This speedy little breakfast was utterly delectable this morning – eliciting appreciative ‘mmm’ noises to myself and raising a eyebrow at the cat, who was very interested in my sardines. Sorry moggy, but these were mine all mine. Try at your peril – I fear breakfast will never be the same again.

Ingredients (serves 1, adjust as required).

1 pitta bread
1 egg
1 or 2 sardines

Pour a little oil from the sardine tin into a frying pan on a medium heat to fry the egg. Slice the sardine lengthways and carefully lift out any visible bones before breaking into chunks and adding to the frying pan, skin side down.

Pop the pitta bread in the toaster, oven or under the grill for a few minutes. When it’s lightly toasted, serve with the crispy little chunks of fish and runny egg liked on top.

If you have any greenery kicking about, spinach, parsley, that sort of thing, serve it on the side as an optional extra. A grilled tomato or some lightly fried onion wouldn’t go amiss either, but I had it as described and it was delicious. Light and quick enough for breakfast, but potentially addictive – I found myself musing that I could happily start every weekend with a toasted pitta, crispy fried fish and a warm gooey egg…

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe




  1. Sorry for the obvious question, but … do you fry the egg with the sardine? or in a separate pan? I don’t fancy a runny fishy mess …

  2. @laurabloomify: It looks to me like the egg was fried in a ring (‘cos it’s perfectly round) but if you put it in first and wait for a moment or two before adding the sardines you’ll be fine. The fresher the egg the less it will spread! No need for 2 pans.

  3. Mmm! looks and sounds yummy. A lovely alternative to porridge. Though My gluten and wheat free pitta bread will cost more than your regular one. Still a delicious breakfast anyway.

  4. Good looking breakfast…where can you get a pitta bread for 4p? ..must be a quality egg at 22p… sardines taste best grilled…Happyness

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