I just received the following email and I haven’t managed to test this as I’m in Tanzania right now, but the combination of corned beef and red wine and tomatoes makes it a winner in my book! Thanks Tom! 🙂

“Hi Jack

My wife is a big fan of yours and told me to drop you a line and see if you want to add this simple recipe to your site

Very simple

Corned beef
Tin of tomato
Garlic granules
Splash of left over red wine or Worcester sauce if you have it
Spaghetti Pasta

Simple spaghetti bolognaise that costs little and tastes great!

Hope you like 🙂

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. Fantastically frugal! Great…I would use real garlic though. Keeps for months. There’s always a lonely clove hanging around. Would give it a more “authentic” taste

  2. Don’t know where you’re buying your mince or corned beef missrocksaltHannah but I can buy corned beef for a third of the price of decent minced beef. I used to use a tin to make a “mince and tatties” dinner for my family when the month had too many days and not enough money. It works well.

    • If you don’t have a large freezer (or no freezer) corned beef would keep indefinitely I suppose. Frozen minced meat that isn’t “decent” can of course be cheaper than canned corned beef though: at least it is in Birmingham. (It was cheaper back in 2011 though, only about £2 a kilo: of course God knows what was in it).

  3. Thanks Tom and Jack, great recipe! I’ve just made and eaten the dish, delicious. For 40 years, SpagBol has been my favourite meal and this new twist didn’t disappoint. Love it! Very useful recipe for camping/travelling too.


  4. I’ve done something similar before; washing the corned beef under the hot tap will get rid of fatty bits. Also check the price on the reduced fat corned beef – it is often the same price here as regular tins but has a higher meat content (that isn’t true of all brands / products so it pays to check. ) Reserving a little of the pasta water can add a nice silky-ness to your sauces too.

    It doesn’t hurt to buy a couple of cans when your flush to stick in the back of the cupboard for when times get tough.

  5. I often used to make Spaghetti bolognese with a tin of corn beef or tuna flakes for a quick, easy & cheap meal, my kids when little loved it but I no longer make it with corned beef because where I live (west sussex) a tin of corned beef is around £2 even Tescos value is £1.69 but I can get enough fresh mince for a spagbol for £1 by buying a £2 500g pack and using half and freezing the rest, or a 260g pack of minced pork for £1 (no one noticed the difference and I said nothing) ;0) Also 12 fresh meat balls are £1 (nice alternative) although it is cheaper to make your own meat balls. If corned beef is cheaper in your area or somewhere has a good deal on why not give it a go, it is very yummy. Thanks for sharing Tom

  6. I love the idea of this – Thanks to Tom and Jack – we are going to try this.
    as with other mince-based recipes (bolognese and chilli being the obvious ones) absolutely one of my favourite lunches is this. Save to one side a couple of good sized spoonfuls of the mince mix (corned beef mix in this case)- makes the most fab toastie for lunch the next day. If you’ve ever looked at a wee portion of leftover mince and its not quite enough for a baked potato topping, then here’s what to do with it. whatever bread you have, whatever cheese you have and that’s lunch sorted. Toastie time, Yum!
    Anyhow, a tin of corned beef is on this week’s shopping list,
    Laura x

  7. Really glad you like it, it really works well with the saltiness of the corned beef, the sweetness of the tomatoes and the fragrance of the garlic and wine. Enjoy peeps and thanks Jack for posting!

    Tom in Northumberland

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