Brandy butter ice cream with white chocolate chunks.

This is a delicious use for any leftover brandy butter (or swipe it from the reduced fridge!) and a perfect accompaniment to a warm mince pie crumble 🙂 I have given a method for those with and without an ice cream maker. I have an accidental one, but not for much longer!

Ingredients, serves 6:

300ml double cream
200ml milk
100g white chocolate
50g sugar
50g brandy butter

First pop the brandy butter into a heatproof dish in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt. Remove and allow it to cool.

Chop the white chocolate into small pieces, either with a sharp knife, or pop it in a freezer bag, tie it up, and bash it with a rolling pin or mallet.

Then pour the cream into a large mixing bowl, and add the milk, sugar and chocolate. Stir through.

Add a little of the brandy butter and stir in quickly to stop the cream from splitting. Add it little by little until combined.

Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and churn for 30 minutes clockwise, then 30 minutes anti clockwise. Repeat if necessary – it should be thick enough to not fall off a spoon but still soft enough to spoon into a tub.

Line a loaf tin or other container with two layers of clingfilm, folding it over the edges. Pour the ice cream in, smooth the top with a spoon, and freeze for at least 4 hours.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN ICE CREAM MAKER (and I only do because Currys sent me one to test – a bit of a one-off for me but that’s maybe one Christmas present off the list!!) – then simply whisk the ingredients into soft peaks and freeze for an hour. Remove from the freezer, stir well, and replace to freeze.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe.

Featured on The One Show, BBC One, Friday 19th December 2013.


  1. I like the sound of that one Jack …we always seem to have brandy butter lurking about that we don’t eat so Im going to put your recipe to good use this year!….Thankyou!

  2. Thank you for that idea. Beloved comes over all Mr Bountiful in the kitchen and always makes too much brandy butter. It’s one of the few things I’m not keen on – me being the one who tends to slowly plough through the leftovers after Christmas. This should make the brandy butter do another round without feeling much like leftovers.

    I make a Christmas Pie for Boxing Day. It’s basically a little bit of everything that might be leftover from the Christmas Dinner in a pie dish. Turkey, ham, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets, carrots, parsnips, leeks, stuffing, etc anything else you might have (except red cabbage – it would make it an unappetising colour – yes I have tried that in the past) all cut up into bite sized pieces. You’d want to fry a chopped onion to mix in for a bit of extra flavour if you don’t use leeks on Christmas Day. Pour on any leftover gravy, or make some with a stock cube. Make a really simple pastry with self-raising flour and suet. Half suet to flour and amounts depending on how much leftovers you’ve got or how many you’re serving the pie for. Add a tablespoon or two of dried parsley and a little water, bring together into a ball. Sprinkle a surface with a little more flour and roughly press the pastry out to fit the dish. Put it on the top of the pie and score a criss cross pattern over the top. Pierce a few holes in the top and cook in the oven at around 180 degrees for half an hour. A small one for 2/3 would take 4oz flour and 2oz suet. (We get very large helpings for 2 people, but then with all the veg inside it’s an all in one meal). Increase to 6oz or 8oz flour/3oz suet or 4oz for 4-6. It makes a lovely puffy, risen and green speckled pastry. You probably won’t need to serve anything else with it as it’s likely to have a selection of veg in it anyway, but if you’ve got it you could reheat some leftover red cabbage to serve alongside. Since the first time I made it using genuine leftovers I’ve not been allowed to do anything else so I have to try to make sure there are leftovers of everything now. It comes out a little different every year depending on the veg used. I do something similar if we have a chicken during the rest of the year. But then I need to fry a rasher or two of streaky bacon with the onion for added flavour to replace the ham, and I might add a few quartered mushrooms. You would also need to serve something alongside then as the leftovers wouldn’t be anything like as much.

  3. Could you use brandy cream in place of the brandy butter, and then use regular cream in the normal way? I have loads of brandy cream left over that I’m trying to use up, and this sounds lovely!

  4. This was really successful on xmas day Jack…I didn’t fancy white chocolate but added some left over homemade mincemeat along with the brandy butter and had a sort of icecream xmas pudding instead…..delish!

  5. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, then it’s easier to fold in the chopped chocolate after the other ingredients have been whisked together – otherwise the bits of chocolate get stuck in hte whisk!

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