2 ingredient coconut hot chocolate, 9p

The idea for this came after midnight on a very cold November evening. In my current home, I sleep on a sofa bed in a bay beneath a set of single-glazed louvre windows – you know, the kind with the slats that overlap but don’t quite meet. Which means when the temperature drops, my goodness I know about it. I’m not complaining, though, as I love my small, beautiful, idiosyncratic home; it just means that one of the last things I do of an evening is curl into bed with the hottest drink imaginable and burrow under my duvet. And so, with no milk in the house of any kind, but half a block of coconut cream in the cupboard, this was born. I made a big batch, seeing the weather was only going to get colder, it’s good to be prepared for this sort of thing.

Makes around 8-10 portions: at 9p each
100g dark chocolate
, 35p (Sainsburys Basics)

100g coconut cream
, 45p (Sainsburys, 200g/90p)

First take the smallest saucepan you have, and fill with barely two inches of water. Pop a mixing bowl over the top, and bring it to the boil.

Break up your chocolate and add to the bowl, and reduce the heat to medium. Stir as the chocolate melts. If it starts to split (usually because water has touched the bottom of the bowl and scorched your poor choccy), simply add a splash of water and mix vigorously to bring it back together.

When the chocolate has all melted, add your coconut cream, and around 150ml water. 100g of coconut cream is around half a standard carton, but if you like your chcolate sweet and creamy, add the lot. Give it a good stir to combine.

And then, portion into an ice cube tray for anytime-ready hot chocolate. To use, simply pop one out and melt on a low-medium heat for a minute in the microwave. Add a splash of boiling water and stir well to loosen to a thick paste, repeat, and then top your mug up. For big mugs you may want to use two cubes, and if you really fancy a treat, top up with warm milk of your choice, but then it’s a 3-ingredient hot chocolate. But I’ll forgive you. 
I’m on Twitter and Instagram @MxJackMonroe, and there’s a couple of cookbooks kicking around too (those that can afford to buy a book, means I have a little income, which means I can keep this blog free for those that can’t afford to buy a book – and that’s kind of what I’m about…) http://www.hive.co.uk/book/a-girl-called-jack-100-delicious-budget-recipes/18105011/ 


  1. Intrigued! Will try that. Awake bright and early to finally travel home to Inverness; only a few days there but it’s a start!

  2. Oh, Hon!!! There is no making this without marshmallows!!! We may be in a different country, (Canada here), but you HAVE to have tried it at least ONCE! Haven’t you? No matter. I will be out for groceries tomorrow and will search high and low for the ingredients!

    Ahem… I ALREADY HAVE the marshmallows!

  3. Do a bit of quick DIY double glazing with some plastic sheets, Jack. Just pin them inside the window frame. Believe me, it’s worth it. In the depths of winter, those horrible louvred windows will make the room f-r-e-e-z-I-n-g. I put up with them for ages but the final straw was going up to my bedroom one snowy day and finding a sizeable snowdrift at the foot of the bed. 🙂

  4. Love that this can be frozen and had as an occasional treat! Will get the ingredients on my next shop and make some for my kids (and probably my husband who is a very big fan of a certain branded coconut chocolate bar!). Love these simple recipes you keep sharing, thanks x

  5. Hi there,
    This sounds delish, must tell the coconut fans I know, but thought I’d tell you that the link to the book didn’t work, came up as ‘bad request’. Ps agree with above. There’s a proprietary brand of sort of cling film specially designed as winter secondary glazing.. Shall look it up…

  6. About those windows – google ‘secondary glazing film’ you can get 4-6 square metres for £5-7 from B&Q or similar shops. There’s a brand called Stormguard. Comes with clear film, and tape, and you use a hairdryer on it to make it even. Got the tip off a ginger Rasta christened Jupiter who used to live downstairs from me in a very draughty house. His room was always reasonably warm in winter compared to everyone else’s.

  7. Great idea – like you improvising is the way I operate most of the time – creativity allows not only survival (as a single mum), but inspires the taste buds! Linda Mills

  8. Made this up last night and had it as a choccy breakfast on a very cold morning. I don’t usually like chocolate drinks, but this was cheap to make so what the hey. I love it.

  9. I’ve spent some time living like that, and it really reduces one’s resistance to nasties. Given what you’ve said about your health I hope it won’t be out of turn to suggest a flu jab! GPs are happy to give them free to anyone with chronic health issues. I don’t do it cos of allergy issues, but have seen the difference flu jabs have made to family members’ winters.

  10. Bless yer socks Jack your book and this blog has given me a new way of thinking about food and a new enthusiasm for un-animal based cooking!
    Cheers me Dears

  11. Well, that’s a bit sad…I thought I’d add my support (and benefit myself!) by purchasing your book from the link you provided. Firstly I got a “bad request” message, but found my way to Hive. I then searched (and found) your book, was delighted to see an electronic version, opted to pay by PayPal and was advised that they don’t “ship” outside the UK. 🙁

  12. So, I didn’t have any chocolate but I had cocoa powder and the end of a jar of honey and some creamed coconut – if you use a dessert spoon of cocoa, the same of honey and about the size of a thumb of creamed coconut it makes a surprisingly delicious and creamy cupful when you microwave it and add some water. Amazing. x

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