Britain Isn’t Eating.


A few weeks ago, I was asked to collaborate on a film project with the Guardian, Royal Court theatre, playwright Laura Wade (who wrote ‘Posh’, recently released as the film ‘The Riot Club’, about the notorious Bullingdon Club) and director Carrie Cracknell, on a microplay film project based around current affairs. I was asked to be part of the food film, and this is what we did:

“A politician learns an uncomfortable truth about food-bank Britain. Katherine Parkinson stars in a microplay written by Laura Wade and directed by Carrie Cracknell, after conversations with social affairs writer Amelia Gentleman and food blogger Jack Monroe. Britain Isn’t Eating is the first in a series of plays made in collaboration between Guardian journalists and Royal Court theatre-makers.” – The Guardian, 17 Nov 2014.

To watch the video, click here:

And, for the record and the harpers and the snipers, no, I wasn’t paid for this. I did it because I thought it was really bloody important. And it makes me kind of sad, how many times I’ve had to say that today.

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