Just a quick post to share some super exciting news that I’ve been hugging to my ample chest for the past couple of weeks:


I signed the contract yesterday, so figure I can release the cat from the bag (I’m not very good at secrets, as you all know!) – and am now buried in piles of recipe notes, scraps of paper, half typed notes on my phone, ideas, et cetera, trying to collate them in some sort of super exciting order and downing coffee and inhaling toast and looking a but unkempt and stressed around the edges…

So bear with me for the next couple of weeks while I submit the first draft – I’ll try not to vanish altogether – and here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…

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    • Congrats Jack, I got the book a few weeks ago and it’s great. We had a big collection at work for our local food bank and talking to the guy who runs it there’s obviously a lack of cooking and budgeting skills with some people and I jokingly said they should give out your book. Have you thought of publishing an edited version that FB’s could distribute, maybe sponsorship could help. Just a thought. Take care x

    • Congratulations Jack! I’m hoping to get your first book for mothers day, goodness knows I’ve dropped enough hints!

    • “hugging to my ample chest”? Isn’t that a a bit like a restaurant printing “Good Food!” on the menu? Aren’t your friends supposed to tell you that kind of stuff? And then you say, “Oh, gosh, you are so kind to say so.”, that is unless you are trying to lose weight, and then you can say, “Well, don’t get attached to them, I am on a diet.” Of course, I live in the colonies, Virginia in fact, and we re a bit backward, so if I am wrong, don’t knock on my door (hee, hee, I am not answering this week). But like handy vegetable stock, practice those two answers, they might be answer to things that “Mind how you go.” does not quite fit. And remember the thought is reversed if you don’t smile.

    • Many congratulations on the second book , my baby grandson Jack got me your super fantastic book for my birthday yesterday and tonight im having coca cola chicken for my tea,,yum!!

  1. Yeeeessss! Excellent news. Book 1 is already my most well-used cookbook in only 4 weeks. Congratulations x

  2. Supper news. :-). Where did you get that professional looking recipe notebook? Beats my scruffy exercise books hands down!

      • You’ve got a copy from “Valentine” on your notes, that’s one of my favourites. If I didn’t admire you enough! πŸ™‚

      • Hi. Would you like to share where we can get a copy. Pretty please. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Jack. I thought it looked familiar! I’m so glad that you have been able to put it to such good use πŸ™‚ Will be getting your book as a birthday present. Is there any chance that you might be at any book festivals in the future? Cheltenham would be great then I could come along and get it signed! xxx

  3. Hooray! Well that’s my Christmas present sorted for the hubby!
    Can we have done lovely retro photos of you too?! Oh and you could do your fantasy dinner party menu! Now..what would billy Bragg like?! Xx

      • It’s a nice dish; I made 6 individual portions ready to cook as my partner doesn’t eat fish. I’d say it was a bit fiddly, though.

  4. Great news! I was hoping to share some ideas with you for that, but it looks as if you already have it all sorted.
    I guess there will just have to be a Book Three.
    My local library happily accepted their copy of Book One. I hope it’s been out, borrowed and in use.
    If the recipes in Book Two are of the standard of Creamy Salmon Pasta with Chilli Lemon Kick or the Peach and Chickpea Curry I will be extremely happy. I think those two are my favourites so far.

    • They are two of my favourites as well – along with Roman Pasta with Mandarins and Creamy Basil Sauce (page 97) and Oven baked Fish in Tomato Sauce with Lemon & Parsley Sauce (page 155).
      I bought a second book for my youngest son and partner as they have a very small income and 2 children (with BIG appetites) to feed. I do hope they are using it to make tasty, good meals at little cost.
      I shall be eagerly awaiting the second book and pre-ordering it asap.

  5. This is fantastic jack! Bought 4 copies of your book last week. A copy for me and copies for my children. They’ve been making some of your recipes- loving them and posting them on Instagram.

  6. Congratulations Jack! So pleased for you.

    I have made loads of things from your first book, which i love. Our favourite is the ‘Spring Piggy’ though I make it with chicken thighs and add leeks, swede, extra onion, parsnips – whatever is lurking in the fridge really! Will definately be buying your second book.
    How about a third one, devoted to your cheaper, healthier versions of ready meals?

    Go girl, go!

  7. Great
    , can’t wait to order it. Very best wishes to you and small boy. Deirdre I O M. X

  8. Like there was ever any doubt! Looking forward to meeting the new ‘baby’. Well done, congratulations on everything and big grins, the world is your flipping oyster

  9. Jack, Listened to your interview with John Murray on RTΓ‰ Radio One this morning. Delighted to hear you, loved the interview. I’ve been sending all my friends to your blog and now they know who I’m talking about! While I’m here, just want to ask how anyone could resist reading something that begins with “Lazarus Pesto”? Fabulous name, must start giving my leftover servings names other than “Fling”. Keep going, waiting for Mothers Day for your book. Delighted about the second one! D, Dublin.x

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  10. Excellent news! My copy of your first book is already bearing the stains of much use. (And of my cat spilling a cup of tea on it.)

  11. Yas! Been living your book for 3 weeks now! Due to my ample store cupboard, I spent 12 quid on shopping this week, and that was mostly fresh fruit. And I’ve lost 4 lbs! Thank you Jack!

  12. I always thought you were/ are going to do the “Lost Cookbooks of the World”, Jack. Tanzania / Africa the first in the series.

    Be well


  13. Hey slow are making my head spin. Congratulations yet again…and power to your pen and that mixing elbow Jack!

  14. Oh my word, I amsooexcited about this! Having only recently discovered you and your book, I think you have potentially saved myself and my small boy from having to sell more of our things just to afford to eat. I’m currently working my way through the recipes and sticking to a a weekly meal plan. After 2 weeks we have a bit of money left in the pot for a treat. Thank you soo much for sharing your struggles and helping myself and others start to over come there’s. Your book should be given out at food banks! I’ll stop waffling but again thank you!

  15. Many congrats on your news about Bk no 2! I recon you need a TV programme of your own to match- dovetailing with Superscrimpers and Mrs Moneypenny!!! Come on Channel 4 – snatch up Jack before some other TV Channel does!!
    Can’t wait for no2- any idea of release date??
    You deserve everything that’s good, Jack!
    Best wishes, Kate

  16. Got your first book on the kindle fire HD for the knock down price of Β£6.17 a bargain with all those exciting recipes, some my son wouldn’t touch with a bargepole he’s 30 and fussy like that

  17. Excellent news! Currently using a copy of your first book from the local library while eagerly awaiting my very own copy for my birthday next week. X

  18. Was telling my hubby about you and your latest venture he says he hopes you make millions πŸ™‚ I do too, you deserve some luck. Loving your first book xxxx

  19. I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for spelling ‘sneak peek’ correctly! I love you even more now πŸ˜€

  20. I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU – for spelling ‘sneak peek’ correctly! So few people do! I love you even more now πŸ˜‰

  21. Fantastic news! Just bought your first book after eating too much convenience food recently. You Jack are the difference to me eating fresh not processed (as you make it so simple and easy) and hopefully eliminating or reducing my health problems (i already feel so much better!) as I know good nutrition creates good health. You’re making people healthy and wealthy (well better off anyway!). Pity politicians can’t do the same! You are so special x

  22. Yay, can’t wait your first one is giving me loads of new favourite meals! And encouraged me to bake my first loaf of bread (Which definitely beat shop bought! and was so satisfying to make!) Thank you!

  23. great news, I just love watching you become more and more successful, you must do that cookery show.

  24. Brilliant news. Can’t wait. Did the sicillian sardines tonight – although no raisins so used olives & capers and added dill to the parsley. Love the first book

  25. Brilliant news. “Did” the sicilian style sardines tonight. No raisins so used black olives & capers. Added dill to the parsley. Love the first book – all the recipes I’ve tried are easy to do and really tasty. All the best. BTW tip wjen cooking pasta – boil the kettle and pour the water over the pasta. Much quicker than waiting for the water to heat up in a saucepan. All the best. xx

  26. I’m thrilled for you Jack, your success is very well deserved. And I love the peek into your notebook, I have an unhealthy obsession with notebooks. Well done again, CJ x

  27. Waiting for Book 1 to make its way to me Stateside! Many, many congrats to you. I’ve lurked for quite a while and watched your progress. I’m delighted your voice has been heard loud and clear! Keep fighting the good fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

  28. I look forward to it. I like your style of interesting but uncomplicated recipes which doesn’t require too many or obscure ingredients. Which you only use once…

  29. Hi,
    My husband got me book 1 for x-mas but it has not come yet, I hope soon. Then I will get #2. (Must be because I am in the us,) I love what you are doing. With a family of 6, I try all of the recipes and they are great.
    thank -you.

  30. Well done, Jack. This is only the beginning. Education on food, budgetting and keeping a roof over one’s head should be a core part of the National Curriculum, as all youngsters are heading in a direction where they’re going to need those life skills. I can see you and your books playing a part in this. Let’s hope the powers that be see that they have to stop pushing kids towards University and then leaving them to sink or swim, and start helping them to help themselves on the road to having a decent life. Your books will be iconic in years to come.

  31. Brilliant! I am already declaring ‘Mixed Bean Goulash’ my favourite recipe from book 1 πŸ™‚ Had it yesterday with garlic bread and salad, and had leftovers with Baked potatoes and salad today. Yummy!

  32. Good news jack. Please include the banana and tea curry in book two. Its strange but it works. Any idea when it will be published? Ive heard that a book takes about a year from start to finish.

  33. Have recently purchased your book and firstly congrats on the second installment! I have a question about the books beautiful photographs I just wondered if the photographer used your own things and arranged them for the shots or if it was studio photographed? (if that makes sense)

  34. Hi jack you have inspired me to start blogging and I wrote my first blog for the first time last night! I am a 20 year old single mother, my parents live in Southend by i live an hour and a half away with my 1 year old in canterbury. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to be a good blogger? Please take a look at mine and ignore all the terrible spelling mistakes! (Will take closer care next time) thanks x

  35. Congratulations Jack!! Got “Book One” on the day it came out and it’s fantastic (as we knew it would be), and already well used. Can’t wait for “Book Two”!!! x

  36. Delighted for you, I borrowed book 1 from my local library and I loved it so much I bought my own copy, I was always thought making bread would be hard work but not with your recipies and I haven’t bought packet/carton soup since!

    Much love to your little family. You deserve all your success and book 2 is definetly on my Christmas list!

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