Published in Look magazine, 30th December 2013.

One little correction, I’m actually single, no girlfriend, no getting married in the Spring. The best laid plans and all that. The press will catch up eventually, but that’s one of those details that as a journalist, I’d definitely check before publishing. Never mind hey?

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. shame to hear about the change in plans for 2014, but you’ve got to be proud of what you’ve achieved in 2013.

  2. Another chapter in your life!!! All the very best. Deirdre I.O.M.
    I have not had any emails from you since mid Nov and mine to you are not accepted!!!

  3. Happy New Year Jack. Congratulations on the feature – very good, and glad you’re hopeful for the year. Sorry to hear your plans have fallen through (if you did have plans?) but there’s a handy Italian proverb : meglio da sola che mal’accompagnata – better alone than in the wrong company… I find it works. We’ve just finished the last of the mince pies I made to your recipe: very good too. I’d like an excuse to make more, but it’s already past 12th Night.

  4. I hope you are keeping a scrapbook of all these cuttings (a real, tangible one) to look through and think “those were the days!” when you are old and grey!

  5. What is sad is that it makes it clear that no-one on their staff follows you on twitter, cos if they did they would have known.

  6. A total aside from all the more important stuff but have to say, I love that apron you’re wearing. Where’d you get it from? :0)

    • I got it from an independent gift shop in Southend, called Under The Sun, about four years ago. There’s no clue on the label as to where it was made, just a ‘W’. I get asked this question a lot and I’m sorry I can’t help more than that 🙁

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