Month: December 2015

Beetroot Chocolate Loaf Cake (V)

This Christmas period I have so far cooked four enormous meals in four different houses as four Christmas presents for friends and family – in mutual opinion and after the shitty bank fraud episode that still isn’t quite sorted, it’s the best Christmas present I can offer – swooping in to someone else’s kitchen and taking the stress out of catering for large groups of people, repurposing the leftovers into a pile of ready meals for the freezer, before packing my suitcase and moving on to the next one. It’s been a marvellous way to spend the week –...

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Christmas present shopping for £23

  Yesterday I decided to start my Christmas shopping, possibly a record headstart for me, as I am usually the one swearing and haring around the high street on the 23rd and 24th, cursing myself for not starting it sooner. This year, I promised myself I would be organised. And as ever, thank goodness for Oxfam and Wilkinson, and the ability to do most of my Christmas shopping with a few fivers and a handful of change. Old habits die hard, I guess.  First was Oxfam, and the princely sum of £10.65 for an astronomy book for my Small...

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Perfect chocolate chip cookies, 3p

   Last night I found myself with an urge for chocolate chip cookies. I was a bit miserable, the gas meter was running out (and even more so by the time I type this…), my tiny flat was cold and I was generally feeling a little bit grouchy and blue. Usual distractions don’t apply – I don’t own a television and nor do I have broadband to distract myself from the occasional bout of gloom (I run this blog from the internet on my mobile phone!) These are choices I have made for myself, because I am still fearful...

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