1. I’m thrilled the NYTs has profiled you. I found the article flattering and based in fact.

    Hopefully, your audience here in the US will grow and come to recognize you as the true gem you are. Best to you, Jack from your fans here in the US.

    • Yes! Been a fan for quite some time now. The article was well written and honest. Congratulations!

  2. What a good start to your New Year. A trip to Tanzania and an article on the front of the New York times, and we’re not even through January yet.

  3. Front page – What a great article! And so glad you have been noticed “across the pond”. I hope your star continues to rise,Jack,you deserve it after all you’ve been through (the story of your struggles still makes me cry,no matter how many times i read it) and because you continue to help others. X

  4. Oh Jack, you made me cry AGAIN…Great article. The New York Times indeed! Got some price reduced Seville oranges for 40p on Friday so I am making marmalade today and thinking of you. xx

  5. That seems to be THE most balanced news article I have read about you. How can an American journalist get it so right when others in this country just want to slate you and get it so wrong.

    Congratulations, there’s not many that get on the front cover of The New York Times. I hope you are keeping a good press cuttings folder.

  6. i know i have heard it before, but it still makes me weap because of what yo uand SB went through. well done for reaching America, Jack!

  7. Fab article. I hope for your sake you aren’t giving away so much of your fee though. It’s not selfish to keep it you are save guarding your future x

  8. I just discovered your blog today because of the NYT article.
    The whole article, but especially the ending, was very moving.
    Well done on your success and international recognition!

  9. Hi Jack. Wow..sharing the front page of the NYT with Barack Obama. That’s two things I wouldn’t expected to witness in my lifetime…a black US president and Essex girl having praise heaped upon her. Having now gone international with your message, where next. Intergallactic? There is a Mars mission coming up soon..just maybe eh? Joking aside, feel right proud of having shared the journey with you through your blog. You are making a difference. BIG time. 🙂

  10. Great article! And heartbreaking what you were going through keeping up appearances before the first blog post. 🙁

    That article could easily form part of an FAQ for everyone who keeps pestering you about your family etc.

    “Her parents dropped off bags of food and clothes, and berated her for not telling them sooner.”

    That’s what my parents would do. Though I’ve never managed to build up the pride gained from complete financial independence from them unfortunately, so it wouldn’t be likely to get that far. And I’ve made sure I have enough in my cupboard to last a fair few weeks (if it had to) even if I had no money at all.

    Though when out of work over most of the last year, I actually spent half my time trying to convince my mum I was eating fine (and saying I wasn’t going to buy expensive brown rice if I could buy white rice for 40p a kilo 😉 ) – even better after finding this blog 🙂 – and rent was the main issue for me. My grandmother seemed shocked that a meal I took a photo of on my phone was a full plate of food.

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