Here’s some of the photos from my book launch party on the 3rd March – there are literally hundreds of photos so here are a few of my favourites!










Top to bottom:
1. Signing a book for Mora Mclagan at Oxfam.
2. Genevieve Willis, me and Mora Mclagan.
3. Lindsey Evans, my editor at Penguin, and me, saying a few words between us.
4. Me and Rachel Johnson. (For those that saw The Big Benefits Row on Channel 5, I might not ‘be’ a f***ing Johnson but I’m quite fond of this one…)
5. Me and Adrian Sington, my agent and very good friend, who I love dearly and who has prevented all manner of nervous breakdowns this year!
6. Sue Perkins and, er, me again.
7. Rachel Reeves MP, Molly Hodson (Trussell Trust), Keir Cozens, Lindsey Evans and little old me.
8. Me and Allegra.
9. BOOK. That thing we were all having a party for.

Photos by Carl Pendle (Twitter: @ishootfood)

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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  1. What a fantastic grin you have missus, just going to swing by Amazon and press buy now I have some spending monies.
    Well done, knew you’d do it xxx

    (Also, Sue Perkins!! Will you be going on Bake off next?)

  2. Congrats! I love seeing someone’s dreams come true! Though I have promised not to buy anymore cookbooks for a while I am keen to check this out.

  3. You always make me laugh Jack:-). BTW your hair looks great & you are a very attractive young woman, if you don’t mind me saying so. Hope you find a soul mate because you deserve one!

  4. Wow! Great pictures (and great book, by the way)! Also, ever so slightly jealous that you got to meet Sue Perkins…

  5. Well done you! My copy came in the post today – delighted to have all your great recipes and tips in book format! I haven’t commented on here before, but I read regularly, and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences, and freely providing solid practical advice on eating well on a really tight budget! It’s been an enormous help to me and my family as we work our way through tough times. x

  6. well done Jack, I’ve had your book for a week and I read a few pages each night in bed marking all the recipes I’m going to try!

  7. Congratulations! My pre-order copy arrived here in Sydney about a week ago and I love it. You deserve every success and keep fighting the good fight. We need more people like you.

  8. You deserve to be very happy. ..your book is brilliant. …healthy, cheap and easy, all adding up to delicious! Thank you and keep ’em coming! x 🙂

  9. Congratulations Jack ! It’s à long road and many people are waiting for your recipies and wishing you happiness and lots of inspiration.

  10. I’m loving the book, it arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to try some recipes. You are such an inspiration, my favourite role model for my daughters. Huge love to you and Small Boy. Xx

  11. You look radiant, and deservedly so. Much love to you and your delightful SB – you both look so happy in the pics in your cookbook. Onwards and upwards, go girl!

  12. Congratulations Jack, it’s great to see you enjoying the success that you have worked so hard for. I’ve just bought your book and it’s nice to find that so many recipes can be made from just the existing contents of my cupboard and fridge. I also like that the photos look like real food rather than chef prepared, impossible to reproduce at home, stylised pictures. I think this would be a great book for students and to get children cooking.

  13. I have been following your website for months and my children have bought me your book for Mother’s Day next weekend (it’s meant to be a surprise……but my husband told me before I pressed the ‘buy now’ button on Amazon a few days ago!) I can’t wait for us all to start making more of your recipes. We have made lots and all have been a hit! Keep cooking !!

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