So, I have a MASS of parsnips left over from cooking for The One Show last week (or the week before), and they’re starting to go a bit wrinkly in the way that vegetables do when you buy them in bulk for cheapness and end up despairing at what on earth to do with all of them… So, I picked up my copy of Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, one of my bibles for inspiration for miscellaneous fridge remnants. Under ‘P’ for those pesky Parsnips was a smoked haddock and parsnip fish cake… Quick root around the fridge yielded half a packet of kippers (dated the 20th of December, quick sniff, seem fine)… But sorry Sarah – I didn’t really want fish cakes. I wanted to shove everything in a pot and not have to think too hard about it. So, risotto. This risotto. This heavenly, lightly spiced, smoky sweet risotto, inspired by a fish cake. Bliss.

Serves 2:

1 onion
1 tbsp oil
150g long grain rice
1 vegetable stock cube
2 large parsnips,
100g kipper fillets (or more if you have them),
100g green beans
1tsp of cumin
1/2tsp turmeric (not absolutely essential)
1tbsp of lemon juice
Parsley or coriander to serve

I wanted my parsnips almost roasted, so cut them into fine chips and threw them in the pan with the oil on a high heat to cook for 10 minutes.

When the edges of the parsnips are golden, reduce the heat to medium. Dice the onion and add to the pan and stir to soften for 5 minutes.

Add the rice and toast for half a minute, then pour over most of the stock. I’m feeling lazy, i’m not going with the pour-a-bit-stir-a-bit method tonight. All in. Slosh. Stir.

Add the kipper fillets, turmeric and cumin and stir in. Stir occasionally to disturb the rice and stop it from sticking.

When the rice is al dente and the liquid thick and soupy, add the green beans. Stir through to cook, and flake the kipper fillet with your wooden spoon.

Serve with a shake of lemon and a handful of parsley or coriander.


Jack. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe



  1. Oh mmm, that sounds delicious. And even more so if you do the bit-at-a-time thing. I always notice the difference, in a bad way, if I slosh and stir. It’s really quite soothing……and a nice way to be lazy. Best wishes for 2014. Hope it’s as exciting for you as 2013, and in a good way

  2. Looks a great recipe, but in my local Tesco smoked haddock is quite expensive, ranging from £12 (if you’re lucky) to £16 per kilogram. Kippers are also quite expensive. I noticed however Cornish sprats at £3 per kilogram. Exellent value for fish protein. You just fry them whole, but is there anything more creative you could do with them? Whole Cornish sardines (similar price) are also excellent value, but more fiddly,they need proper filleting.
    By the way, parsnips should never be kept sealed in plastic.

    • Yeah, it’s a great little twist on kedgeree, just without the boiled eggs! I must confess I really like the sound of parsnip in kedgeree, though I’m much less enthused by the sound of “parsnip risotto”! maybe because risotto is typically far creamier than kedgeree and I don’t like pureed parsnip, plus the curry spices of kedgeree would be perfect with parsnip! I’ll definitely be borrowing this idea for ,y veggie kedgeree (sans smoked fish) in future. Cheers Jack 🙂

  3. Lovely recipe, thanks. With such strong flavours and for good hearty winter risottos I often use pearl barley instead of rice – it’s a bit more robust, is lovely and chewy – and even cheaper than rice!

  4. Just made this with some left over smoked salmon trimmings which I stirred through at the end. I left out the spices and used mixed herbs instead, but it was still absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Jack!

  5. This is going to be my meal of the day using bit smoked salmon. I have all the other ingredients in already as well so don’t have to spend today yippee…can’t wait to try it cheers Jack.
    Very best wishes for you and your son for 2014 you are an inspiration x

  6. Sorry to be a bit of a numpty but how much stock ? I’m guessing the amount to make up one stock cube as directed on the box but would like to check… I’m a novice cook…

  7. Your Brie and Bacon Risotto is a big hit in this house, so will definitely try this one. Although I’m the only one who likes parsnips so this would be for when I’m Wilhomena-no-Mates on some evenings!

    If I have loads of parsnips, I peel and chop the ends off, par-boil, leave to cool and then freeze in a bag, flat to start with. I add them at the end of cooking roast pots on a Sunday – just for me 🙂

  8. The splash of lemon and the parsley just makes this. Can you make a comment somewhere Jack about reheating rice. I believe asian communities avoid doing it because it easily harbours bacteria. I don’t know what the health advice is but I find it hard to make this in small enough quantities for one.

    Tis gorgeous though.

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