1. Jack, you are the best. My son just visited me in the US over the holidays (he and his wife live in the UK) and they love your blog and twitter acct. They are staunch supporters of Labor and both are in academia. Conservative hyperbole is pervasive, but your your message is meaningful.

  2. Is that your kitchen Jack? Those tiles are super colourful and cute! And good for you too, it’s great that you’re able to make a few bob doing something helpful to others and which you enjoy 🙂

  3. Looking forward to the recipe. Been following you for a while and wishing you well. Hope you’re getting some expert media advice. You shouldn’t IMHO try to be like Jamie (although I like him and think he is excellent on tv). You are you and you should highlight your uniqueness not try to assimilate into just another tv chef. I’m finding all this nonsense about your loss of authenticity (ie by having changed things for yourself) in the press tiresome as I’m sure you are too. Keep doing what you’re doing you have a very appreciative and loyal following in me and my small person, even though thankfully we haven’t had to live on the tiny budget you have to recognise something (you) of value. Hope this makes a semblance of sense.

  4. Just been made redundant/unemployed for the first time in my 40yr work history. I shall be buying your book as an investment in my culinary survival. Great to see real people in adverts. More power to you.

    • erm…. library? While I applaud Jack for getting published (I know how difficult it is), your money now has to be watched like the proverbial hawk. Look after the pennies (as Jack has indeed taught us) and the pounds will look after themselves. Your local library will either have a copy or be able to get it for you for a nominal sum (make sure you take something that proves you are unemployed as most boroughs offer a discount on the few library services that you have to pay for such as reserving books). And, of course, you will be doing your bit to keep the library open and running for other people to use!

  5. I loved it Jack well done, your a natural , your son is going to be so proud of you. What a great person you are, and all the best for the New year.

  6. Mate, your tatts look awesome. I realise that is not the point, but, as a tatt wearer myself, we don’t see enough of them! PS good work on the food thing 🙂

  7. Oooh, I thought you might look a little awkward, due to what you’ve said previously, but you look totally natural & relaxed (and gorgeous!) Very nice ad – well done.

  8. Yeah very casual like as if youve done this all before and great first shot with tatt was a nice surprise I was like bloody hell cool lol

  9. It’s not really about the ad but it got me thinking I would like you to know that your story is inspirational to people who are struggling to pay the bills and feed themselves, or those in fear of it. When you’re unemployed or just plain underpaid it is difficult to feel positive about anything. But telling your story has shown that people living in poverty can still feel passionate about food… and life. To think that only a short time ago you were at rock bottom and you fought back. Look at what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. It is not an understatement to say that you are an inspiration.

  10. I’ve worked for Sainsburys for over a decade now & rarely buy anything that isn’t in classy orange & white packaging. I like to think of my self as a fellow basics advocate & I wondered how long it would take for them to get you on board. Glad to see things are looking up for you, keep it up!

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