This morning I conquered my fear of cooking on television with a brief stint on Channel Four’s Sunday Brunch – awesome, loved it, and had lots of lovely messages on Twitter afterwards too from people who had seen it – including a picture of a bowl of dough proving, from one reader who was cooking it along with me! I mean seriously, how awesome is that?

The recipe itself is here – Chickpea, tomato and rosemary best brunch loaf – but if you don’t have any yeast or half an hour to prove it, you can fling the chickpeas, rosemary, tomato and lemon into my soda bread recipe, and make pretty much the same thing, if a little more dense and chewy.

Hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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  1. You were fab! Really down to earth, chatty and natural. I love Sunday Brunch and think they should have you on in a regular frugal cooking slot. Can’t wait to give your recipe a go.x

  2. At the risk of being a fangirl (make that fanmiddleagedmum!) I thought you were fantastic on Sunday Brunch – background programme to our normal sunday pottering around time. Squeed when I saw you were cooking. Did you meet Paloma? Was great to show my daughter two inspirational young women on one programme today! And then you met Billy Bragg – a hero from my generation – I am thrilled for you – if a little envious – tiny bit! Good luck with the book launch xx

  3. Yay, I managed to catch you on this! I but I missed a little bit in the middle so I am glad you have posted the recipe. I’ve got a can of chick peas here looking at me, so I will defo give it a go. Well done, you came across so well!

  4. Wish I had known it was on. I can not believe some of the hateful comments you get on twitter. Can you not report them to the police?
    People have been prosecuted for such comments.

  5. Just caught up with your appearance on Sunday Brunch. Brilliant recipe superbly presented. Best of luck with the book!

  6. Watched the prog because I knew you were going to be on. Don’t know if you were nervous or not, but you were great, if you WERE nervous, it didn’t show at all.
    And telling all those chefs that they shouldn’t be taken in by expensive ingredients and cheffy programs! Hahahaha, what a moment. They looked rather abashed. You didn’t 😉

  7. I thought you were brilliant on Sunday Brunch, very natural and refreshingly honest, the bread looked delish, I’ll be trying that this week – hope to see more of you on the telly soon!

  8. I watched you cooking and had used up my last tin of chickpeas so went shopping straight away and to get a loaf tin ,but I didn’t realise it was you Jack until I looked on my I pad just now,
    Keep it going you know what JKRowling your recipes are FAB

  9. I stayed in you watch you Jack and I must say I thought you where brilliant, You have kept me going since my wife died, you have helped me feed myself and not just fuel myself. Well done.

    • What a lovely comment, Ian. I bet your late wife would be so proud to see you cooking lots of Jack’s brilliant food. x

  10. My loaf is cooling as I type – it looks fab! You were great on the program, loved the bit about expensive foods and their faces!! WELL DONE 🙂

  11. I saw you Jack! Having followed your blog awhile I’d never seen you on tv, and I think I read somewhere that you don’t like being on TV – if that is true then you did an excellent job!! You looked so at ease! And on a very superficial level, love your haircut too… I’m trying to grow out a crop but can’t seem to manage that length quite so stylishly!

  12. Jack, you go from strength to strength. How confident you come across on camera nowadays..a real professional. And with that joking cheeky nature you carried the feature in such a friendly manner. I enjoyed your relaxed performance so much that I forgot to hope it wouldn’t be an ordeal for you. Got to try that recipe this week. Love kneading dough…great for getting dirt out from under the fingernails after gardening..:( LOL. Looking forward to the postman and your book.

  13. Hi jack
    Not a comment on your post, although my daughter excitedly told me you were in Sunday brunch one of her favourites, just wondered whether you would consider highlighting this food poverty issue? Close to my heart but I don’t have the eye of the public as you do. Just a thought! Best wishes to you 🙂

  14. Always watch Sunday Brunch and thought your piece was absolutely terrific, great recipe, highly articulate and passionate. That programme suited you, take confidence.

  15. Hi Jack – been thinking about you alot. I can’t stand supermarkets that promote processed foods (the one I have an issue is M&S, it’s such a con). God bless you and your son – Keep Well. B

  16. Hi Jack-thought you were brilliant! couldn’t have been easy with the likes of Simo rimmer on your back (so to speak) ! just been to sainsbugs and knocked up casserole with basics peas and carrots!

  17. I made your chickpea and rosemary bread yesterday and ate it with beetroot caviar. I make bread all the time but have to say the bread was so light and the taste was out of this world. making more today. My husband loved it ate it this morning with an egg on top. Thanks for the recipe, The book is great keep up the good work you are doing high lighting the truly terrible conditions of people living below the line. My husband was unemployed in the 70’s but then you could manage on welfare unlike now.

  18. I can’t believe I missed you on tv! *punches fist in the air* – but on a high note I just got your new book today. It’s fantastic. I love what you’re doing. Well done Jack.

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