I’m often asked how I cost my recipes – so thought that it would make sense to list the products I buy in one place, as a handy storecupboard or shopping guide. Obviously this os tailored to my household, our budget, what we buy and use – we are two adults and two children after all! But I hope it helps as a rough idea as to where those 6p carrots and individual cloves of garlic come from… I also thought it would help to track prices – as when I started writing this blog, stock cubes were 10p for 10, and this morning as I type this, they are 25p for 10 – so the prices on my recipes date quickly, but are correct at the time of going to print.
All prices are Sainsburys own brand or Basic range where available, unless otherwise stated, and this list will be updated with every new budget, costed recipe I add. I’ll go back through the archives and compile it from older recipes too, and update their prices where necessary, but that is weeks of work – over 200 recipes to edit and recalculate – so bear with me!
Here’s what I buy and in what quantities, to try to get the most out of my shopping:
Fruit and vegetables:
Onions, 1.5kg bag (average 15 onions):
95p (Nov 14)
Garlic, 2 bulbs (average 10 cloves per bulb):
35p (Nov 14)
Carrots, 1.5kg bag (average 20 assorted sized carrots):
85p (Nov 14)
Kale, 200g:
£1 (Nov 14)
Frozen spinach, 1kg:
£1.50 (Nov 14)
Basics sultanas, 500g:
85p (Nov 14)
Dairy and eggs:
Basics mozzarella, 125g:
50p (Nov 14)
Basics cream cheese, 300g:
75p (Nov 14)
Basics hard strong cheese, 200g:
£2.50 (Nov 14)
Free range eggs, 6:
£1 (Nov 14)
Basics salted butter, 250g:
98p (Nov 14)
Basics lard, 250g:
45p (Nov 14)
Tinned goods:
Baked beans in sauce, 420g:
30p (Nov 14)
Tinned tomatoes, 400g:
40p (Nov 14)
Tomato purée, 200g:
50p (Nov 14)
Pasta, rice and flour etc:
Whole meal flour, 1.5kg:
£1.10 (Nov 14)
Spaghetti, 500g:
35p (Nov 14)
Allinsons dried active yeast, 125g:
65p (Nov 14)
Self raising flour (Basics range), 1.5kg:
55p (Nov 14)
Plain flour (Basics range), 1.5kg:
55p (Nov 14)
Herbs and spices:
Mixed dried herbs, 13g:
40p (Nov 14)
Chicken stock cubes, 10:
25p (Nov 14)
Ground cinnamon (Fairtrade), 45g:
£1 (Nov 14)
Kitchen store cupboard:
Vegetable oil, 3l:
£4 (Nov 14)
Fairtrade white granulated sugar, 1kg:
90p (Nov 14)
Basics table salt, 750g:
25p (Nov 14)
Sunflower seeds, 100g:
85p (Nov 14)
I’ll update this as I publish new, costed recipes on my blog, but thought that for now it would help to build a storecupboard and explain the process I go through to cost my recipes. For up to date prices on the places you shop, see www.mysupermarket.co.uk
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