A week in the tummy of Jack and SB: What I made and what I have left, Day 1.

Good morning lovely readers!

On Monday night, I blogged and tweeted a photo of my £13.41 food shop for this week and a few bits left over from last week, and asked you what I should make out of it… (

The response was overwhelming, over 250 recipe ideas and suggestions were submitted, and I promised to blog the whole week of recipes to show what could be made from a few simple ingredients. Of course – it’s what I do every week, but I don’t get around to blogging every meal that I make in my kitchen! However, it’s the thing I’m asked for most – is a comprehensive set of recipes based on my weekly shop – so I’ve risen to the challenge. It’s tougher than I thought – not the cooking, obviously I do that anyway – but to a cook like me, who flings and slings things together on a whim, actually weighing and measuring everything and carefully writing it down is a real effort – so I hope it’s a helpful effort!

In order to be ‘real’, I’ve included the bits that were lurking from the week before, that Turkey and chickpea mince mixture, some half bags of frozen veg, and seemingly bottomless staples like flour, a few spices, and oil. Because I’m not starting with an empty cupboard, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. That’s the point of my blog, it’s really about my real kitchen and real life. It’s not an experiment or a fun foray into frugality, it’s what I do. I’ve been blogging the recipes as I go along – so on Tuesday, we (SB and I) had:

Apple granola, using oats, apples, honey, and butter.

Split pea soup, using an onion, two carrots, split peas, garam masala and yoghurt, with a toasted pitta bread for dunking in.

A banana, pretty self explanatory!

Turkey meatballs, using that mince and chickpea mixture that was lurking in the fridge, spinach, tomato purée, onion, Greek cheese and pasta.

Which leaves me with four portions of granola, two bowls of split pea soup, and six little turkey and chickpea meatballs – and all of these ingredients to crack on with the rest of the week!

6 eggs
400g red kidney beans
A can of baked beans
6 mackerel fillets
7 bananas
5 apples
Broken mandarin segments
Lemon juice
Frozen spinach
Green beans
Chopped tomatoes
Tomato purée
Sweet corn
16 onions
14 and a half carrots
2 bulbs of garlic
Greek salad cheese – 170g
Natural yoghurt – 400ml
Soft cream cheese
400g milk powder (makes up to 4l of milk)
Pasta – 350g
Instant chicken noodles – don’t judge me!
Dried yellow split peas – 200g
A tin of potatoes
4 pitta breads
200g rolled oats

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted recipes and ideas – I’m loving this so far and am definitely considering doing it more often!

I’ll be blogging my recipes and ‘what’s left’ list as I go along so you can keep track – and feel free to keep those suggestions coming in! I feel massively inspired right now, buzzing with all your amazing ideas. I’m tempted to keep buying the same ingredients until I’ve tried them all out, but rest assured they’ve all been written and filed in my ‘inspiration folder’ tucked in a corner of my kitchen, so if they don’t get made this week (and let’s be honest, I can’t eat 250 meals in a week!) then keep your eyes peeled – they might crop up through the year! You’re all great. Seriously. I’m so happy and feel so blessed to have such generous and thoughtful readers. Gushing now, but you deserve it.

Jack xx

Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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