Quick ‘n’ Hot Banana Pot, 18p (MICROWAVE) (VEGAN)

Hot sweet soft delicious goodness. I make no apology for this, it's atrociously delicious, especially considering it's next to no effort. This is dangerous knowledge, proceed with caution.

Hot sweet soft delicious goodness. I make no apology for this, it’s atrociously delicious, especially considering it’s next to no effort. This is dangerous knowledge, proceed with caution.

It would be remiss of me not to include this ‘not really a recipe’, as I have eaten it almost every day since the microwave project began. It came around by accident, like so many of these things do – I was trying to make banana chips in the microwave and ended up with a hot banana mush… Undeterred, I scraped it up with a spoon and sighed to myself in a small blissful moment, at my accidental mid morning dessert hot, sweet, meltingly soft banana. The next day, I sliced the banana straight into a ramekin dish – all thought of banana chips banished now, I had to have this again. By day three, I was stirring in two squares of dark chocolate. It’s quick, simple, naughty, delicious, virtuously vegan and a dessert I definitely wouldn’t mind feeding to the kids…if only I can relinquish my sudden fierce ownership of Every Banana In The House…

Serves 1:

1 banana, 13p
2 squares dark chocolate (or milk or white if you prefer), 5p

Thinly slice your banana and pile into a ramekin dish or small microwave proof bowl. It doesn’t matter if you have more banana than bowl, as it sinks down when it’s hot.

Microwave on full power for 30 seconds, leave to stand for 30, and microwave again for 30. Remove – it should be soft and hot and juicy. If it isn’t, give it a stir and ping it for another 30 seconds.

Give it a good stir to make a hot, smooth-ish puree. Pop your chocolate on top and stir gently to melt it in. Find a comfortable chair, and a teaspoon, and devour.

I calculated my costs at Sainsburys, based on my most recent shop, but bananas and chocolate are widely available from other shops at other prices. Kids Fairtrade bananas £1.05/8. Sainsburys basics dark chocolate 35p/100g (15 squares). Correct at time of blogging.

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  1. Works for me! It’s amazing how gloopy mashed banana gets… I can only imagine how great it is when it’s microwaved. I reckon you could stir peanut butter through as well as the chocolate and have a more or less Michelin star pud.

  2. I would add a teaspoon of coconut oil as well for a little good fat (and a slightly coconutty flavour!). 🙂

    • I don’t think adding coconut oil would make it better for you nutritionally – it’s a saturated fat and less bad for you than other saturated fats but not “good” fat like say flax oil or rape seed oil.

  3. I used to make something like this, but possibly more decadent…a banana, dab of butter, sprinkling of brown sugar, microwaved. Wish I had one right now! Can’t believe I never thought of chocolate. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Love your blogs Jack. You are an inspiration. Can’t do your latest recipes,though, as don’t have a microwave. I am positively stone-age! But still like reading about what you’ve cooked up.

  5. I will certainly be trying this as I love hot bananas mainly and only very green firm bananas which I very rarely find. My added flavour will be cinnamon. Thank you for the posts and if your first book is out in paperback will add to my birthday wish list lol.

  6. Mmmm – fantastic. Real comfort food. I’m unwell and this sounds perfect. I have bananas and choc chips or maybe cinnamon and honey instead.
    Another stroke of genius, thanks, Jack.
    J x

  7. I love this microwave project. I started microwaving banana when my son was weaning and found its a great way to use up over-ripe banana. I also like it when he leaves some (uncooked) banana – I put it in my porridge the next morning (2 minutes, 22 secs in the microwave). Yum!

  8. I don’t have a microwave, any thoughts on how to achieve this loveliness without one, could it be baked covered in foil? I intend to fry the thai meatballs but a bit stumped with this one!


    • I used to bake bananas with chocolate in foil but in their skins as this stops them oozing all over the place – as Jack says they get mushy! I say ‘used to’ because never again will I have to wait more than seconds for my banana chocolate goodness thanks to this gem of a recipe. Huzzah! Another stroke of genius Jack.

  9. I love this combination. I have done it before but using a dollop of Nutella in place of the chocolate.

  10. Hi Jack just tried this and it’s yummy I’ll be doing this regularly when I need a sweet fix ;-))

  11. I must try this-easy & yummy. I usually nuke bananas with brown sugar & add natural yoghurt/ cream, never though to add chocolate.

  12. Hi, must try. My version, banana & apple slices with dollop crunchy peanut butter, nuked, then guiltily consumed!

  13. Just tried this last night with a little brown sugar and a small amount of rum happened to end up in it … Husband made a face when I handed it to him – mine definitely didn’t look very appetising but it was seriously delicious and I don’t like banana. Thinking of using it on top of ice cream for the kids as an all in one hot banana split …

  14. This is delicious! I had to do it with white chocolate, as normal chocolate gives me migraines (assumed to be to do with the cocoa). Smells just like banana fritter when it is cooking! might just start having it with a bit of agave nectar for a quick sweet fix.

  15. I made this last night and just stuck it in the oven as I haven’t got a microwave. Ooooh, the torture of having to wait for it! Well worth it though 🙂

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