Live Below The Line Day 4 Lunch: Roasted onion and carrot soup (11p) and half a banana (3p)

Last night I made bread for the family – none for me, but I’m hoping there will be some left by Saturday morning – and while the oven was on I decided to fling half an onion and one of my carrots into the bottom of it, sliced and sitting in a roasting tin with a little oil. Oh, I’m so glad I did, because it tastes practically of luxury today, blitzed with a chicken stock cube and demolished in under a minute flat. I often cook things around other things in the oven, I call it ‘Cauldron Theory’, as in medieval times you would pack as many foods into your cauldron as possible to all cook together, saving you having to keep the damn thing going all the time. I have given the instructions below as pan-cooked, instead of roasted, but if you do have the oven on then feel free to fling them in for half an hour with a splash of oil for a sweet, succulent flavour.
Served 1 (barely) at 11p

1 carrot

Half an onion – I would have used a whole one but I have started rationing my ingredients

1 chicken stock cube dissolved in 400ml boiling water
First slice your carrot, skin and top and all, and peel and slice your onion. Toss into a pan with a small amount of oil and bring to a high heat. Cook for a few minutes until the edges start to caramelise, disturbing with a spoon to stop them from burning and sticking. When the edges start to crisp slightly, turn the heat down medium-low and add the stock. Cook for around 20 minutes to soften the veg, then blend and enjoy.

I’m doing the Live Below The Line challenge this year to raise money for Street Child United. You can read more about it, and sponsor me, at 

Jack Monroe. I’m on Twitter & Instagram @MsJackMonroe

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