Live Below The Line Day 6: Breakfast Banana Barley Pancakes with peaches and yoghurt, 24p

This morning saw the use-up of some of my last ingredients from Monday’s £5 ‘below the line’ shop – including the largest of all the bananas at a whopping 11p (the other two were 6p and 7p respectively) – I’d been saving this one until the bitter end as in previous years I’ve used all the good stuff first and trudged over the line at the end of the week – who remembers the 80p sausages and 15p stuffing from 2013?! 

And somehow I managed to make a tin of peaches eke out over six days, willpower previously unknown as I’ve been known to eat the entire thing in one sitting before – and feel a bit sick and sugar-high afterwards…

So this morning, day 6 of a 5 day challenge (go figure), I had this:

Served 1, and satisfyingly:

1 banana, 11p

20g barley flour (ground up pearl barley), 2p

30g natural yoghurt, 3p

Plus 40g tinned peaches, 4p and 40g natural yoghurt, 4p, to serve 

First heat a little oil in a frying pan – keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too hot while you do the next bit. If it starts smoking remove it from the heat and let it cool.

Mash the banana and yoghurt together in a bowl, I find the side of a teaspoon much more effective than a fork for this job but each to their own, cheap teaspoons are wafer-thin so go through bananas like a knife through butter. Mix to a rough paste, and stir in the flour – any flour will do if you haven’t ground up a load of pearl barley like I did.

Dollop into the pan, spreading with the back of your spoon into a round shape. Cook for a minute or two until you can carefully turn them over, then cook for a minute or two on the other side. Remove onto a plate (I put a piece of kitchen roll or a clean tea towel down to absorb excess oil) and repeat until all the batter is used up. 

Serve with peaches and yoghurt (or topping of your choice), and enjoy. And if you think it looks good, well, you’re in very good company… 🙂

Jack Monroe. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MsJackMonroe

I’ve been taking the Live Below The Line challenge to raise money for Street Child United. You can find out about their great work (and sponsor me!) by heading to 

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