Month: July 2014

Nutty seedy half-n-half bread.

Regular readers will know that I used to bake a lot of bread, but for one reason or another my bread-baking has fallen by the wayside in recent months. Working away from home a lot, writing a large book, and a very busy work schedule meant it somewhat slipped a few notches down the priority list. But as I made the kids lunches in the mornings with the supermarket loaf, I started to get a niggling nag in the back of my head – I wanted to make it myself. And so, on Sunday, I rolled up my sleeves...

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Garlic jam [VG/V/DF/GF]

This started out as a curious thought in the back of my head – I know garlic softens and sweetens the longer you cook it, so could I make garlic jam? I scribbled some notes based on what little I know about jam making, dug out an old onion marmalade recipe to use as a rough guide, and promptly forgot all about it. Then last weekend, I acquired some beautiful purple garlic bulbs, and the garlic jam pondering resurfaced… I spent a pleasant Sunday evening peeling and slicing 40 cloves of garlic, and ended up with 2 jars of...

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This year, we grew ‘family radishes’ in the garden in a little patch of soil, scattering a mixture of Bright Lights and French Breakfast seeds from the garden centre for a mixture of long fuschia delights, and tiny red and purple and yellow balls of crisp, fresh goodness. I wanted to firstly grow something that would keep my attention span – roughly six weeks from seed to harvest, while I waited for the tiny potatoes to grow a little – and to challenge myself with a New(ish) Food. I’ve only ever had radishes sliced thinly in a salad, which...

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Radish fattoush

A fattoush is traditionally a bread salad, made from toasted or fried pieced of pitta bread, mixed with seasonal vegetables and a sour dressing. The best fattoush I’ve ever eaten was at Palomar in Soho, where it came with generous dollops of creamy home made labneh (yoghurt cheese), which has set off an ‘I-must-learn-how-to-make-labneh’ alarm in my head… In the meantime, here’s my fattoush recipe, that one day I’ll dollop my own home made labneh all over. I’ve substituted that cheese dream for a lightly sour yoghurt dressing instead… Serves 2: 100g natural yoghurt 50ml oil – sunflower or...

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Radish tops pesto

You know me, I love a pesto as a useful receptacle for all things green – and the peppery tops of my radishes are no exception. Radish tops don’t stay fresh for very long, so once separated from the little pink or purple radishes, bag them up or wrap them in slightly damp paper, store in the fridge, and eat within a day or two. The taste is something like nettles, but milder, and can be tossed into salads or wilted into curries. The larger leaves can be rough and stingy to touch, so not recommended for salads, but can be made into great pesto instead… Fistful of radish leaves 50g cashew nuts or pine nuts 2 fat cloves of garlic 50ml oil – sunflower or groundnut work well 50g hard strong cheese Zest and juice of half a lemon Finely chop the garlic and leaves, and grate the cheese. Add to a blender with the oil, lemon juice and nuts, and pulse until combined. Loosen with a little extra oil, or water, if needed. Store in a clean jar in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Radish tops pesto recipe from . Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe. Facebook:...

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