Shopping list – based on Sainsburys, prices correct at time of publication. Other major supermarkets have similar products available at comparable prices.

TOTAL: £35.42 or £8.86 per person

Meat/Dairy/Protein: £13.80

1kg boneless pork shoulder joint, £3
670g cooking bacon, £1.15
500g frozen white fish, £1.70
1 tin of sardines, 40p
6 mixed weight free range eggs, £1
400g dried skimmed milk powder (makes 8 pints of milk), £1.05
3 tins Basics baked beans, 75p
3 tins Basics kidney beans, 90p
500g Basics low fat natural yoghurt, 50p
Salmon paste 45p
625g Basics cheddar, £2.90
Fruit and Veg: £12.30

 Basics apples, 80p for 5
Basics pears, 80p for 4
500g Basics sultanas, 85p
1kg loose Basics Fairtrade bananas, 68p (approx 8 small to medium, choose carefully!)
1.5kg Basics carrots, 75p
1kg frozen peas and 1kg frozen spinach, £2.50
1.5kg Basics onions, 90p
4 x 400g cartons of Basics chopped tomatoes, £1.40
2 bulbs Basics garlic, 35p
400g Basics mushrooms, 97p
400g frozen berry mix, £1.50
Carbs; £2.35

1kg Basics rice, 45p
2 x 500g Basics pasta, 70p
1kg porridge oats, £1.20
4 tins of Basics potatoes, 80p or 1kg Basics salad potatoes, 70p
Storecupboard – £6.97 – please check what you have before you go shopping! This initial outlay assumes there is absolutely nothing in the cupboard. With this week’s menu you will have some quantities of most of these items left, meaning subsequent shops will be much cheaper.
Basics peanut butter, 62p
Bicarbonate of soda, 85p
Basics dark chocolate, 35p
Basics chicken stock cubes, 30p
Basics mixed dried herbs, 40p
1kg fairtrade sugar, 80p
Bottled lemon juice, 50p
Basics strawberry jam, 30p
1.5kg Basics self raising flour, 45p
Dried chilli flakes, £1
Ground cumin, £1
40 basics teabags, 40p
To find out what to do with it all, follow the links! (I put it all up separately to make it easier to read rather than one looooong stream of text and lots of pictures that take forever to load…)
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Jack Monroe. November 2015.