Live Below The Line: Barley Pancakes with Yoghurt & Peaches, 23P

 Makes 4 small pancakes

20g barley flour (pearl barley, ground in blender and sifted), 2p
40g natural yoghurt, 4p
1 egg, 14p
2 peach slices (30g), 3p
To make the barley flour, I put a few handfuls of pearl barley in my blender and pulsed it for 30 seconds, then repeated an absolutely laborious amount of times. Tipped it into a sieve over a mixing bowl and sifted the finely ground grain out, and jarred it up as flour. I was left with lots of tiny broken bits, and have put them in a separate jar to do ‘something’ with in the week – not sure what yet…
Combine 2 rounded tbsp of flour with the egg and half of the yoghurt to form your batter.
Heat a non-stick pan (I brushed mine with a little oil to protect it) and dollop the mixture on a tablespoon at a time. Cook for 2 minutes each side, then remove and serve with remaining yoghurt and diced peach.
This was a complete experiment for me and I must admit to being very nervous as I dolloped barley flour (a new concept for me) into a mixing bowl, with yoghurt in place of milk, eyeing it suspiciously and praying it would make something that resembled a pancake. Cheering with joy as I dolloped it into the frying pan and it did a pancakey thing. Thank goodness. I’ve a feeling I might be eating a lot of these this week… They’re this years bannocks! 🙂
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