The man who lives in his car, and giving my range cooker up for Lent…

A few days ago I interviewed the wonderful, resourceful, innovative and very charming Nick Andrew for an upcoming feature for BBC Radio 4. For those who don’t know Nick, he’s a man who has lived in his car for the last eight years. Yes, lived in his car for eight years. And still does.

We talked Trangias and Sporks, travel kettles, disposable cutlery, and how to boil an egg in a kettle. I left the passenger seat of his green estate brimming with a head full of ideas – not least the romantic dream of gallivanting around the country in a camper van (but unlike Nick, I have a family that includes two school-age children, so I think our experiences would be markedly different on the peace and quiet front…)

Anyway, back to the real world and a small idea started to form. For a while now I’ve been pondering playing with a microwave and seeing what I can come up with, and lots of my readers have requested meals that can be cooked in a microwave, either at home or at work. This is very much a Work In Progress, so any ideas you have, recommendations, reading material, I’m open to trying anything. And I guess that gets me to Lent. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m going to give up my range cooker for Lent (apart from for work but I do still need to earn a living!!) For the next 40 days and nights, I have a microwave and two hob rings. I may dig out my tiny slow cooker, but time will tell, and I’m not even sure where in blue blazes it is these days….

Now, who’s got a good mug cake recipe?!

Jack Monroe. I’m on Twitter & Instagram @MsJackMonroe

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