Dear lovely readers,
Every week I get inundated with emails and tweets from readers who have a handful of ingredients in their cupboard, fridge and freezer, and don’t know what to make out of them. This week I thought I’d turn the tables!
Here’s what I had already before I went shopping this afternoon (please excuse the labels, it’s how I organise myself or I would literally live on carbs… Mm, pasta, risotto, potato salad, granola….)…

And here’s what I picked up on my shop (£13.91, for interested parties.)



So in all, I have for the next week or so:
6 eggs
400g red kidney beans
A can of baked beans
6 mackerel fillets
250g turkey mince mixed with 200g chickpeas
9 bananas (I rifled through every bag to get the one with the most in!)
6 apples
Broken mandarin segments
Lemon juice
Frozen spinach
Green beans
Chopped tomatoes
Tomato purée
Sweet corn
18 onions
16 and a half carrots
2 bulbs of garlic
Greek salad cheese
Natural yoghurt
Soft cream cheese
400g milk powder (makes up to 4l of milk)
Instant chicken noodles – don’t judge me!
Dried yellow split peas
A tin of potatoes
6 pitta breads
And a few spices, oil and flour in the cupboard too… And half a bag of oats on top of the microwave that I forgot about!
So, tables turned! What would you make out of this lot? I’ve got a few ideas – but I thought I’d see what you come up with!
Jack. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe