1. Was shopping with my parents at our largest supermarket (not my choice but convenience rules for my very ill mother) and Mum told my Dad he should check out the front page of the Guardian, it had a huge wave being surfed on it. We went and had a look, and you fell out of the paper! I’ve fwded you to my Dad, who is a bit of an angry leftie, a while ago, and now he texts me if he hears about you, like on Woman’s Hour recently, we were both listening! He thinks what you’re doing is brilliant and important, and so do I. Just look after yourself and the small boy too, yeah?

  2. I followed the link and had a look at the article particularly some of the comments (just the top ones) that seemed to focus in waste, especially when cooking for one and having left over ingredients. I just wondered if it might be worth add a bit about how to use or save leftover ingredients – for example, those sprigs of coriander – put the rest in a poly bag in the freezer and crush when frozen (easier that chopping before freezing) or chop and air dry. Also to say if a dish will freeze well (or maybe you already do?)

    Anyway, loved the recipes, thanks!

  3. I’ve just cooked the Sweet and Sour (first time I’ve ever cooked S&S). It looked great and tasted even better; much fresher and lighter than at a Chinese restaurant, I thought (I added 3 spring onions that were knocking about in the fridge for some colour). Will definitely make this again once I have eaten the remaining portions. Thanks!

  4. Brilliant! – Maybe the next book could be “cooking for the freezer” or something similar? And more veggie recipes would be very welcome – a bit scarce in my local (smallish) supermarket.

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