imageHello! So excitingly, my first video for Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube went online last night, a rhubarb and ginger soda bread recipe. I was supposed to be making an ordinary soda bread, but on the morning of the shoot I came downstairs to find my dearest had left some sad-looking rhubarb in the sink with instructions to ‘use this today’… So I snuck it into my soda bread with a little bit of fresh ginger, and it was DELICIOUS.


I’m really excited to be working with FoodTube – this is my first video, and those of you who have seen my home-shot videos (amateur nerd cooking) might notice a bit of a difference with this one!


Anyway, that’s enough from me, here’s the link: Jack Monroe’s Rhubarb and Ginger Soda Bread

…and I hope you like it! I’ll post the recipe on here in a bit…


Jack x

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  1. Hurry up with the recipe please Jack. I have some sad-looking rhubarb also and a stepdaughter to move into her new house tomorrow. Sounds like it would make a great snack for everyone! Take care x

  2. Um…great video, but didn’t list all the ingredients, did it? Can you post the recipe here?

  3. More please! This is exactly what food videos/TV should be, but often aren’t – plenty of explanation and advice, clear ‘showing with your hands’, and lots of personality.

  4. Dear Jack,

    I have tried to view your video and find myself on a site that seems to be information about a baseball venue in China!! I am fairly new to computers and have not got the foggiest notion how to view the video and would like to as my partner is very fond of soda bread and this sounds to be a lovely version – any ideas?

  5. Woo Hoo Kacks on the Tube, great video, I will have to try that bread as a change from scoones with afternoon tea.

  6. Jack,

    It is still pretty cold here in Colorado Springs, but the rhubarb is up! Does anyone know how to tell when it is ripe?

    Loved the “hands on”in the video! Now just have to convert the amounts to across the pond terms.

    Be well,


  7. Now that’s a coincidence and a half… I bought your lovely book as an Amazon recommendation only a few days ago. Budget recepies? That’s fine with me 🙂
    I had no idea who you are, nor what you did or do — hell I don’t even live in the UK 😀 and here we go: just watched this video on Jamie’s channel and I think you were great!
    Hope to see more!!

  8. Unreal just watched ya video looks like I’m cooking today on this very wet cold gloomy day 🙂 louise

  9. Lovely video, am gonna make that really soon. So nice to see you and hear what you sound like, you write just as you sound, really natural. 🙂

  10. Great performance, dear Jack. Please appear again. The Nation needs you! Love your enthusiasm, not least for rhubarb that works so well with mackerel. Whatever happened to gooseberries, the traditional accompaniment??

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