way, they won’t look good

  40. Loads of talk going on about matters but nothing actually being done, how long do we just talk about matters rather than the “Great” British people doing something about it!

  41. I and my daughter will today take a huge box of food and toiletries to our local drop off centre for the food bank we all need to do this imagine if the poor got fed in spite of the conservative/libdem heartless gits we as a country can do this because we are good people and this government and its cruel policies do not represent the majority of us

    • It’s not just the Tories and LinDems – my MP, Tracey Crouch, is Labour and she didn’t vote for it either. They are all the same. There is no distinction between any of them.

      The are all egotistical, power hungry liars, who haven’t a clue what they’re doing, and more to the point DON’T CARE, unless there’s something in it for them.

  42. Poverty in the uk is a myth invented by the loony lefties!
    Funny how people I know who scream poverty are texting people on brand new iPhone 5s and samsung galaxies!
    Funny how Mike Philpott screamed poverty whilst claiming the value of 60k in benefits…. Utter nonsense … Just get your priorities right … Never mind cable tv, smart phones, internet connections, beer and cigs!! Poverty is a labour myth!

    • You ignorant fool!! if this was 1945 you would be saying there was no holocaust, its a British and American lie!! Open your eyes , an don’t judge the majority of poor and deprived people with the actions of your friends, as for the Philpott debate well, your an Osbornes ass licker i see! Because its obvious were your quoting from! Or even a Tory researcher working for central office.. LOl.. what a fool!

    • So I suppose the people who have committed suicide after losing their DLA did it for laugh? Just because people have iPhones doesn’t preclude from having a heart. something you clearly lack.

    • Don’t judge the many by the few. There will always be a few people like the Philpotts who ‘play’ the system, but too many people in this country live on or below the poverty line. This should not be allowed to happen in one of the world’s richest countries. This government has its priorities wrong.

    • families who work and pay all their bills first end up buying shitty value brand food, many are indeed so stuck they’re turning to foodbanks because there’s only so many days Mummy can feed the kids do without herself. I hope you get fired and your investments go down. people like you make me sick

    • Well we can see where YOUR brain is .. live amongst us you moron before you pass on your retoric ..Only when you work live amongs those really struggling can you see the facts for yourself, Your also one of those who belive old age pensions should be shot/put down so their not bleeding the system ..I can see where the word TROLL comes from now . I only hope your hit by Karma ,, Get back ten fold what you give…

  43. I think a very large part of the problem with the present British “Democratic System” is that people enter Politics (stand for election as an MP) not in order to serve their constituents, but as a “Career” – to make as much money as possible, and to seek positions of Power with ruthless ambition.

    As several other commenters have already noted, “Party Politics” means that MPs believe that they work for their Party Leader. That they are beholden to them for their job, owe them loyalty, and take their orders from them. THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! This is why the British Political System is utterl and completely BROKEN.

    BRITAIN is not broken – the people ruling/governing it are broken – morally and mentally. Until Parliament removes the “Whip” system on voting (where a party leadership forces it’s member MPs to vote as THEY tell them to, rather than how their CONSTITUENTS tell them to), there will be no change.

    The system(s) of reimbursement for Politicians (Commons and Lords) should be completely overhauled, too… it’s a Gravy Train the structure of which is rooted in the days of Victorian piety and Christian Honesty, and which today is seen as a soft touch. Trouble is, who is there, in this land, with a higher authority than Parliament? Given that those in Parliament are there with the express purpose of achieving their own ends and enriching their own lives, can we really expect these animals to behave altruistically and behave with a moral decency?…

    • Don’t agree that all MPs are venal careerists, but do agree that it’s too easy to get sucked into serving party rather than people. MPs’ wages should be index-linked to a set multiple of the median standard of living, NOT even the average arithmetical wage which is artificially pulled up by the insane ‘compensation packages’ at the top.

  44. I thought Nadhim ” I claimed over £5000 for heating in my stables even though I’m a millionaire ” Zahawi would be on the list. Deplorable Selfservative scum bag…

  45. Named and shamed, thank you Jack.

    How much longer will we in the UK allow ourselves to be cruelly ruled and abused by our servants?

    • As long as we keep voting for the LibLabCon cartel, the people who should be serving us will keep abusing their privileged positions.

  46. Glad to see that my MP, Dave Andersn (Blaydon, Labour) isn’t on this list but then again I would be go smacked if he was. A man of principle from a working background unlike most of the above spineless sycophants.

  47. Thanks for posting this, Jack. You are an inspiration.

    I’ve written to my MP Nicola Blackwood asking why she voted against it, along with some other stiff questions. I also published my letter on Facebook & one of my other friends, whose MP is Charlotte Leslie is also going to write.

    I never know if writing does any good but I suppose if they get deluged with a ton of angry letters they might just begin to get the message.

  48. Shame on you, Sir James Paice, for voting against this motion. The increasing use of food banks is a national scandal and disgrace. The UK is one of the richest countries in the world. How can this be happening?

  49. RICHARD BENYON. Thought my MP was sacked from ministry of agriculture and fisheries but still available in the capacity of counsellor for community of west Berkshire? No doubt I will be corrected. I see he is listed? To clarify (rather than vilify) I’d like to know why in West Berkshire where it is deemed that ‘homelessness shouldn’t be happening why is the other poverty issue of food banks not addressed also. NOONE in this country should starve

  50. I’m disgusted that the MP I voted for, Steve Webb, is on this list. He also voted in support of the ‘bedroom tax’ going against his party’s (and his voter’s) wishes. This man is a colossal sell-out.

  51. Isn’t it about time that the constituents for each MP should be able to sack that MP for misrepresentation, if say more than 50% of constituents call for it, with no severance package regardless of haveing to wait for a general election.
    They need to be reminded that we put them there to do a job for us! Not for them.
    It is also time for them to loose there bloated expenses package, as according to them £23,000 is more than enough for some one to live on, and if they find they struggle they are welcome to join us on the queues at the food banks, the soup kitchens and the shelters.


    • If you remember, Ian Duncan Smith was asked because of his benefits cuts to live on £53 per week, which he reckoned he could do. However, he would not put his money where his mouth was!

      • Food banks and forcing the unemployed to work for nothing are the new soup kitchens and workhouses.People in work on poor pay and conditions are prepared to accept anything the boss throws at them with fear of losing their job and ending up cap in hand at the modern day soup kitchen or being treated like a criminal by the like of Ian Duncan Smith and his millionaire old Etonian cronies for being unemployed.

      • I am sure Mr GIDS spends more than £35 per week on his lunches, if he and other members who voted against eat at the Commons they will enjoy food paid by the monies from the public sector and enjoy other expences again from the same source

  52. I have asked my MP for an explanation…his lack of care and compassion is disgraceful…I wonder if he’ll reply (he’d better, I’m not going to let it rest!)….

    Keep up the brilliant work….

  53. No surprise our MP is on the list.. just ranted at him on facebook asked him why he voted against? I doubt I will get an answer or a proper reply & not the party line.. I despair of what our Country has become. My father fought the Nazi in France & was wounded in Burma, he fought so we could have a better life & freedom, he must be turning in his grave at what is happening in Conservative Britain.. God help us all if they get back in..

  54. Surprise, our RH MP is on the list. As an MP your job should without doubt be motivated by a love of your country and an ardent desire to make it a better place for all to live in. Instead you ignore the repercussions for the poorest members of society, you should be utterly ashamed of such transparently callous conduct. I shall be writing to my local newspaper to publicly invite Mr Soames to attend our local foodbank. I suspect a public forum may be more effective than emailing him at parliament.

  55. Ours is on there 🙁 we live in a quite upmarket town to an extent and these still people going hungry! We collect good at our nursery for food banks and know our pm didn’t sign as he’s probably really comfortable himself and rather turn a blind eye… People say karmas a bitch so Andrew Tyrie I hope you meet it one day soon.

  56. Shame on all those who voted against this, including most notably my own MP – Rebecca Harris (Castle Point). But then, she is a Tory. Let’s hope you and your cronies never have to go hungry.

    “We’re all in this together”? – I think not!


  57. My MP isn’t on the list, Hurray! but, when I lived in Sussex, many years ago I voted for Francis Maude. I wouldn’t now.

  58. David mowat Mp for Stockton heath Warrington south is on that list words fail me on how I feel hope he comes knocking on my door I will throw a bucket of shite all over him

  59. No doubt these MPs will be filling their (no doubt fat) bellies with expensive rich food this Christmas without a thought or a care in the world. Do we really want these selfish ‘me me me’ types representing anyone. If your MP is on this list do this country a big favour and vote against them at every opportunity.

  60. It appears that the Tory party have become the party of psychopaths. These awful people are nothing other than fascists.

  61. I even contacted my local MP – Bob Stewart to ask him to participate in the debate and he is still on this list…I`m sad to see that. And of course, I never got an answer.

  62. Well, none of our local Labour MPs voted against, but a certain smug-faced gentleman for Richmond, of course, did … I wonder if he truly believes that there are no food banks in his constituency, or that they only serve people who don’t vote tory, and so don’t matter?

  63. Just written the following to my MP through WriteToThem – feel free to use any or all of it to send to your own MP if it sums up how you feel!

    “Dear Stephen Williams,

    I just wanted to write to inform you of my extreme disappointment with your recent vote against an investigation into the rising use of food banks in the UK. It’s a disgrace that, more and more, people in one of the world’s richest countries are being forced to rely on donated food as their benefits are slashed or held back from them due to poor management of the welfare system by private contractors like ATOS.

    Frankly, the scenes in Parliament of your Tory colleagues jeering and laughing at stories of constituent’s misery and broken lives brought bile to the throat, and you, as usual, have done nothing to stand up to the Government’s mean, bullying and patently unfair policies.

    My regret at voting for you grows deeper every day.”

    • Read the motion rather than the spin on it. Think about how the energy market and energy supply system works. You’d really rather he’d voted for pensioners to die in the cold without heat or light this winter? Gosh.

  64. This list should be printed and hung up in every food bank in the country. My (Tory) MP is not on the list, but that probably means he didn’t turn up for the debate. I shall be having words with him asap after Christmas, and reminding him that his is a marginal seat (Labour until 2010 election) and that he is elected to represent ALL his constituents views, not just those of the Tories.

  65. Well, as expected , none of our local labour MPs voted against, good for them, but does William Hague, only a short distance from where I live, and who did vote against, honestly think there’s no need for food banks in his constituency, or is it just that they only serve people who wouldn’t vote for him anyway, and so don’t count as important facets of this broken society? Shame indeed!

  66. ‘food banks’ ~ a media spun alternative to the actual truth ~ ‘cook your own soup kitchens’

  67. Sad proof that so many MP’s are simply totally out of touch with both public opinion and with what is actually happening in the real world. 🙁

  68. I see the truly awful Sarah Newton is there. Can’t say I’m surprised, she’s a real nasty piece of work !

  69. Who exactly are these people representing, it certainly does not seem to be the general population who work hard and pay their taxes. We need a living wage for everyone, not a minimum wage which is paid by companies so that we the tax payers then have to bolster with tax credits so that the company can enjoy massive profits to give it’s share holders. What are shares anyway – seem like just a permanent loan with compulsory dividend payouts to people who don’t need them. Give that money to the person who worked the hours for it, we wouldn’t need food banks then. It’s a crime that this government has instigated.

  70. Unlike Mandy, I did get a reply from David Tredinnick. It was full of statistics (lies, damned lies and…) and even pointed out that food bank use increased ten fold under the last administration (I think he meant Labour, as distinct from the Conservatives – he appears to have forgotten that the present administration is a coalition.
    Perhaps significantly, he did not include any statistics about how great the increase has been under the current administration.
    I have replied to him, expressing my disappointment that he voted against the measure but accepting the fact that we must all follow our consciences. I recommend that route at the next election.

  71. Come on then ! Let’s put our money where our mouths are, as it were. When election day is here – make sure you VOTE – even if it is to spoil your ballot paper – as these are counted too. If enough of us do it, then maybe things will start to change. We must not be complacent.

    • Don’t agree that all MPs are venal careerists, but do agree that it’s too easy to get sucked into serving party rather than people. MPs’ wages should be index-linked to a set multiple of the median standard of living, NOT even the average arithmetical wage which is artificially pulled up by the insane ‘compensation packages’ at the top.

    • Voting Labour could make a real difference, PROVIDED that the majority of those votes are seen to be coming from people on the sharp end of Austerity Britain. While Labour thinks that it can only get elected by going for centre & centre-right votes, too many policies won’t be of any use to the majority of us. Prove that it can get massive votes without constantly appeasing well-to-do Home Counties professionals, then threaten to withdraw that vote again if the party doesn’t support you in changing your lives for the better. In the words of Mr Punch, ‘THAT’S the way to do it!’

      The last Labour government managed to set up the Sure Start programme to help disadvantaged pre-school kids to catch up & support their parents/carers. It put loads of money into funding teaching assistants & other support for kids with educational or behavioural difficulties. It also put huge additional funding into the NHS, with major results in terms of reduced A&E waits, reduced time from GP referral to appointment with consultants & reduced waiting for operations.

      Clearly Labour can do good stuff, & can even do better than last time, but it needs to be convinced that it can go for broke with a strongly-egalitarian message & ignore the Mail, Express, Times, Sun whinging about ‘Nanny State’, ‘stifling enterprise’, ‘feather-bedding scroungers’ etc

  72. No surprise at all to see my MP on the list (Eric Ollerenshaw, Lancaster & Fleetwood). The only shock would be if he WASN’T on it. Yes, even though these individuals would have been ‘encouraged’ to vote with the Party Whip, they could at least have shown some back-bone and voted against – oh, but that presupposes that they actually give a damn about what their constituents think. Would Ladbrookes care to accept my bet that the same scroungers will vote to accept the 11% pay-rise next year? Probably not … that’s too safe a bet.

  73. Glad to see that our MP Andy Burnham ( Leigh ) was not on the list, good on yer Andy !! His constituency is slap bang in the middle of various food banks, whose volunteers do a fantastic job. Considering we are one of the top ten richest countries in the world, you would never believe it if you were a visitor from another planet, speaking of another planet, that’s just where I D S should be, because he, and his second in command McVay the two faced cretins that they are, should have their arses flayed and brought in front of a committee to explain their disgusting behaviour in walking out during the debate. Pompous Dunc, only loves himself, and anything that sticks to his shoe gets scraped off. Just hope these MP’s remember that in 17 months time, we decide who runs the government for the next 5 yrs, if this is anything to go by, and is a yardstick for what we have to come, God help us !! My one consolation would be to see Vince Cable with his P45, what a waste of space he turned out to be !!
    Well done ANYONE who helped get this debate in the first place, you deserve a very grateful thank you from everyone in the country who has been affected by the hunger and food banks, at least these clowns know we are around. I watch, wait, and see what becomes.

    • and neither is neighbouring MP (Bolton West) Julie Hilling who supported this debate! glad some MPs have taken a stand

  74. Thankfully my MP Luciana Berger has raised the subject of food banks and said “We are the only G7 country in which the Red Cross is providing emergency food aid….”

  75. Sothwark; a local pharmacist has set up GP – referral foodbank for malnutrition related diseases & over 6000 people reliant.
    Step forward Simon Hughes MP for the constituency who promptly voted AGAINST. I wrote MP as he was before the vote & RH after!
    Thanks to Neil Coyle for his response, i still await Mr Hughes, hoping he hasn’t damaged his typing fingers popping open the champayne.

  76. Well done Jack Monroe and shame to all the MPs on the list – mine wasn’t one of them but have posted list on Fb

  77. Shame on the Lib-Dems who voted with the Government on this, I think the next election will signal their demise.
    As a former serviceman who was in at the same time as Iain Duncan Smith I can only say that I am glad he wasn’t in my regiment.
    He fits the classic (and sometimes unfair) stereotype of a Guards officer.
    Too much of a coward to stay and speak in a debate that he in effect caused.

  78. I have written to my MP, Lynne Featherstone, asking her in what way voting against a bill like this is representative of the same party of which Lloyd George and Gladstone were members.

    Interesting to vote that neither Osborne nor Cameron voted against this. I would be intrigued to find out whether they voted for, or abstained…

  79. Thanks Jack.
    As expected my MP is there (Owen Paterson) I think the only thing he’s voted for are the badger cull and to bring back hunting….

  80. I am disgusted to find that my local MP is on this list, I am writing an email to him right now to complain and ask why. I am planning to post it on Facebook, naming and shaming him in front of all the people who read it. Really can’t believe it.

  81. Update
    Eric Ollerenshaw has now (Friday 20th Dec) replied to my letter.
    He is very keen to ensure that people obtain jobs as a way out of povery. He has visited a foodbank in Fleetwood, but still voted against the bill.

  82. Jessica Lee Tory MP for Erewash looks like a ham faced overstuffed double-chinned guinea pig who wouldn’t know what a Sawley food bank is even though Long Eaton is a predominantly working class town.

  83. I’m not sure what the fuss is about. These MP’s need to sort the country out, not find out why it’s gone wrong. Any money that would have been wasted on food bank investigation should be invested in the food bank organisations to help. After all, I volunteer in my local food bank, I’m fully aware of the problem.

    An investigation is going to waste money, which is precisely what this government is trying not to do.

    • An objective assessment made public will put the government in an embarrassing postion. Either they’ll have to ‘fess up – ‘Yes, so there’s lots of destitute people, but we don’t care’ – & be seen as vicious or they’ll have to claim that it’s all a dreadful accident & be seen as incompetent. Either way, it weakens ’em ahead of the 2015 Election.

  84. I have written to my MP on facebook saying that I feel that voting against the foodbank investigation motion shames him, and that the conduct of members in the Chamber discredits democracy.

  85. Unsurprisingly all of the Northampton MPs again. Save your cross check they were on the other list too. Disgusting.

  86. No surprise my Tory MP is on the list. Voted in at 2010 election because of misguided lib dem votes. Not representative and doesn’t represent. Also fails to engage on twitter, but foolish me for thinking we could use modern day communication tool for someone who voices out of date views. David Mowatt.

  87. The most vile, callous and obnoxious government of my lifetime. We must vote them out at every opportunity. Not surprised to see Mark “Smirker” Spencer on the list. He does what he is told. He does not like people claiming benefits but does not tell us how much he receives in farming subsidies. What a hypocrite he is.

  88. Well i think that its disgusting that so many MPS have signed this. They should try living with out any money or on a low wage and may be having children too. It wasn’t a surprise to see Ian Swales on it, but he says he cares about the people in Redcar.

  89. My MP voted for the motion (well done Andrew Smith) but my Mum’s MP (Richard Benyon) voted against. Have emailed her suggesting she contact him. As she volunteers at the local food bank, this is one campaign she might join me in!

    Be interesting to see if the wealthy heir to a massive estate can justify voting against investigating why food bank use has soared…

  90. I had intended to give my MP Tracey Crouch my vote in the next election, but after she voted against the investigation, she has lost any support I may have had for her at the next election, I hope she can eat and sleep well now !!!.

  91. The Right Honourable??? That honorific needs to be removed from these crooks and their criminal policies.

  92. My ‘mp’ MARK MENZIES obviously couldn’t give a toss about the poor that he helped to create by his party’s ‘screw the poor but help the rich’ policies

  93. it is just a thought ,how many of these ass wipes are conservative or Cleggs puppies and how many if any are labour mp’s also how many stupid pillocks put these barstards in power in the first place and will they do it again

  94. Mine’s there (Simon Wright, Norwich South) and I voted for him. Feel ashamed now. My church has a regular collection for our local foodbank yet they are always running low, just shows what a lifeline it is for people in this area.

  95. I’d be really interested to see what political parties these politicians belong too, and if my suspicions are to be confirmed, the majority will be Tories. Disgraceful.


  97. I find it hard to believe thre can be so many evil people not only under one roof at the same time, But all in the same frame of mind….What an evil thing our politics have become…… we know why camerons mob have become known (rightly so i might add as ) (THE NASTY PARTY)…….Such a fitting and well earned title…..Careless thoughtless and calculating ….And coldly brazant with it too

  98. Those MP’s who voted against an investigation should be ashamed of themselves. How they could take such a decision is beyond me, forcing people who for no reason of their own being forced to use food banks to feed their families. So why did those MP’ vote against the investigation? I can only think that it might conclude that the policies of this Government which most if not all of them belong have caused so much poverty for the people they are supposed to represent. But what do they care most of them are millionares and are also due to receive a big fat pay rise. They will never know poverty. As I stated earlier; what do they care.

  99. We are in it tougether……Just that they are the ones on top….standing on our heads below……Time some one put an apple in their fat greedy gobs……Pigs……Greedy pocket lining pigs. with their snouts in our troff

  100. I’ve just read the wording of the motion. It wasn’t really about foodbanks and it certainly wasn’t calling for an investigation. This is a disgrace. I feel my signature on the petition has been used to further the aims of the Labour Party, which I hate! I’m disgusted.

  101. Our local MP John Glen is on there too, he also voted against gay marriage, and for bedroom tax. Disgraceful excuse for a human being. Feel an angry letter coming on.

  102. I’m glad all the 296 (including my MP Robert Symes), have been shamed and named. It’s quite disgraceful really. Still I know who not to vote for in 2015

  103. My MP also voted against and I have already advised her I won’t be voting for her next time. However, she has such a large majority I am not sure if it will make much difference.

    • It will if you persuade ten people to vote agin her, & those people each persuade ten others to vote against and so on and so on.

  104. Think back to when this coalition started,david camoron had a dream,the dream of the BIG society?it was a complete and utter failure,camoron wanted an army of volunteers doing anything and everything from running libraries,to cleaning the streets,it didnt and wouldnt happen,the BIG society made a fool of him,now it is being forced on us,running food banks is part of his big society,and now he has us doing it,theyre deliberately not doing anything to help the poorer in our society so you have to,they know we will try to help those people,and he gets his BIG SOCIETY through the back door

  105. I have read all the contributions to the debate, some of which – like Frank Fields – genuinely sought to understand the phenomenon of increasing numbers of low paid people in work being forced to go to food banks for food. Regrettably, most contributions added little if anything to any real understanding of the current situation.
    One thing I did note was how close the voting result was: 251 votes for the motion, with 294 against. If just 44 more MPs had been present and voted in support, the motion would have been carried.
    I am not sure about parliamentary procedures but it seems to me that by including policy commitments relating to their 2015 general election manifesto in the motion, the Labour Opposition virtually made it a certainty that the Government MPs would be whipped against the motion. A major political miscalculation, I think.
    One other point that occurs to me is that the Government bench could have submitted an amendment to the Opposition motion which would have made it possible for them to support it.
    The fact is that they did not submit an amendment; why not?

  106. No surprise to see my MP, Mark Prisk on the list. I have emailed him with what I think, but no answer in 24 hours – not likely I shall get one, I suppose!

  107. Disappointed to see John Randall on the list. Though a Tory, he was pretty helpful a few years ago when the then AUT was fighting redundancies at Brunel University. John McDonnell even joked about inviting him to join the Campaign Group! Sorry to see he’s gone with scum like Duncan Smith.

  108. I thought i’d add MP’s constituency.

    Nigel Adams is the Conservative MP for Selby and Ainsty

    Adam Afriyie is the Conservative MP for Windsor

    Peter Aldous is the Conservative MP for Waveney

    David Amess is the Conservative MP for Southend West

    Stuart Andrew is the Conservative MP for Pudsey

    Richard Bacon is the Conservative MP for South Norfolk

    Steve Baker is the Conservative MP for Wycombe

    Sir Tony Baldry is the Conservative MP for Banbury

    Harriett Baldwin is the Conservative MP for West Worcestershire

    Gregory Barker is the Conservative MP for Bexhill and Battle

    Mr John Baron is the Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay.

    Gavin Barwell is the Conservative MP for Croydon Central

    Guto Bebb is the Conservative MP for Aberconwy

    Sir Alan Beith is the Liberal Democrat MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed

    Richard Benyon is the Conservative MP for Newbury

    Sir Paul Beresford is the Conservative MP for Mole Valley

    Andrew Bingham is the Conservative MP for High Peak

    Bob Blackman is the Conservative MP for Harrow East

    Nicola Blackwood is the Conservative MP for Oxford West and Abingdon.

    Mr Crispin Blunt is the Conservative MP for Reigate

    Mr Peter Bone is the Conservative MP for Wellingborough.

    Karen Bradley is the Conservative MP for Staffordshire Moorlands

    Mr Graham Brady is the Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West.

    Tom Brake is the Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington.

    Angie Bray is the Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton

    Mr Julian Brazier is the Conservative MP for Canterbury

    Andrew Bridgen is the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire.

    Steve Brine is the Conservative MP for Winchester.

    Annette Brooke is the Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole.

    Mr Jeremy Browne is the Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane

    Fiona Bruce is the Conservative MP for Congleton – (Television presenter BBC)

    Sir Malcolm Bruce is the Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon

    Mr Robert Buckland is the Conservative MP for South Swindon.

    Mr Aidan Burley is the Conservative MP for Cannock Chase

    Conor Burns is the Conservative MP for Bournemouth West

    Simon Burns is the Conservative MP for Chelmsford.

    Paul Burstow is the Liberal Democrat MP for Sutton and Cheam.

    Lorely Burt is the Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull.

    Dan Byles is the Conservative MP for North Warwickshire

    Vince Cable is the Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham.

    Alun Cairns is the Conservative MP for Vale of Glamorgan.

    Alistair Carmichael is the Liberal Democrat MP for Orkney and Shetland

    Neil Carmichael is the Conservative MP for Stroud.

    Douglas Carswell is the Conservative MP for Clacton.

    William Cash is the Conservative MP for Stone

    Rehman Chishti is the Conservative MP for Gillingham and Rainham.

    Christopher Chope is the Conservative MP for Christchurch.

    James Clappison is the Conservative MP for Hertsmere.

    Greg Clark is the Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells.

    Kenneth Clarke is the Conservative MP for Rushcliffe

    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is the Conservative MP for The Cotswolds.

    Dr Thérèse Coffey is the Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal.

    Damian Collins is the Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe.

    Oliver Colvile is the Conservative MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport

    Geoffrey Cox is the Conservative MP for Torridge and West Devon.

    Stephen Crabb is the Conservative MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire.

    Mike Crockart is the Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West

    Tracey Crouch is the Conservative MP for Chatham and Aylesford.

    David T. C. Davies is the Conservative MP for Monmouth.

    Glyn Davies is the Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire

    Philip Davies is the Conservative MP for Shipley.

    David Davis is the Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden.

    Nick de Bois is the Conservative MP for Enfield North

    Jonathan Djanogly is the Conservative MP for Huntingdon.

    Stephen Dorrell is the Conservative MP for Charnwood.

    Jackie Doyle-Price is the Conservative MP for Thurrock.

    Richard Drax is the Conservative MP for South Dorset.

    James Duddridge is the Conservative MP for Rochford and Southend East.

    Alan Duncan is the Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton.

    Iain Duncan Smith is the Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green

    Philip Dunne is the Conservative MP for Ludlow.

    Michael Ellis is the Conservative MP for Northampton North

    Jane Ellison is the Conservative MP for Battersea

    Tobias Ellwood is the Conservative MP for Bournemouth East

    Charlie Elphicke is the Conservative MP for Dover.

    George Eustice is the Conservative MP for Camborne and Redruth

    Graham Evans is the Conservative MP for Weaver Vale.

    Jonathan Evans is the Conservative MP for Cardiff North

    Nigel Evans is the Independent MP for Ribble Valley.

    David Evennett is the Conservative MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford.

    Michael Fabricant is the Conservative MP for Lichfield.

    Michael Fallon is the Conservative MP for Sevenoaks.

    Tim Farron is the Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale.

    Lynne Featherstone is the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green

    Don Foster is the Liberal Democrat MP for Bath

    Dr Liam Fox is the Conservative MP for North Somerset.

    George Freeman is the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk

    Mike Freer is the Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green.

    Richard Fuller is the Conservative MP for Bedford.

    Sir Roger Gale is the Conservative MP for North Thanet.

    Sir Edward Garnier is the Conservative MP for Harborough.

    Mark Garnier is the Conservative MP for Wyre Forest

    Andrew George is the Liberal Democrat MP for St Ives.

    Nick Gibb is the Conservative MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

    Stephen Gilbert is the Liberal Democrat MP for St Austell and Newquay

    John Glen is the Conservative MP for Salisbury.

    Zac Goldsmith is the Conservative MP for Richmond Park.

    Robert Goodwill is the Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby

    Michael Gove is the Conservative MP for Surrey Heath

    Richard Graham is the Conservative MP for Gloucester.

    James Gray is the Conservative MP for North Wiltshire.

    Chris Grayling is the Conservative MP for Epsom and Ewell

    Damian Green is the Conservative MP for Ashford.

    Andrew Griffiths is the Conservative MP for Burton.

    Ben Gummer is the Conservative MP for Ipswich.

    Sam Gyimah is the Conservative MP for East Surrey.

    William Hague is the Conservative MP for Richmond (Yorks).

    Robert Halfon is the Conservative MP for Harlow.

    Duncan Hames is the Liberal Democrat MP for Chippenham

    Stephen Hammond is the Conservative MP for Wimbledon.

    Matthew Hancock is the Conservative MP for West Suffolk.

    Mike Hancock is the Independent MP for Portsmouth South

    Greg Hands is the Conservative MP for Chelsea and Fulham.

    Mark Harper is the Conservative MP for Forest of Dean.

    Richard Harrington is the Conservative MP for Watford.

    Rebecca Harris is the Conservative MP for Castle Point.

    Simon Hart is the Conservative MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

    Nick Harvey is the Liberal Democrat MP for North Devon

    Sir Alan Haselhurst is the Conservative MP for Saffron Walden

    John Hayes is the Conservative MP for South Holland and The Deepings

    Oliver Heald is the Conservative MP for North East Hertfordshire.

    David Heath is the Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome

    Chris Heaton-Harris is the Conservative MP for Daventry.

    John Hemming is the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham, Yardley.

    Gordon Henderson is the Conservative MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey.

    Charles Hendry is the Conservative MP for Wealden

    Nick Herbert is the Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs

    Damian Hinds is the Conservative MP for East Hampshire

    Mr Mark Hoban is the Conservative MP for Fareham.

    George Hollingbery is the Conservative MP for Meon Valley.

    Mr Philip Hollobone is the Conservative MP for Kettering

    Adam Holloway is the Conservative MP for Gravesham.

    Kris Hopkins is the Conservative MP for Keighley

    John Howell is the Conservative MP for Henley

    Simon Hughes is the Liberal Democrat MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark

    Mr Jeremy Hunt is the Conservative MP for South West Surrey

    Nick Hurd is the Conservative MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner.

    Stewart Jackson is the Conservative MP for Peterborough.

    Sajid Javid is the Conservative MP for Bromsgrove

    Bernard Jenkin is the Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex.

    Joseph Johnson is the Conservative MP for Orpington.

    Andrew Jones is the Conservative MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough.

    David Jones is the Conservative MP for Clwyd West

    Marcus Jones is the Conservative MP for Nuneaton

    Chris Kelly is the Conservative MP for Dudley South.

    Simon Kirby is the Conservative MP for Brighton, Kemptown.

    Sir Greg Knight is the Conservative MP for East Yorkshire

    Kwasi Kwarteng is the Conservative MP for Spelthorne.

    Norman Lamb is the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk.

    Mark Lancaster is the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North.

    Andrew Lansley is the Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire.

    Pauline Latham is the Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire.

    David Laws is the Liberal Democrat MP for Yeovil

    Andrea Leadsom is the Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire.

    Jessica Lee is the Conservative MP for Erewash.

    Phillip Lee is the Conservative MP for Bracknell.

    John Leech is the Liberal Democrat MP for Manchester, Withington

    Jeremy Lefroy is the Conservative MP for Stafford.

    Sir Edward Leigh is the Conservative MP for Gainsborough

    Charlotte Leslie is the Conservative MP for Bristol North West.

    Oliver Letwin is the Conservative MP for West Dorset.

    Brandon Lewis is the Conservative MP for Great Yarmouth

    Dr Julian Lewis is the Conservative MP for New Forest East

    Ian Liddell-Grainger is the Conservative MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset.

    David Lidington is the Conservative MP for Aylesbury.

    Stephen Lloyd is the Liberal Democrat MP for Eastbourne.

    Jonathan Lord is the Conservative MP for Woking

    Tim Loughton is the Conservative MP for East Worthing and Shoreham.

    Peter Luff is the Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire.

    Karen Lumley is the Conservative MP for Redditch

    Mary Macleod is the Conservative MP for Brentford and Isleworth.

    Anne Main is the Conservative MP for St Albans

    Francis Maude is the Conservative MP for Horsham

    Theresa May is the Conservative MP for Maidenhead.

    Paul Maynard is the Conservative MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys.

    Jason McCartney is the Conservative MP for Colne Valley

    Karl McCartney is the Conservative MP for Lincoln

    Anne McIntosh is the Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton

    Patrick McLoughlin is the Conservative MP for Derbyshire Dales

    Esther McVey is the Conservative MP for Wirral West.

    Mark Menzies is the Conservative MP for Fylde.

    Stephen Metcalfe is the Conservative MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock.

    Nigel Mills is the Conservative MP for Amber Valley.

    Penny Mordaunt is the Conservative MP for Portsmouth North

    Nicky Morgan is the Conservative MP for Loughborough

    Anne Marie Morris is the Conservative MP for Newton Abbot

    David Morris is the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale.

    James Morris is the Conservative MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis.

    Stephen Mosley is the Conservative MP for City of Chester.

    David Mowat is the Conservative MP for Warrington South.

    Tessa Munt is the Liberal Democrat MP for Wells.

    Sheryll Murray is the Conservative MP for South East Cornwall.

    Dr Andrew Murrison is the Conservative MP for South West Wiltshire

    Robert Neill is the Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst

    Mr Brooks Newmark is the Conservative MP for Braintree.

    Sarah Newton is the Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth.

    Jesse Norman is the Conservative MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire

    David Nuttall is the Conservative MP for Bury North

    Stephen O’Brien is the Conservative MP for Eddisbury.

    Dr Matthew Offord is the Conservative MP for Hendon

    Eric Ollerenshaw is the Conservative MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood

    Guy Opperman is the Conservative MP for Hexham

    Richard Ottaway is the Conservative MP for Croydon South.

    James Paice is the Conservative MP for South East Cambridgeshire.

    Neil Parish is the Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton.

    Priti Patel is the Conservative MP for Witham

    Owen Paterson is the Conservative MP for North Shropshire

    Mark Pawsey is the Conservative MP for Rugby.

    Mike Penning is the Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead.

    John Penrose is the Conservative MP for Weston-super-Mare

    Andrew Percy is the Conservative MP for Brigg and Goole.

    Claire Perry is the Conservative MP for Devizes.

    Stephen Phillips is the Conservative MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham

    Christopher Pincher is the Conservative MP for Tamworth

    Mr Mark Prisk is the Conservative MP for Hertford and Stortford.

    John Pugh is the Liberal Democrat MP for Southport

    John Randall is the Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip

    Mark Reckless is the Conservative MP for Rochester and Strood.

    John Redwood is the Conservative MP for Wokingham.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg is the Conservative MP for North East Somerset.

    Mr Alan Reid is the Liberal Democrat MP for Argyll and Bute

    Sir Malcolm Rifkind is the Conservative MP for Kensington

    Andrew Robathan is the Conservative MP for South Leicestershire.

    Laurence Robertson is the Conservative MP for Tewkesbury

    Dan Rogerson is the Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall

    Andrew Rosindell is the Conservative MP for Romford.

    Amber Rudd is the Conservative MP for Hastings and Rye

    David Ruffley is the Conservative MP for Bury St Edmunds

    Sir Bob Russell is the Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester.

    David Rutley is the Conservative MP for Macclesfield.

    Adrian Sanders is the Liberal Democrat MP for Torbay.

    Laura Sandys is the Conservative MP for South Thanet

    Mr Lee Scott is the Conservative MP for Ilford North

    Andrew Selous is the Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire

    Grant Shapps is the Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield

    Alok Sharma is the Conservative MP for Reading West.

    Mark Simmonds is the Conservative MP for Boston and Skegness.

    Keith Simpson is the Conservative MP for Broadland

    Chris Skidmore is the Conservative MP for Kingswood.

    Chloe Smith is the Conservative MP for Norwich North

    Henry Smith is the Conservative MP for Crawley

    Julian Smith is the Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon

    Nicholas Soames is the Conservative MP for Mid Sussex

    Anna Soubry is the Conservative MP for Broxtowe

    Mrs Caroline Spelman is the Conservative MP for Meriden

    Mark Spencer is the Conservative MP for Sherwood

    Sir John Stanley is the Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling.

    Andrew Stephenson is the Conservative MP for Pendle

    John Stevenson is the Conservative MP for Carlisle

    Bob Stewart is the Conservative MP for Beckenham

    Iain Stewart is the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South.

    Rory Stewart is the Conservative MP for Penrith and The Border.

    Mel Stride is the Conservative MP for Central Devon.

    Mr Graham Stuart is the Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness

    Sir Andrew Stunell is the Liberal Democrat MP for Hazel Grove.

    Julian Sturdy is the Conservative MP for York Outer

    Ian Swales is the Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar.

    Desmond Swayne is the Conservative MP for New Forest West

    Jo Swinson is the Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire.

    Hugo Swire is the Conservative MP for East Devon.

    Robert Syms is the Conservative MP for Poole.

    Mr Mike Thornton is the Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh

    John Thurso is the Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.

    Justin Tomlinson is the Conservative MP for North Swindon

    David Tredinnick is the Conservative MP for Bosworth.

    Elizabeth Truss is the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk.

    Andrew Turner is the Conservative MP for Isle of Wight.

    Andrew Tyrie is the Conservative MP for Chichester

    Paul Uppal is the Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West

    Edward Vaizey is the Conservative MP for Wantage.

    Shailesh Vara is the Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire.

    Martin Vickers is the Conservative MP for Cleethorpes.

    Robin Walker is the Conservative MP for Worcester.

    Ben Wallace is the Conservative MP for Wyre and Preston North

    Robert Walter is the Conservative MP for North Dorset

    David Ward is the Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East

    Dame Angela Watkinson is the Conservative MP for Hornchurch and Upminster.

    Mike Weatherley is the Conservative MP for Hove

    Steve Webb is the Liberal Democrat MP for Thornbury and Yate

    James Wharton is the Conservative MP for Stockton South

    Heather Wheeler is the Conservative MP for South Derbyshire

    Chris White is the Conservative MP for Warwick and Leamington.

    John Whittingdale is the Conservative MP for Maldon

    Bill Wiggin is the Conservative MP for North Herefordshire.

    David Willetts is the Conservative MP for Havant.

    Mark Williams is the Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion.

    Roger Williams is the Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire

    Stephen Williams is the Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West

    Gavin Williamson is the Conservative MP for South Staffordshire

    Mr Rob Wilson is the Conservative MP for Reading East.

    Jeremy Wright is the Conservative MP for Kenilworth and Southam

    Simon Wright is the Liberal Democrat MP for Norwich South.

    Tim Yeo is the Conservative MP for South Suffolk.

    Sir George Young is the Conservative MP for North West Hampshire.

    Nadhim Zahawi is the Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon

  109. As pointed out way above by Adam Shallcross the motion by Maria Eagle was politically charged requiring the government to do various actions including removing the bedroom tax. Clearly any member of the government would not vote for that. Reading the Hansard report on the debate I find it sickening the amount of tit-for-tat political point scoring and such little constructive discussion on how to improve matters actually occured. Probably more action can be achieved by pressure outside the House of Commons than within.

  110. My MP Andrew Griffiths is on the list, he always takes the party line sucking up to Cameron. He jumps on any bandwagon that gets his face in the Burton mail.

  111. Michael Fallon at least replied to my request for information on the debate, but failed to attend because of ministerial duties. Reply was the conservative response to everything at present.

  112. I regretfully see Laura Sandys (South Thanet), Roger Gale (North Thanet), Julien Brazier (Canterbury) and Charlie Elphicke (Deal and Dover) all voted against it. They are all Conservative MP’s situated in East Kent. Laura Sandys must have voted against then come directly to her local Foodbank in South Thanet to give her praise and concern to the local volunteers, some of which need help themselves. How hypocritical is that ? Is the excuse that they are just towing the party line ? Why can’t they stand up for justice against the crippling cuts on benefits for disabled people and help the poor and needy that they can see are desperate or homeless ? The amount saved in these benefit cuts is wasted on Atos and their grossly unfair medical centre interviews. Sending people back to work who are obviously unable. Killing off the vulnerable claimants who have no voice reminds me a bit of Hitler killing off the jews. This is what we have in control of our Country in the 21’s century !
    Laura is not standing at the next election so lets hope Roger Gale and the other two cretins don’t bother either. They have huge amounts of poor and vulnerable constituents but couldn’t care less. They have been in charge far too long and are useless.

    • I reckon we are probably stuck with ATOS after the last government gave them the contract to do all this stuff — it’ll be a contract like that one with the shipyard where cancelling an aircraft carrier we don’t need would cost us all more than building a completely pointless ship!

  113. It would be interesting to see each of the above MP expense claims for food and entertaining!!!
    Shame on my MP Paul Maynard – Blackpool is a deprived area that survives on the use if food banks

  114. Richard Harrington (Watford): there’s no surprise there. He even has the gall to say he supports local charities. His main distinctions: he’s an apologist for anything the Israelis do, he’s very good at sounding reasonable and he’s very accomplished at justifying himself. He can be counted on to stand by Cameron, Osborne and co.

  115. Ashamed to see Tessa Munt on the list.
    All those who are named should take a long, hard look at themselves, and remember that they were democratically voted in to represent their constituents, not to follow the party whip.
    The behaviour in the chamber on the day of the debate was DISGRACEFUL and showed a complete lack of any respect. Many should be hanging their heads in shame.

  116. Hardly surprising. your political choice is either conservative, or labour-who are also conservative. It will get much worse, there is a concerted effort in government to slowly whittle away at the whole welfare system.

    • If you leave Labour to rely on middle-class Home Coumties marginal voters, you get fudged & timid policies. Get out & vote in ‘ooooj numbers & you can give ’em the underpinning to be much bolder.

  117. My MP didn’t even bother turning up. Even though she goes on about Food Banks all the time in the media. I guess the media spotlight wasn’t on her so she doesn’t give a shit.

    Disgusting to see so many signatures on there. Also, disgusting some right-wing knobs putting it down to the poor spending all their cash on fags and booze. Not mentioning the people who are looking for a free handout. This country makes me sick its rotten to the core.

    I just hope come 2015 we all remember this and don’t vote Conservative or their dogs the Libral Demograts.

  118. Ebeneezer Scrooge once said “Are their no workhouses are there no treadmills”things haven’t changed a great deal have they.

  119. I noticed a large amount of double-barrelled names in that list! Rich Tories I wonder? The injustice of this makes me despair. They are so out of touch with reality – I. would love to see all of them live on benefits for a year. Scumbags

  120. They should all have their Christmas dinners and every other meal for a couple of weeks, swiped from under their noses and see how they cope.

  121. Mary Antoinette quote ‘Let them eat cake’ The way we are going, that’s about all there will be left. As one earlier writer commented, the country is rife with corruption, greed and sleaze, and that’s just in government !! The clock is ticking dodgy dave & gorgeous george, although no doubt you will, along with your other tory MP’s will make absolutely sure you have a feather soft landing when the P 60 is posted on to you. Good riddance to a crap government. may even be worth the extras to kick ass along with you poodles from the Lib Dem.

  122. Charles Hendry

    You dont know the meaning of going hungry. Plus you dont what its like to be domestically abused. Frighten control living by anothers sick painful rules. Lack of food included. The law and government failed myself plus many others.

    There is to much greed in the world the mindset of Love Peace joy and happiness. Has been stolen from the public.

    This country has gone down the past 40 years . But the MP’s put the uk in proverty? but then think they are in tiltaled to an 11% yearly increase? What a joke you just cant belivie it??,,

    Just get sorted

  123. Well what a surprise my MP is on the list “Anne Mcintosh” shame on you the facts are that food banks are increasing in my area (Reydale) with small rural villages of around 3000 population.

  124. My MP Sarah ‘nasty’ Newton (who’s on the list) suggests keeping your curtains closed to save money. I suggest she keeps her rather ugly gob closed !

  125. I should like to know to what ends you people think this will achieve. Poverty causes hunger, and their are many varied reasons for that. How is spending thousands more of tax payers money on a report going to help them? Perhaps reducing the tax burden would help. Perhaps less middle class vanity in green issues and unnecessary regulation would make the lives of the less well off easier. It certainly would make employment an easier prospect and indeed lead to lower energy prices. Perhaps some Victorian spirit of duty wouldn’t go a miss. Why is it the role of the state to look after people and not yours? Christian morals on which this country is based would have seen our forebares give to charity and help those in the community. It is my opinion that you must start helping each other rather than believing that is the duty of the state, or the government, and simply paying your taxes. This Post War Socialist Dictat will soon come to an end, it is unaffordable and will bankrupt us. Our recoveries have repeatedly been based on increasing debt and we will see a far greater bust in the future. Let society look after the social and the government govern. If you see a problem, don’t assume it is your MP’s job, assume it is yours.

    • Without our extremely expensive and unneccessary government we would be so much better off….time to get rid of the slave mentality and organise ourselves.

  126. Just checked Hansard. Charlie Elphicke MP is on both “lists of shame”. And a merry flipping Dickensian Christmas to you, too. As in, a heartwarming Victorian scene of ruddy-faced rich people heartily singing carols about the poor baby Jesus having to sleep in a stable while the less fortunate shiver and go hungry and are generally treated with contempt. I’ve always thought that at Christmas, people shouldn’t forget what the baby Jesus said when he grew up: Matthew 25, vv.31-45 springs to mind…

  127. I have been forced to use a food bank once as whilst unemployed (and very actively seeking work) My child tax credits were mistakenly cut by £60 though admitting it was their fault HMRC refused to repay it in a lump sum and instead pay me back over a number of weeks the first week i managed on what was in the cupboards but by the second week we had no option but to borrow a car and got to the food bank … and this was because money that was meant to support my children was underpaid .. luckily they are quite fond of nettle soup

    • If I need help, I would rather rely on my community than go cap in hand to a government leech who has no rights over me. We pay exhorbitant sums to keep these parasites. Time they ceased to be. We don’t need to be governed nor to be their slaves anymore.

  128. SHAME on the lot of you !!! I agree with Alan Shaw ! Rich people with no shame or social conscience, turning their heads away. They will be tucking into their fine dining, not only at Christmas but all year, denying others basic needs, dividing and conquering, with the help of their media friends by focusing attention in the tabloid scummy newspapers on the “few” who may abuse our welfare system which quite conveniently diverts attention from their tax avoidance and evasion …. this robs the treasury of much more than is lost by so called “benefit fraud” yet… nobody bats an eyelid. I truly feel sick and cannot believe we fall for their “Divide and Conquer” tactics time and again….. .. they are mostly liars and cheats… SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.

    • I agree with much of what you are saying here. We don’t need anyone to run the board of UK. We don’t need parliament. It is a waste of our money to pay for these parasites. We can all manage, care for and organise ourself perfectly well and peacefully without their warmongering divisive ways. They are like a wasp in your drink. Stop voting, sack them and let people organise themselves. It worked before. We do all the work anyway. Except, I would rather do it to benefit my community and without co-ercion, and certainly not as one of their slaves. That’s what we are…we belong to the board as their slaves and they are treating us worse by the day, with all their unlawful statutes. We live in a totalitarian state. We are not being heard and they do not give a crap for us. They are now surplus to requirement.

    • It’s easy to say that oath. Demonstrating it is another matter. When have you ever known a politician to be a man or woman of their word.

  129. How many of these will be in Church celebrating the Incarnation this Christmas? The Incarnation shows us the empathy of God. Christ calls us to share the darkness and the joy. “For I was hungry….” Matthew 25 vv 31-41

  130. I’d like to see an addition to this list of both the political party and county/region and constituent country of the United Kingdom that they represent.

  131. Yes, add political party to names of shamed MPs. The Guardian is backing/publicising the Food Banks issue. Well done Jack. The UK will lose Scotland if MPs (especially Labour) don’t start to make a GREAT BIG NOISE about the dismantling of the Welfare State. If we lose Scotland, Labour will disappear.

  132. these are the Scots MP’s that voted against this

    1 Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm – lib-dem – Gordon
    2 Crockart, Mike – lib-dem – Edinburgh West
    3 Reid, Mr Alan – lib-dem – Argyll and Bute
    4 Swinson, Jo – lib-dem – East Dunbartonshire
    5 Thurso, John – lib-dem – Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross

    supprisingly our one and only tory (David Mundell) did not vote against this

    this means that only 8.5% of Scots MS’s voted it down, yet another example of how undemocratic our union is.

  133. Peter Bone voted against this motion which I find depressing as I thought he cared for his constituents!

  134. Was horrified today at a woman Labour MP complaining on R 4 Bout all the online petitions .. I shall follow this up

  135. Oh Mr Hayes, we all know where your office is, your going to regret putting it in the centre of town now, what a prick but no surprise from him really.

  136. Esther McVey!! What a surprise NOT!!! This government are evil, cruel and heartless. None of them have the vaguest idea of what it’s like to go without. McVey used to be the minister for the disabled, what a joke!! She did everything she could not to help!!! I’m sick to death of seeing her in the local papers too, publiicity seeking is her best attribute. She should be ashamed, if she were my daughter I’d disown her!!!!

    • Stop voting and encourage others to do so. We don’t need sociopathic parasites leeching from us. That’s what all poiticians job requirements are. Sack them.

  137. Most analysts believe Ed Miliband is not PM material and Ed Balls keeps reinforcing that Labour are incompetent with the economy. (I personally would have liked David Miliband to have led Labour.)

    With these two in charge of the opposition; the Conservatives know they can cut welfare and the electorate won’t vote for Labour.

    I predict the poor will be oppressed for some time to come. Food banks are only going to grow in number.

    • NO GOVERNMENT is what we need. They are all sociopaths to a greater or lesser degree. Tony Blair went in to Iraq despite huge public rejection. Millibands are Zionists and Marxists. Not for freedom at all. Politicians are the head of a board of directors. We do all the work. Like the good slaves we are. And when things like this happens we blame ‘them’ and start whining. Gods truth….they are useless parasites….all politicians. Thanks to us allowing them to enslave us we have lost many of our freedoms and rights, and we actually (wrongly) believe that each party will ‘make it better’. when they get in. Hahahahaha. They are leeching from us.

  138. My MP is on the list!! He will soon find out when voting time comes round who reads Facebook in his constituency, because I have posted his obvious uncaring nature!

  139. I see my Tory MP is one of them on that list…but surprise surprise not….he lives in a 6 bedroomed luxury mansion house in The Cotswolds..and whats the betting he never goes hungry!!!!

  140. Afriyie, Adam of WIndsor and his cronies have the cheek to comment on the Labour run Slough Borough Council (glad to see none of them were on the S**t list this time. As Windsor have a Foodbank and have a very troubled area called Dedworth in Windsor then he really ought to think hard, if it is affecting affluent areas then you can bet the less fortunate surrounding boroughs in Berkshire will feel the proverty effect that is taking over.

  141. Just wrote to my MP Jo Swinson. Have asked her to explain why she does not want the public to know the official reason why there are charity foodbanks in 21st century Great Britain. I have also asked if she is accepting the MP’s pay increase. But I did offer to pray for her that she be given wisdom and courage because unfortunately for the whole country she appears to be lacking both. Politicians of all parties yhese last few years seem to have lost their humanity. I no longer trust them but I do trust in Prayer to heal and restore. Wishing harm or hurt on anyone helps no-one. So lets keep running our foodbanks and passively and passionately engage with those with the moral and ethical backbone to make the differnce.

    • I agree they are objects of compassion. They are doing the bidding of their illuminati masters. Sort of sold their soul to an evil mind set that harms others enmass. Without a government we would have more personal wealth and freedom to spread around our good will, though we can continue as you say. Your MP is a sociopath. Most who stick with that job are. We don’t need them to organise us. I say get shot of them. Stop voting and sack them.

    • Yes they do know what is going on Rachel. They just chose to ignore it, because they are evil sociopaths. I say get rid of government. Disolve parliament. We don’t need it. You are correct….they have NO compassion.

  142. It would be nice to invite some of these public servants (or pubic… choose !) on to question time where they can maybe exchange their viewpoints to convince us they are all justified by doing what they did.

    • They don’t care. They are sociopaths. They have absolutely no sense of morality or conscience. So nothing we say will do anything. If they are to lose their jobs in an anarchist society they will be shunned by everyone. Stop voting. Everyone. They regard us as the slaves, not them as our servants. This idea that they are there to serve us is a facade….built to deceive us into thinking we have some say. Come on. Look at their track record. All they have done is create the fascist state we now live in. We are just so much scum to them! And we behave like we are their slaves (slave mentality) by begging to them to make it better, when it’s us that are all doing the real work. They are a useless form of administration….parasitic infact, and voting in their system and whining at them because they are hurting us woll do no good whatsoever. Believe me. Blair went into Iraq despite huge public rejection, they keep giving the banks our national wealth for a pay off to themselves. They are all spineless lackeys. A good percentage of them are paedophiles or paedo protectors. We need to disolve parliament and stop being so dependent on having a ‘government’ to ‘look after’ us. WE DON’T NEED THEM! We can organise ourselves. Check out Larken Rose. The same in US as in UK. Governments are alien to human co-operation.

  143. Due to this caring government, my partner and I have become reliant on food parcels here in Spain. Hope we don´t ever have to return to uk where i have worked and lived with homeless people. Have a merry christmas mr cameron because no fucker else is !

  144. Can’t believe the millionaire from Stratford-upon-Avon who heats his stable with expenses had the nerve.

    Unsurprisingly Damian Hind, the MP from the Tory safe seat I grew up in voted against.

    Well it’s not as though there are food banks in his constituency – oh wait a minute, yes there is: and they’ve fed 1300 people (more people than there is kids in the town comprehensive).

    Can’t believe it’s come to this where I grew up – I guess I expected it more in Birmingham where I now live even though I shouldn’t.

  145. I don’t know how my mp AIDEN BURLEY can be so two faced he came to help out at our food bank ( for self publicity) and even gave out vouchers at his office for a while. this just proves he didn’t really care, and how two faced he is

  146. This British Government filled with idiot politicians and their endless childish debates, have bought nothing but hardship and devastation upon this our country. They impose laws to benefit their own pockets and lavish lifestyles.
    They are destroying our lives and the very fabric of our communities. They create and refine laws to suit themselves. And have no regard for the people who, they sworn an oath to protect and serve.
    The agenda of this Government is self serving.
    It is time we the people employed the MAGNA CARTA ARTICLE 61 and to bring correct and forthright governance. To put these politicians in their rightful places. The place of service to the people and through her Majesty the Queens oath to those same people.
    It is time to step out and raise the sleeping giants of integrity and true justice.
    John C Brookes. Walsall. UK

  147. Knew Jon Cruddas would not be on the list – a man of the people, in my opinion and one who genuinely cares for his community all year round and not just when an election is due.

  148. Just as I expected… Maude is on the list. He probably doesn’t even know there’s a Foodbank opening soon here in his own constituency!

  149. My MP is there – Julian Smith for North Yorkshire. I have written to him asking why he voted against the motion. I received a very indignant reply, pointing out his visits to food banks in his constituency and claiming that he had secured funding to help them. I wrote back pointing out that the whole point was that they should not be necessary at all, and that he had totally failed to answer my question as to why he had voted against the motion. The reply I received was breath-taking! He stated that the motion put forward by Labour was highly politicised, and he suggested that both Labour and I should refrain from playing political football with the issue. I have never heard such despicable words from an MP before! I have politely written back to state my belief that this Government is effectively a Government of Censorship and they are the ones playing political games, whilst thousands go hungry. I have asked to meet with him in person when he next holds a local surgery as his email replies are totally unsatisfactory and disappointing.

  150. Dr Therese Coffey obviously thinks that everyone in the Suffolk Coastal area is too rich to ever need help of any kind. There are people who try to get by, hiding their poverty, and she is also supposed to be their member of parliament.
    It is time that more articles are published, more photos, more emails, to show up the lies that this government are spreading. It is shameful that foodbanks need to exist.

  151. My MP is on their. Have written but on past experience expect an anodyne response.

    Shame the energy freeze stunt was included on the bill. A sure-fire way to get it knocked down.

  152. My MP isn’t on the list although he’s usually sided with the government on all votes up to now. I don’t know whether he was there and voted for the motion or if he simply didn’t turn up. I must find out.

  153. Paul Maynard…Blackpool North – here’s Paul in his own words:

    Also, Maynard voted against gay marriage because his constituents didn’t want it (Blackpool Tower was lit up in rainbow colours in support of LGBT history month at the time); With Blackpool being the “gay capital of the north” I find it hard to believe that ‘he voted as his constituents would have wanted as they all wrote to him saying that they were against it’.

    I guess there’s no one going hungry in Blackpool, that has three of the most deprived wards in the UK, the borough where 70% of the children are eligible for free school meals. Perhaps with food banks ‘he voted as his constituents would have wanted as they all wrote to him saying that they were against it’ again.

    If you try and challenge his stance on food banks in the public realm of social media you simply get blocked so Paul can continue harping on about the wonderful work he is doing.

    Perhaps they do see no need for food banks as they seem so intent on demonising British people and putting all the people on benefits onto the BBQ; welcome to the new cannibalism of the British Hunger Games.

  154. my mother recently dead aged 90 …conservative and right wing all her life …..could not understand why there was no sign of revolution..she thought they were all a bunch of ignorant and blind idiots. the polite version…. she had no time for them at all

  155. Letter to my Sandwell MO: Dear Mr Morris

    I am one of your constituents, living at 15 Eden Gardens, Rowley Regis, West Midlands B65 8BF. I am writing to express my astonishment that you voted against looking into the growing dependency on food banks and food poverty. I know that here in Sandwell, poverty is a major problem and your decision to vote in this way is both sickening and disappointing. I am especially aggrieved at your action because you use the Halesowen News to promote your work in the community, joining with the Salvation Army to provide work clinics. Your association with the Salvation Army and its work with the food banks should at least have caused your conscience to jolt you out of such mindless party voting. Your vote on this occasion completely undermines your self-promotion in regard to helping your constituents.

    Please write to me at the above address to provide an explanation for your otherwise inexplicable behaviour. I look forward to hearing from you

    • It will do no good mate! I have tried to ‘talk’ to my own MP on another matter but they just ‘shine’ you on. You will get a load of ‘gobbledegook’ for a response and nothing more. Probably wait 3 months for it too! STOP VOTING FOR ANY OF THEM!!

  156. No surprise that Ipswich MP Ben Gummer voted AGAINST an investigation into food banks and hunger. No worries about putting food on the table when you’re on £66k heh Benedict?

  157. If we all stopped voting for them, then……..

    There would not be any……


    Russell Brand is right; they are only good as administrators, working in an office for US.

  158. Proud to be British but ashamed of my Government I manage a local Credit Union in the east end of Glasgow and we run a food collection point for the east end food bank we know from experience how desperate some people are it’s a choice at times of eat or heat and it’s always the children who suffer most

    • …and you are to blame Mr. ‘Proud to be British’ Some of us tried to fix things in September. For the record, well done for the work you do, very admirable indeed, but you have completely failed to see the big picture.

    I would certainly like to think not one of us would see a child go Hungry or even live in an Environment whereby they witnessed Poverty at close hand but there are 296 MP’s especially that would not give a second thought to those affected .
    Names within the list ,(Full list on website ) some are not surprising and are expected but others such as Ex GP’s and Mothers are ,where is their Compassion ,their Parental Natural Instincts .Why would anyone vote against Food Banks being Investigated .No wonder they are Played Down by the Corporate Media the Corporate Establishment does not want them to be recognised never mind that they are a Lifeline to some .
    We Seriously have to come to the Conclusion all Parties are under the Same Corporate Mandate and things are not going to get any Better .I try to look at things in a Basic Analytic manner and cannot see any Benefit to Us or the Country in the last Thirty Years of Government .They do not Represent our Interests or this Countries but a Materialistic view of how more Productive can the Public become without looking after their Welfare .
    Our Children will grow up not knowing any different if Workfare becomes the Norm and ‘Dole Benefit is a thing of the Past ‘ This Unelected Regime is similar to the Unelected EU regime – Not in Our Interests only Businesses .

    • Do they actually vote for them, or are they so apathetic they don’t bother casting a vote because they don’t think it will do any good? It’s so easy for us all to sign petitions, chat to our mates in social places etc but to go and put a cross on that piece of paper………..The statistics prove that people just cannot be bothered to make an effort to change things!

  160. Ebeneezer Scrooge asked “Are there no workhouses,are there no treadmills”when his nephew asked for a donation for the poor at Christmas.Ian Duncan Smith would agree with him.Its hard to believe that the same Old Etonian posh boy millionaire’s that where running Britain in the times Dickens describes are running it today in 2014..

  161. Oliver Cromwell Speech – Dissolution of the Long Parliament, 20 April 1653.

    It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

    Not much has changed then.

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