Dear boring pitiable trolls, stop telling me to ‘get a job’.

Over the last few days I’ve been inundated with tweets, comments and emails from anonymous accounts, all with the same thinly veiled message. Here’s a couple of the charmers…



Bizarre that this should all start up again, I thought, especially on Twitter, where my profile clearly states:


…So if someone has gone to the trouble of looking me up on Twitter (or Instagram or any other social media) to send targeted, deliberate and frankly unimaginative abuse, how could they fail to notice that I HAVE A JOB.

So, once and for all I thought I’d scribble a brief but handy rebuttal to the anonymous abusers, to save me the bother of replying repeatedly to their piteous attempt at venom and spite:

I have a job. I have a few, actually, which I a bonus, because for a long time I didn’t have one at all, and that was fairly crummy. Curious?

I’m an AUTHOR – two books out there in the big wide world already for purchase, and two more in my head and in the creating stages. To shed a little light on the matter, books don’t write themselves, and neither do recipes. Recipes need to be dreamed up or researched, then cooked and tested a few times, rewritten, and put into a pile. That pile is eventually shuffled into chapters, any chapters that are a bit light on material need more recipes put in, so more dreaming, researching, writing, cooking, testing, cooking, testing, rewriting. The chapters need introductions, then indexing, and a few more words put in to bind the whole thing together. Then, the recipes get cooked again to be photographed, usually over a week or two or three, and then it all gets put together into a book. That book gets sent to me as a first draft, I read it studiously for a week, looking for errors or anything I want to change, and send it back with any amendments. This happens a few times until everyone is happy with it, and then it goes to print. Between printing and publication I’ll spend hours on radio stations, being interviewed by the press, on television sofas, about The Book. Sounds like a full time job? It is.

But on top of that, I’m also a JOURNALIST and COLUMNIST. So while that’s all going on, that book writing recipe testing proof reading thing, I’m also churning out a weekly recipe for the Guardian, and writing about politics.

And then there’s the freelance journalism, political and comment pieces for the Huffington Post, Guardian, Independent, Daily Mirror to name a few, as well as cooking for the Guardian, BBC Good Food, Waitrose Kitchen and Sainsburys.

And THEN there’s the charity stuff, work with Oxfam, Child Poverty Action Group, the Trussell Trust, various speeches at housing associations and social enterprises over the last few years…

And on top of all of that, I occasionally work in a real live restaurant kitchen, at Blackfoot in Exmouth Market, cooking in a set of chefs whites with my own knives and having a (hard working) lot of fun.

There’s stuff I’ve missed – this week I’m filming for a campaign, have a few meetings with similar things, some radio pre-records, interviews, et cetera. I also do some consultancy work and recipe development for big high street names that I have to keep to myself, that sometimes munch two full days out of a weeks schedule.

At the moment, I’m trying to do all that with a broken foot and a sprained shoulder(!!) I often work before the kids wake up, and most nights after they’ve gone to bed.

So to the idiot who says I’m a poor role model to my kids, they see me get up in the morning and sharpen my knives and pack my bag. They see me writing at the table. They can identify my books in the supermarket or book shop. They ask most days what I’ve done at work. They know I work. They know I have a job. They know what I do. And now, trolls and strangers that feel compelled to abuse people they don’t know from the safety of anonymous internet accounts, so do you.

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  1. Keep it up, Jack. For someone who was literally ‘on the breadline’ you have done amazingly well, all off your own back. You truly are an inspiration!

  2. Ignore them! They thrive on attention. The only way to deal with trolls is to tune them out completely, no matter how offensive they are. For every one troll looking to get a rise out of you, there’s a thousand fans, pleased that you’ve spoken out about the realities of having no money and that you’ve managed to achieve such success. πŸ™‚

  3. You shouldn’t have to justify yourself to these rancid trolls. But good on you, sounds like you work really hard. You also have the hardest and most underpaid job in the world- it’s called being a parent.

  4. Im sorry,jack,there will always be some types who love to be hateful,not your fault,just ignore them.most of us love what you do xxx

  5. You don’t need to justify yourself. I bet you have achieved more than those ignorant trolls and they are jealous.

  6. Ignore them, when you challenge the status quo, and challenge people to face up to inequalities it will always be easier for them to hate than to weigh, consider and perchance change their minds. You have brought a huge issue to many peoples attention, and to many you are an inspiration, ignore the haters, there could be fewer better role models.

  7. you go girl, they arent worth a toss, i am 62 now and was brought up knowing how to cook cheap healthy food its great to see a younger person getting ideas out and encouraging others. keep up the good work

  8. Some people are just idiots you are right they are just boring and clearly they cannot read . You have very real jobs and I have to say I admire you for being successful . Just keep on with what you do. Get well soon.

  9. Hi Jack, All I can say is you are all that is Good in this country. You have shown that there are fighters(obviously not literally) that refuse to give their children rubbish food when money is short. You have shown that there is a way to provide a healthy meal for next to nothing. These people who have nothing better to do with their sad lives than to troll social network sites and disparage decent hardworking folks do not deserve even a second of your time in reply. You do not need to justify yourself to them or anyone else. With respect and kind regards.

  10. Oh they can take a hike Jack although I can imagine it’s very frustrating. You just keep on keeping on, you’re doing a grand job. Hope the sprains etc repair quickly.
    Trolls – get back under the bridge!

  11. stuff them jack!! Your doing brilliantly and don’t owe anyone an explanation. Your a fab role model for both children and adults and should be proud of what you have accomplished.

    You go girl πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Well said – its amazing how many jealous people can find ways of trying to put you down and can find time to read someones blog/twitter/instagram etc and write negative remarks – they are probably the ones with ‘no’ job. I’m jealous of you too … wish it was me who could find the time to do all those things and raise children in the process – you do it with such generosity of sharing it with the rest of us … you’re an inspiration. Don’t forget that and don’t rise to wasting any of your precious time justifying who you are and what you do x I’ve just ordered one of your books and can’t wait for it to arrrive.

  13. Anyone, even a two bit blogger like me, has negativity spewed in my direction. I picked myself up, rebuilt my life and still I get derision. You are a real role model, we look up to you and totally respect all you have done. I wish you love, joy and happiness to you and your family xxx

  14. Jack dont take any notice of those scummy trolls, thats all they are, they are probably jealous of the way you have built your life up from nothing to something, they really piss me off why dont they say what they feel to your face not anonymously, just shows that they are pitiful creatues, you carry on girl you are doing okay lots of love Debs xxx

  15. Some people really can’t stand seeing others happy can they? I’m so inspired by you and I walk round the supermarket chanting (usually in my head hehe) “what would Jack do?”

    You’re too busy living your life and working so hard on all of your projects to pay attention to those horrible 1% I’m sure.

  16. God bless you Jack. You have been a great blessing to me and my little girl.Damn those useless trolls, they only lie. Maybe they can’t cook either or are considerably illiterate. Your talents are marvelous. Keep going you are an inspiration to many! Yay, go Jack, I salute you πŸ˜‰

  17. Why oh why after all this time, do you have to explain yourself to these morons! You just carry on with what you are doing – which is fantastic. Would be interesting to know what these trolls do, if anything for society.

  18. You’re a wonderful role model to your kids. Both of you are. Honestly, I don’t think these trolls are worth a single second of consideration. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that they’re talking trash. I hope you recover from your injuries quickly.

  19. From what I can see you are a fantastic role model , not just for your children at that! I’ve read your blog for a long time now and think you have done a wonderful job with all you do.
    People say things like that tripe because they are jealous or insecure. You can certainly hold your head high and be proud of your ongoing achievements xx

  20. What a shame you felt you had to comment on the uninformed and cowardly anonymous trolls, although I can understand why you would want to. You are (and have been for a long time) an inspiration and I would be very proud of you if I was your mother. I am certainly not the only one that thinks that as other comments will show.

  21. Jack,
    Thanks for showing us the dark side of your life, wherever it occurs! And good on you for knowing what you do and holding it up!
    As to the trolls…remember without the bridge to hide under, your fear is obvious!

  22. Well said Jack. Ignore the haters, jealous people and people who generally don’t appear to have anything better to do than to criticise others.

  23. Wow. I can’t believe the cheek of some people! I think you are a fantastic role model. You hit rock bottom and instead of moaning about it you thought of what you could do to get out of the situation and you worked bloody hard at it. You deserve every bit of luck you have had. I don’t know how you fit it all in.

  24. Jealousy is a terrible thing jack, you are where you are through sheer determination and hard work. Your blogging of your journey has also helped countless others. Neither are you sitting in front of your 50 inch telly, smoking 20 fags, watching Jeremy Kyle and thinking the world owes you a living. Now that’s a poor role model :). Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inapiration xx

  25. Dear Jack,

    I am one of your biggest fans, so know this comes from a place of absolute love (admiration / inappropriate crush, etc…) Like it or not, one of your jobs is now to be a celebrity. I hate that word, and my guess is you do a bit too, but nevertheless, you are. And you are doing great things with your fame, working for great causes, putting the world to rights, but that is also one of your jobs. You’re famous, and that means, you’re not really a stranger to anyone. Yeah – they don’t actually know you (but nor do I, and I love you!), but the point is they don’t need to – there exists a public you. They aren’t actually attacking you – they are attacking what you stand for (decent, progressive, democratic values). So – yes, I understand why this post has to be written, but I really hope you don’t actually feel bothered by the trolls. And remember – DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

  26. Please take no notice of those brainless idiots. They know no better! Thank you for all your WORK for those less fortunate, and your lovely recipes. And you are a good role model too.

  27. Idiots. They are jealous Jack, I know it’s easy for me to say as I do not have to live with reading such crap, but do not give them any of your precious time or thoughts. You have inspired and reached so many. Not just people who are living in poverty but also those who are lucky enough not to. You have made people think. You and your lovely partner and are an inspiration and those of us who are living in the same situation raised our glasses when it became publicised. Good on you girl, you have rocked the world and never forget that. Give the old sit and swivel one finger salute to those who do not like it!

  28. Some people really can’t stand seeing others happy can they? I’m so inspired by you and I walk round the supermarket chanting ( usually in my head hehe) “what would Jack do?”. I am sure that you have very little time and energy to spend on this horrible 1% of people what with all of your projects. I for one cannot wait for your next books.

  29. Why validate them? Also, bully for you! If not for your very lucky break, you’d not have had all those other opportunities, opportunities a lot of other people would be over the moon to have and wouldn’t feel the need to crow about. There’s far less gloaty ways to bring a troll down (like ignoring them) that don’t require you to tell everybody just how damn lucky you are and just how many jobs you now have in a world where some people have been looking for years without success. I know it certainly doesn’t sound like it, but I don’t mean to take away from your lucky success, especially after the hardships you’ve experienced but there’s no need to ram it down the throats of people who haven’t been quite so lucky, is there? Also, my name’s Paul Swan, and I live in Glasgow, I don’t want you thinking I’m being all anonymous and hding behind my keyboard. Enjoy your success, Jack and embrace all the opportunities it brings to you to better yourself and make life easier for the people around you but don’t use it as an answer to people who are just trolling you for a rise because they aren’t the only people who can read.

  30. Jack…Do Not Feed The Trolls. There’s a lot of people out there that think you’re fantastic and believe in you, including me. Don’t let these minor attention seeking idiots spoil your day, mate. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!

  31. They’re either stupid or jealous. Me, I’m jealous. Would love to exit this long term unemployment (10 years for me) and have a rocking new life. But you don’t deserve to be attacked. You’ve done nothing wrong and youve done a whole lot right. You are doing so much to help others. Keep it up. Ignore the idiots. Also hope you heal up quickly!

  32. Try to ignore them. They obviously don’t have enough going on in their lives. You are an inspiration.

  33. You missed out ‘parent’ in your list of jobs. Personally, I reckon caring for two small children (even if the job’s shared) takes a huge amount of time/skill/commitment, and it’s importance is hugely underrated and undervalued.

  34. No doubt in my mind how hard you work, Jack. For the ‘normal’ person, you truly are an inspiration and a role model fur anyone who says they ‘have’ to rely on benefits and can’t find a job. I’ve followed your career path and I truly admire you, your work ethic and the example you have set to your children and anyone else, especially the very nasty Edwina Currie – you go girl, you are doing everything right.

  35. Jack I love you and have followed you for a while, because of you Company I work for have donated to the local food bank, enjoy your life and stop defending yourself as there is no need. God bless

  36. These trolls are idiots – please dont waste any more of your time justifying yourself to them. They are scum and they obviously cant read anyway. Keep up all of your brilliant work you are an inspiration.

  37. You shouldn’t feel compelled to write a response to these people – they are bears of very little brain – and you are a good role model every which way. Keep up the good WORK.

  38. I don’t normally comment on blogs but today I feel compelled to say a great big well done to you. you certainly are a role model to your kids and all of us that follow your blog. Your family and friends must be so proud of you. Keep up your great work x

  39. Doesn’t it look like someone has decided to have another go at silencing a notable Leftie with a bit of influence? They couldn’t do it last time and the reason is plain to see: They don’t have an ounce of intelligence between them.

  40. And most importantly your a mum and partner! Love your books, blog and column. Stay strong and lift your head high.

  41. but they just dont get it….you show people how to eat proper food on a budget….and not to fall into bad habits however small your budget…just keep doing what you do…i am a chef and i think your an inspiration….

  42. Just ignore rolls. Don’t give them ANY attention or publicity, I suspect they love to see how they have piqued you. Anyone who has any interest in food or social justice KNOWS how much you do.

  43. Dear Jack. Your work and your recipes are inspirational. How can people NOT admire what you have achieved? Jealousy perhaps ? Ignore the trolls, they seriously are not worth bothering about, and carry on with what you do so well.

  44. Jack…you really do not need to stoop to justifying yourself to anyone, and least of all to people who are clearly not worth any attention whatsoever. Furthermore, they hide behind anonyminity so who knows what lifestyle they have and frankly who cares.
    When people write stuff like that….it’s THEIR stuff….which they cannot deal with and project on anyone else who touches a nerve. Anybody who is grossly unhappy and think its the worlds fault will always find a variety of scapegoats. Until they realise it is inside them and can only be sorted by themselves.

    So my dear, don’t sweat other people’s hang ups and baggage. It is a part of the new world you occupy and always look at your ratio of good comments compared to negative comments. The law of averages states that you will have a proportion of negative stuff….potentially 20% if you follow the 80/20 rule. You should be worried if you don’t get any shitty comments. And that is all they are…waste product… A necessary, if unpleasant fact of life.

  45. I hate that you have had to justify your life and your job to others because people think that they know best. Regardless of whether you are employed or unemployed, it is no one else’s business. I’d be tempted to say ignore it but I have read your book and know where you came from. Be proud of what you have achieved and what you have done with your life and try not to be threatened by narrow minded abuse.


  47. …..Yeah but err….you dont…er start work at 9 an’ finish at 5 do ya… it’s not a proper job…..
    (Tongue firmly in cheek!)
    Keep up the GREAT work and DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!!!!! x

  48. Oh my goodness… I hope the Twitter trolls gets their accounts suspended for that, it’s happened for less. Perhaps they see the way in which a certain TV personage has made a living by spouting hatred and bile across various forms of media including targeting you at various times. They have a lot to answer for.
    Please do know that so many of us appreciate your hard work, enjoy your books, columns, articles and appearances and do wonder how you manage to fit it all in.

  49. Hard to believe anyone could accuse you of not working, well done on being so polite- one of the downsides to being so public a person I guess. Keep up the Good Work!

  50. Don’t give them space or thoughts. Just delete them and move on. They are not worth your time. You are doing a fabulous job, inspiring people to eat, cook, better on a budget. That is important work. Be proud.

  51. I’ve thought you amazing from the first , don’t rise to the bait and respond to those idiots.xx

  52. Jack, good for you. tell them to all go take a flying f***. I wish I had had you as a role model fifty years ago when I was raising my children on three part time government jobs and food stamps. The blanking idiots that slammed me all had the ability to give me work. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  53. I think those tweets say more about the sort of moron who puts them out there. Sad really-I guess they are a tad jealous that when things were bad, you got up and did something about it.
    Perhaps best not to respond to their spiteful comments-why waste words on people whose thought process is comparable to that of an amoeba?

  54. Idiots. Why are they doing it? You have a job and do so much for others, I can only think it is your views. You’ll be a target because you speak out, your sexuality and you are a woman. They are tedious, boring non – entities but you already know this. Keep up the great work. You do a fantastic job!

  55. Lol Jack, just keep sitting on your lardy arse and let those super, hardworking mega intelligent being trolls who obviously know so much off the hook. Beautifully written repost dear.
    Don’t forget how many of us love your wise and witty writing and how we massively outnumber our subspecies the trolls.

  56. Well Done Jack. I am a fan and couldn’t care less about your background. My parents gave me your 120 recipes book for Yule and I will be buying your other one. Keep up the very good work missy!! x

  57. You’re an inspiration and a bloody good role model to ME, let alone mine and many other people’s children. Keep up the good work.

  58. Good for you Jack. Keep up the good work. These people are the same old unoriginal characters hiding behind screens. More power to the elbow. Take care and God bless

  59. Green eyed monster much? You shouldn’t feel you have to explain yourself to anybody, never mind cowardly troll keyboard warriors who hide behind anonymous accounts. My mother would say they are more to be pitied than laughed at. My son, a teenager thinks you are the best kind of role model, he bought me your first book. Haters be hatin Jack, keep doing what you are doing, for as long as you love doing it and sod everybody else. Hope you have been resting that injury! X

  60. There are always folks that are what we here in America call low information voters. Not worth the time to even respond to. They see the world as they want and any information they get they just twist to fit into their view of the world. Hope that your foot mends quickly and that you are on the short end of being able to put weight on your foot. Have had foot surgery….with pins. Hope the shoulder mends quickly too.

  61. I’m shocked and horrified at the malice some people have towards people they’ve never met.

    It saddens me that you feel you have to respond to it too rather than just ignoring them. You don’t deserve this Jack. You’ve faced a rock bottom many of us thankfully never will, and even though you’ve now come out the other side with a smile on your face you’re still fighting for those still there; campaigning, donating, raising etc. Don’t they see that?

    If you’re not the ideal role model – because you have been there yourself and have a firsthand understanding of the struggle – then I honestly don’t know who is?!

    Keep doing what you do Jack; you do it really well xx

  62. Don’t waste your breath, Jack. They ignoring the truth to justify, as you say, their pitiable existences. If they behaved rationally they wouldn’t be able to justify their behaviour. If they were normal, they wouldn’t be driven to do it in the first place. As I have warned many people before: there is a downside to eating crayons … and internet trolls are proof of that!

  63. Having bought your first book and loved it, I was delighted to receive your new book as a gift today. I think you are a fantastic role model for your family and a true inspiration to us working mothers too. Thanks for doing what you do and don’t let those mindless ignorant idiots get to you.

  64. Chin up. hope it all eases up soon. What is the matter with some people…..the vast majority wish you well. and admire all your activities. Talk about roll model! Keep going!

    Sent from my iPad


  65. It’s easy for me to say ‘Just ignore them, they are pitiable, ignorant people’, because you’ve been hurt by their words, not me; but please try not to read their messages. They are nothing, which is why they express themselves in this hateful way. You have made something of your life, and earned the thanks and admiration of thousands of people – something these trolls have no hope of doing. I wish you all the best in your work, and hope you soon recover from your accident.

  66. You are rising to the bait by bothering to answer tweets and criticism such as this. As long as you are prepared to answer you will continue to be trolled in this fashion.
    Why bother to respond?
    Let your work be your answer…

  67. You should feel pity for them. Most likely their anger comes from the fact they have jobs – the kind where they have to do boring, repetative tasks they dispise, during the hours they don’t want to, with people they don’t like, in a company they hate, for the benefit of shareholders they don’t know, to pay for the crap they don’t need and all for little reward. Anybody who escapes that system and makes a living doing a varied range of “jobs” they enjoy that also fit around their lifestyle should be championed and held up as an example for all to follow.

  68. Jack, I think you’re amazing! I came across your blog by accident, looking for some inspiration one Weekend, and in all honesty, you helped me to rekindle my love for food; cooking and eating! Ignore those that sprout rubbish, it’s pure jealousy. You work hard, and deserve every success you get πŸ™‚ x

  69. Ahh Jack. You’ve done so well. Such an inspiration to all the people that strive to even have a piece of what you have. Your loving family is all you need to work for. Not for these small minded people that bully. I remember you when I led the youth group. You were a good leader and you will lead others to their dreams. Plus you are showing your children what a real hardworking mother is all about. Keep it up. X

  70. Jack, I think you’re amazing! I came across your blog by accident, looking for some inspiration one Weekend, and in all honesty, you helped me to rekindle my love for food; cooking and eating! Ignore those that sprout rubbish, it’s pure jealousy. You work hard, and deserve every success you get x

  71. I have a different opinion from you on politics but I respect your opinions and admire your approach to life. Ignore the mindless critics and keep up the good work. Tony Budd

  72. Easier to say than do but I wouldn’t waste you time worrying about these arseholes.

    For evert troll there’s 100 peoplele who love you and think what you’re doing is great.


    > Jack Monroe (MsJackMonroe) posted: “Over the last few days I’ve been > inundated with tweets, comments and emails from anonymous accounts, all > with the same thinly veiled message. Here’s a couple of the charmers… > Bizarre that this should all start up again, I thought, especially on > Twitt”

  73. It must give you a giggle Jack, getting an insight into the workings and trains of thought of the amoebae. Some give the impression of being wife beaters, with the mental capacity of IDS or an Osborne or even a Curry. Or maybe they are just the type of Tory who thinks you should just be working for nothing. All the Tories I ever worked for hated paying me a wage, although I made them hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Keep up the Good Hard Work girl, something some Tories wouldn’t recognise if it woke them up every morning with a lump hammer to the face.

  74. I think you do an absolutely fabulous job as cook, author, mother, journalist and organiser and every other job you haven’t mentioned that you do. You are an inspiration to all. I am a retiree on a limited pension and am often guided by your good health, good food recipes that I can use on the restricted budget I have. Keep up the good work. Those that are maligning you are no hopers so don’t give them any oxygen at all.

  75. You are one of the best role models today, you are a full time mum, in a committed relationship and you work HARD not just for yourself but for those unable to speak for themselves too!
    The haters are cowards anonymously young away nonsense just for reaction. I’m afraid thet will always be there, but so well the millions that love what you do, so just keep doing what you do, but gently….mind that ankle! Feel better soon πŸ™‚

  76. Jack,some bigots do not want to be confused by the facts and don’t mind making fools of themselves from the safety of anonymity. Wisdom, courage and integrity aren’t the first words that come to mind when seeing their efforts.

  77. If they attack you like that, you are doing something right. Keep up the good work, Jack. Some inadequates just cannot bear to see someone succeeding by their own efforts.

  78. Hi Jack

    Absolutely love your blog, it’s so inspirational and bang on, sod those lower beings, scum bag trolls, they don’t know what they are talking about. Keep on doing what you are doing, love to read your blog, so, in the words of a scouser born and bred, DO ONE trolls, Never commented before but loved your banter with Currie, a thoroughly deserving moron taken down by ‘Our Jack’

    Cheers queen


  79. They are idiots, or whatever Britishism you use! If you make money, you have a job. Also, creative people usually don’t have 9-5 jobs. Raising kids is hard enough. A regular 9-5 job makes it even harder. You are doing the right thing. Ignore them. When are you going to print an American version of your cookbooks? We want them! Ann from across the pond.

  80. Clearly when they say ‘Get a job’ what they really mean is ‘get back in your box (working in something invisible and preferably very low paid) and keep quiet’. I admire you immensely and as for role models, I ‘d pick you over them in a heartbeat. You personify courage, persistence and creativity with something you love. If my two girls manage that I ‘ll be very happy.

  81. It’s always the same. Always there has to be a moron trying to bring someone down who’s stuck their head above the norm and tried to do something good in the world for people. Posting abuse from behind their computer/lap-top/phone that, they wouldn’t dream of saying openly face-to-face. Cowards and low life woodworm the lot of them.

  82. Your blog was linked to a thread on MyFitnessPal a few days ago. Some of the hate might be coming from a-holes from over there.

  83. You expected these trolls to read your profile to see that you had a job? That was your first mistake. Most of these people wouldn’t be able to find their own bum with both hands! Treat them with the disdain that they deserve!

  84. Keep on your chosen path. You’ve done a lot more good than some bitter troll who is jealous of your sucess.

  85. I think we need to put a lot of money into the infrastructure of our country whilst at the same time helps these poor homeless trolls… Build more bridges ! Trolls needs homes too lol .

  86. I was going to say “sticks and stones……….. But after this dreadful week, not sure it is appropriate. You are a brilliant role model, your children are blessed!

  87. Jack, I’m a fairly recent follower; I ‘discovered’ you on Pinterest, liked what I read here, found you on Twitter, and then sought you out on Facebook. I admire you; you are everything that’s right about Britain. You’re gritty, and hard-working; you have struggled against great odds, and persevered. You’ve kicked doors down, and you’ve yelled loudly, even when you felt like you didn’t have a voice. You’re an amazing role model, not only for your kids, but for adults. I speak as someone who has come off the most rotten year of my life, and I look up to you. You give me hope, in a world that often took mine away. I have followed in silence, and lurked here, but always read everything that you’ve had to say.

    So let me say this: I admire you; I look up to you; you inspire me.

  88. Don’t let them get to you Jack. You know where things are really at. I doubt that any of them have a concept of what your life is actually all about or that any of them are doing the good work that you are doing πŸ™‚

  89. Hi Jack,

    I’m sorry you have to put up with trolls, and hope you never take their words to heart. I’m probably even sorrier for the trolls themselves – what sort of misery guts would you have to be to spend time writing such negative rubbish?

    Love from Australia,


  90. Just don’t lower yourself to reply to these trolls, it’s not worth wasting energy to highlight their anonymous comments. Just keep on what you’re best at, Jack. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours! Best wishes, Kate

  91. These are sad empty people with sad small empty lives…..I spent 20 years being a full-time mum (24/7, no days off even if I was throwing up) and am proud to stand up and say so, and would never think to criticise anyone else for making different choices to mine. Ditto to all the supportive comments above and please keep writing Jack, and doing what you’re doing, you make my world brighter!

  92. I always thought what a great role model you are. Some people don’t like anyone doing well for them selves and are just jealous. I mean come on, who else could get me to cook a vegan curry made with peaches!

  93. I always thought that you were a great role model. Who else could get me to cook a vegan curry made with peaches?

  94. Hi Jack, When does your new book come pour in paperback format? Keep up the good work, absolutely love your first book!

  95. I don’t see how breeders equate their choice of having a kid with their obligation of being a productive member of society, or how the choice of doing charity equals the obligation of doing work.

    • I don’t see what you achieve by logging in and posting vicious comments on other people’s blogs.
      ‘Breeder’ is a term used offensively, please don’t do it.
      ‘Choice of having a kid’ – yes, that’s my CHOICE. How proud I am to live in a society where I can make my own choices over my reproductive system.
      ‘Obligation of being a productive member of society’ – I could show you the thousands of emails and thankyou letters I get, but instead I’ll just say that I certainly feel like I’ve produced something…two books, if we want to be pedantic, that people buy and use.
      ‘The choice of doing charity’ – again, yes I choose to spend some of my working hours giving my time for free to support and publicise causes that I believe will make the world a better and fairer place. Only an absolute asshat would try to make that into a negative thing.
      Please try to behave in a more constructive, positive manner. It’s rude to waltz over to someone’s space and graffiti it with name calling and bitterness.

  96. Jack, its because you are doing such a fantastic job and are such a great roll model to us all that makes you a prime target. ignore the trolls.
    You are doing a great job. We love you, and to quote a young lady called Ellie “Believe in the Good”

  97. Don’t feed the trolls! Stupid trolls. I just don’t understand why someone feels the need to harass someone else. I guess it’s just them. not you!

  98. Sod them! You’re an inspiration for teaching people a much needed lesson: you can eat well and on a budget, food isn’t for the elite!
    It’s hilarious this person/people have the time to create bull**** accounts and give you hassle on them – says a lot about their livelyhoods doesn’t it really!

  99. Dear Jack,

    We do not see eye to eye on the political front, but I believe that people have no right to attack others for what they choose to do with their lives.

    As a Libertarian, I believe that everyone owns their own body, their own lives, and what they decide to do with either is their own business, and nobody else’s. The only codicil placed upon that assertion is that everyone respect the freedom of everyone else to do as they wish, and not to cause harm to others.

    Sadly there are too many people across the political spectrum who want to impose their will on others, and they are all ignorant of other people’s circumstances and desires in life. They are correctly known as control freaks, and the worst of them tend to populate the higher echelons of political parties, Town Halls and the Civil Service. They believe they know better than you what to do with your life, even as they wallow in their own ignorance of it.

    So keep up the good work, Jack and “Ne illigitimi carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down”!

  100. Jack, you’re a fantastic role model and you were when you didn’t have a job too. It’s great that you have a job (well,many jobs) now but what makes you wonderful is the fact that you care about people other than yourself. You could have relaxed and enjoyed your new-found relative prosperity and security but instead you have chosen to work hard to try and better other people’s lives through your campaigning and charity work.

    I suspect that the trolls have never achieved anything good in their lives and are consumed with envy. If they have children of their own (doubtful I’d say) then they’re hardly being good role models to them by being so pointlessly vindictive.

    They’re dumb, you’re great. That’s all.

  101. I think the trolls are bored brainless nasty people. I enjoyed your rΓ©sumΓ© of how much you do though , and admire you greatly. Chin up girl, and well done for everything!

  102. Sad. But best to totally ignore them. Do not get into defence. Those who follow know you and your work. Getting into comments and defences is never ending and you feed them hard but responses and dialogues gives them more fodder. Just do not reply in any shape or form……this is not what they want. I know I have said this before and can imagine how hard it is not to respond in anger. Just like good cream, rise above it and settle on top. They will die quicker without fresh fuel.

  103. I sadly don’t really make any money from my blog, but Ive been homeless twice, and was working both those times and the first thing I got whenever I told someone I was homeless was “Why don’t you get a job” its ridiculous, I ended up having to justify myself to everyone that I met and then tell everyone why I became homeless wich instantly outed me to strangers cause If I didnt tell them why I became homless they would automatically assume its drugs. And if it was (which it wasnt) so what?? Now everythings good but people assume im not doing anything still. why cant people just be liked, you had it hard, that sucks, but now its good, thats good. Rant over….

  104. Yes, but that’s kind of not the point for these and I use the term loosely, people. Their main problem is that you might actually have a rewarding and fulfilling life. Worse than this for them, important people might actually listen to you and no one listens to them in their dull mundane little life. Zone Fox is always interesting; I like to think that this would be the kind of person Ian Duncan Smith would have become had he not spent his wretched existence pimping off the daughter of a multi-millionaire exploiter. The lonely, sad and deluded need an appropriate target for their rage, preferably an outsider and as we have now fully established in the media the otherness of the poor your championing of their struggle and your wilful refusal to be a normal heterosexual makes you an obvious choice. Keep up the good work and have fun because that winds them up more than anything.

  105. Just ignore them completely Jack, then they won’t know if you’ve even bothered to read their rubbish. I suspect these trolls are just jealous of you having umpteen jobs and a well deserved high profile, when all they’ve got is lots of thumb-twiddling time and no imagination!

  106. As someone who tried extremely hard for 4.5 years to find a job & can now only just manage to put food on the table; although I have a zero-hours contract, I can only applaud your hard work & resourcefulness. Your blog & recipes have kept me & my children adequately fed & I can only thank you for your inspiration.

  107. My dear Jack
    I wouldn’t even waste your time attempting to reply/explain to these Troggites.
    They are totally unworthy of your time and acknowledging the nonsense they scrawl serves no purpose!!
    You are an inspiration. You set the finest example of parenting to your son, you and you alone, moved you both out of poverty by sheer hard work and determination. What a great life lesson for the young one!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, your incredible recipes and allowing us an insight into the private world of Jack.
    Ignore those trolls – leave them to linger, unacknowkedged with the rest of the sewer dwellers!!
    Much love to you all

  108. some smart famous person said if you’re pissing people off, you must be doing something right. that’s paraphrasing, of course, but you get the idea πŸ™‚

  109. It’s all very well for people to say ignore them, delete them, don’t reply to them, but when you are relentlessly hounded by a troll it’s not that easy to brush it aside. My troll has been around for a couple of years, most of the time I delete straight away and move on. It’s not so much what they say that bothers me, but the amount of times they come back. Anyone who wages a war of hate against someone for no apparent reason is not of a sound mind. You have my sympathies Jack, and all I can say is try and block it out by keeping busy. The troll has the problem.

  110. Please ignore the trolls, I think you have the right wing on the ropes and they are worried by what you say because you tell the truth, something they find alien. Keep up the good work. And I agree with who said ” don’t feed the trolls”

  111. Both me and my son are so inspired with your work – he loves food, I love bloggers. It can be hard to be so open and public, but really don’t let them get to you.

  112. Well said, Jack. I’m sorry you’ve had to waste your time responding to such idiots. Thank you for all the work you do, and your personal bravery. You are indeed a brilliant example to your children, and to everyone.
    I hope your foot and shoulder improve very soon.

  113. Well all I can say is that I hold you up as a role model to my kids – both at university and my son equipped with your book A Girl Called Jack – all the time. I so admire your drive and determination. Go get ’em girl!

  114. Blessed are they that suffer derision and mocking for they shall know they are on the right track — Jack look at all the lovely comments you have had each one a gem of love and support Best Regards Kevin

  115. But even if you didn’t have a job, these halfwits wouldn’t have a point worth making. Plus you have to wonder how *they* have so much time on their hands…. Keep up the great work and get well soon.

  116. Having read some comments by these horrible trolls and seen various discussions on some well-known mum websites, I agree that you do not need to defend yourself. Having said that it must be hard not to so – go on girl! Some people hate to see others succeed as it makes them feel like the lazy pile of stinking failure that they really are. I am not an easy person to ‘win over’, but I honestly admire you. You have raised yourself literally out of the gutter, by sheer hard work and determination, and you are clearly a fabulous role model for your kids. Don’t let the haters beat you down!

  117. Haha, I love those ignorance, from people who haven’t any purpose in life, I am gone follow you on twitter, you are great! Loes

  118. You rock. You are an inspiration to so many. You’re one of the good people who make the world a better place. Don’t let them get to you! πŸ™‚

  119. Hi- i only just got reccomended your site and was told about you- excuse me, but.. fuck those commenters!! shame on them. it’s obvious you have several jobs, but even if you didn’t, there are always many reasons for that. i didn’t have a job until recently- for reasons beyond my control at the time. the guilt others give us for that is hard enough, without the realities that come with unemployment and it’s reasons. this blog and book is wonderfully helpful for me- someone who currently needs/wants to eat well off of about Β£10/15 a week! thank you so MUCH for this!

  120. Jack, i know its easy to say, but please don’t get angry, that’s what these pathetic trolls want! They truly are pitiable individuals who must lead very boring lives, hiding behind a keyboard spewing bile that they would never dare to say in real life, bitterly jealous of your success or lacking brain cells. You are a wonderful role model and your cook books are used every week in our house. Stay happy πŸ™‚

  121. Jack, If you weren’t so good at what you do – if you were boring – if you didn’t have so many followers – you wouldn’t be good troll bait. Each troll comment is actually a complement on your success. So, just tell them ‘thanks!’ – smile knowingly to yourself – and carry on. Love ya! xxx

  122. How people can say you’re not a good role model for your kids defies belief. Not alone can they see you working hard, but more importantly, you are showing a great example of caring and compassion for others less fortunate, at home and abroad, through your campaign work. Not to mention showing your love and care through putting tasty food on the table.

  123. Any individual with principles who sticks their head above the parapet becomes a target for inadequates who can’t do anything constructive themselves but think that freedom of speech they have an absolute right to try and bring everyone down to their own level (almost always while hiding behind a throwaway ID).

    I saw an excellent quote in a blog a while ago which articulates it far better than I can :
    “Your effort at insult says more about your own struggles to feel superior to a world that intimidates you than anything about me.”

    Ignore the idiots , life is too short to do more than laugh and move on .

  124. You have a job. You are a mother. Fitting all the other stuff in around that is amazing and commendable. It is our society that is lacking – lacking in community, lacking in respect for those who do the hardest job of all which is raising a child. Society makes it nigh on impossible to do this job properly if one is a single parent – lack of funds is a huge issue. I am studying your blog – the support you are providing to others who are in a position that you were once in is invaluable. Thank you for this – and thank you for a huge dose of inspiration.

  125. Don’t let them get you down Jack!

    Delighted to hear of the 2 new books, look forward to their publication πŸ™‚

  126. Hey jack I’ve seen u on TV a couple of times+recently found ur book at the library. Ignore the haters they are not worth the bother. Keep up what u r doing for those of us who are in a similar situation. Times are hard but as a mum i try+teach my daughters life skills,cooking on a budget etc. You have more to offer than any other chefs on the box so keep it up. As long as ur kids love u that’s all that matters.

  127. You’re a marvellous person and if my 3 sons were young again I’d hold you up as a role model to them. Wish you were Prime Minister.

  128. I can’t believe that people can write such crap. They’re just jealous Jack. Keep up the good work,

  129. πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€well well well I say go have a bath and chill for a bit coz you deserve it… have inspired me to start my own business working with families in need after years of humming and haring Thank you …. Diolch πŸ˜† xxx

  130. Just a word of congratulations on making it as a writer, and a word of advice – Don’t ever, ever feed the trolls. That’s all these people are – internet trolls. Don’t try to justify yourself to them, because they don’t care. They just want to make you feel badly despite your success. Keep doing what you are doing, which is making a living and a name for yourself, and don’t worry about the people who have nothing better to do than spew their vitriol at somebody they don’t even know.

  131. I haven’t ever written to you before but have followed and enjoyed your blog for a long time now, rather than feeling a huge need to write I have read and enjoyed and utilised your very good advice and recipies. I am a 44 year old, middle class, heterosexual, happily married, working mother of two and you completely inspire me. Intelligent conversation, fab recipies and sound austerity advice appeal to all irrespective of their social standing or political persuasion. The people who write these things have no redeeming features whatsoever and their sad attempt to whip up an anti Jack storm is at best pathetic, at worst repugnant. Your supporters aren’t always who you imagine but know you have plenty of them even if they don’t feel a need to hit keys with finger tips. x

  132. I love social media and all the good it has brought but one thing I’ve always never liked it is that a lot of people use it to put down people, talk bad about others and even bully. Don’t listen to them. You’re doing better than probably 99% of those who tweeted those things to you and you’re happy with what you’re doing. How you live your life is none of their business.

  133. Only just found this and am amazed by what you do and how far you have come is such a short time. I wonder how many responses these trolls have had for their views? Not 136 supportive comments that’s for sure. Well done, you are an inspiration!

  134. Stupid fools you work really hard and you have made a huge difference to so many people. I needed to make so etching with few few ingredients today so put it in google and up a jack recipe popped. Your cook books are the only ones u sit down with to meal plan with week after week and I have spent Β£1000s on cook books all the rest are gathering dust in storage but I always know where my jack books are as the likely hood is I have ever just made a meal or am going to be making a meal out of them. I love the fact their will be more jack cook books I will be one of the first to get my copy.

  135. I would rather you didn’t get a job (even though you already have one!), as I love reading your blog. There’s plenty of people that expressed their thanks already, so maybe I’ll just disappear into the crowd, but I feel that it’s important that you know how helpful your blog is. πŸ™‚

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