Dear readers –

I had a fantastic email this morning from Tamsin at Penguin, which I just had to share – as it answers a question I’ve been asked about a hundred times since I announced I was writing a book…

“Happy new year, Jack!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful break. Just letting you know that we have
decided to release an ebook to go along with the print edition. We don’t
always release cookbook ebooks but our digital sales team feel very strongly
that we should have one, which is very encouraging!

All best wishes,
Tamsin x”

🙂 So to answer an often-asked question, I’m delighted to say that YES, my book will be available as a digital version as well as paperback. I hope that makes a lot of you very happy! Of course I’ll let you know how to order it just as soon as I know myself!

Happy new year everyone – I know it’s been 2014 for six whole days already but I just like saying it. Six days makes it a pretty ‘new’ year in my books…

Best wishes,

Jack x

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  1. Great, can’t wait and Happy New Year to you and of course SB

    Love and Blessings. Deirdre I.O.M.

  2. Good idea. Makes it very accessible, though I prefer my cookbooks printed so I can scribble notes on them.

    • It is possible to make notes/highlights on ebook s depending which type you are using… Just an idea although I agree with you, I like to tab all my fave and draw smiley faces in.

  3. How exciting! What to choose as a pressie hint for mother’s day??? Ebook or hardback? You are making it too difficult for us, Jack!

  4. This is excellent news Jack, I prefer my cookbooks on kindle now – I have it in my handbag when I go shopping so it’s easy to make sure I don’t go home without something vital.
    The book can be pre-ordered here for anyone who’d like to. 🙂

  5. Is the eBook supposed to come out at the same time as the regular version of the book? I went to preorder the eBook on amazon and it says it comes out in 2016. That seems quite a long gap between the release of the book and the release of the eBook.. :-/

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