If you didn’t get a Kickstarter copy of Cooking On A Bootstrap…

I am very very very proud to announce that Bluebird (part of Macmillan) will be republishing Cooking On A Bootstrap in late 2017, so if you didn’t grab a copy in the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to get it from any good bookshop(!!!)

To my 4,377 backers, I was sitting in the British Library sobbing fat tears on a Rare Books And Manuscripts Desk (from which I hastily moved my 500-year-old cookery tomes before I dissolve them in snot) as I typed this a few days ago. Please know that this would not have happened without you, and what great things your support has done, and how thankful I am for you all getting me back on my feet.

– Backers will receive one of my kickstarter copies, which will be limited editions, a few months before general release.

– 1 in 4 of these, thanks to you, are headed for libraries, schools, refuges and people on pensions, benefits and low incomes.


With thanks to Carole at Bluebird, Charlie and Rosamund for gentle introductions, Rosemary for letting me fly with my batshit ideas, Adrian for everything that’s got me to here, and everyone I sent my proposal to who told me to dust myself off and go for it.

(With no thanks to the publisher who pulled my original book deal after I came out: I guess like I said, I don’t cook with my chromosomes. Or my bra. I cook with my boots on and my motherfucking heart.)



PS here’s the official press release:

“Pan Macmillan has bought world rights for food writer and campaigner Jack Monroe’s third book Cooking on a Bootstrap.

The book comprises 100 “affordable” recipes and is the sequel to the first cookbook A Girl Called Jack (Michael Joseph). It will include chapters on breads and breakfasts, super soups, beans, pulses and lentils, as well as new additions such as “eat your greens” and “don’t throw that away”, encompassing tips on using leftovers.

The title was originally launched on Kickstarter in December, and met its original £8,000 funding target in just one day. Those backers will receive a limited print run of a special edition from Monroe to be released this spring.

At the time Monroe did not explain the decision to self-fund the project after being published by Michael Joseph for the first two cookbooks, but said on the Kickstarter page that “I’ve stripped it back from the gorgeous gloss that was book two, as beautiful as it was, the glass slipper didn’t quite fit my budget foot, so I’m going back to basics.” However, Monroe said it now “felt right” to take the book to a wider audience.

Bluebird publisher Carole Tonkinson acquired world rights from Rosemary Scoular at United Agents. Monroe said their Nan would be helping to copy edit the book and a group of people on benefits and large families would be helping to test the recipes.

Monroe said: “When I first launched the Kickstarter it was intended to be a tiny run; I just wanted a way to deliver Bootstrap to the people who wanted it. That initial target was met in the first 24 hours, and the more people who pledged for it, the more I was able to open it up to people who needed it.

“Backers generously subsidised copies for schools, libraries, and people on low incomes and on benefits, including students and pensioners and by the end 1 in 4 of those sold were subsidised copies. I thought that would be the end of it, and then I got the message from Bluebird.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support for this. It’s still a tiny operation; my nan is my copy editor and I have a bunch of busy people, people on benefits and single parents and large families testing my recipes for me. I’m glad to be doing this my way. Bluebird has been incredibly supportive, and it just feels right to make it available to a wider audience.”

It will be published as a trade paperback and e-book in January 2017.”


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    • Massive congratulations – I only discovered your website/book towards the end of last year so missed out on being able to join in the Kickstarter campaign. I’ll definitely buy the new book when it is released by Bluebird. And, until then, I will cook (almost daily!) from the site and ‘Girl Called Jack’. Thank you for revolutionizing my home cooking!

  1. Hi,
    I was billed and paid for my copy of the above book but haven’t received it to date.
    Await advice re same.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wonderful news! Congratulations Jack, and I look forward to both the Kickstarter copy and then seeing it in the bookshops to get copies for friends and family. Glad you have found a decent publisher now, absolutely brilliant.

  3. Congratulations! And those other publishers who pulled out? Don’t they understand that I follow your blog and cook your fantastic recipes and love your whole ethos because I’m interested in who you are not what you are, how great your recipes are, and how much money I can save AND eat healthily at the same time? Surely I’m not the only one! I care not a jot what your haircut looks like, what clothes you wear, whether you’re into men or women or both, whether your eyes are brown or blue, or you have tattoos or pink ribbons in your hair… – these are none of my business, none of my concern, and not relevant. You’re a great human: they’re a bunch of utter tits who didn’t deserve to publish your book anyway. 🙂

  4. Congratulations, sincerely.
    As for being dumped for coming out – what a bunch of shits. Is that even legal??
    It sounds like you’re sorted, but if you would like another pair of eyes looking for typos, I can spot the buggers at 100 paces, provided it’s not my own work I’m checking. Happy to help if you’d like.

  5. Dear Jack,

    you are not the damsel in distress of this story, you are the hero. You deserve this treasure for this particular adventure.

    I have a friend who is an author and I’ve heard him tell me many, many, many time how fickle and cliquish the publish world can be. Its an Ego and Id minefield and you made it through.

    Admittedly I only found your blog mid January. You are recommended reading under the category of website for my course (I’m studying Nutrition and Life Coaching) Two weeks after I found your site I was in a book shop forking over my meager savings for the books on my course when to my glee I spotted a copy of Cooking on a Bootstrap. I summarily dropped one of the cookbooks on my list and bought you book instead. I read it over a weekend so of it to myself, some of it outloud to my husband and kids, some of it blubbering in the pages to my cat.

    I’m saving to buy your new book on kickstarter – I hope I still can.

    I hope you do something for yourself to celebrate.

    Three cheers for Jack!

    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!
    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!
    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!

    Cheers me dear 😉

  6. Wonderful, wonderful news. I’m one of the ‘schools and library backers’. This means I needn’t worry that my local libraries won’t have a copy and feel miffed if the books all go to other areas, as I can buy the library a copy, just as I did with Book One.

  7. Oh Jack how fantastic! so so chuffed for you, you’ve had a tough time but survived it, Mentally your tougher than you give yourself credit for, hard to see it thought isn’t it, Have faith in yourself, We your followers do 😀 xxx

  8. Dear Jack

    I’m so thrilled you got a new publisher to back you. Fab news! I’m really looking forward to receiving my signed book!


    Go you! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Best regards


    Sent from my iPad


  9. Darn it I thought I posted but I don’t know where it went so I hope I get this right.

    Dear Jack,

    You are not the damsel of distress in this story but the hero. You deserve to win the treasure at the end of this particular adventure. I know from my friend who is an author, that the world of publishing is fickle and cliquish. You made it through the minefield of Ego and Id in the publishing world and won.

    I only found your blog mid-January. I’m studying to be nutrition and life coach and you’re on our course recommended reading list under the website category. Two weeks later I was in a bookshop buying the books for my course with my meagre savings. To my glee I spotted Cooking on a Bootstrap and summarily dropped one of the cookbooks on my course material and bought your book instead.

    I read it over a weekend. Some of it I read to myself, some of it I read out loud to my husband and kids, and some of it was read while blubbering in the pages with my cat.

    I’m saving to buy your next book on your kick-starter – which I hope I still can; it’s a long way to Christmas.

    Either way 3 cheers for Jack!

    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!
    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!
    Hip! Hip! – Hooray!

    Cheers me dear 😉

  10. This is great news, well done you! My copy of the Kickstarter edition will be passed on to either a local youth group (with the offer of me leading some cooking sessions thrown in) or used by women with convictions living in Rebuilders accommodation – see the website below for what that means to women leaving prison often with shattered lives and nowhere to live

  11. Brilliant Jack!

    I’d assumed, but hoped not, that self publishing had come about for a less than inspiring reason, and I’m glad to know that has been turned around.

    If you need the assistance of a Brit/American living in a rural area of the US in testing (I’m a good tester as I’m not a great cook) let me know.

  12. Jack, Congratulations on the well-deserved book deal!
    If you find any need for a second copy-editor, then do let me know. I’m a retired litigation solicitor with a usefully eagle eye for text but living on a shoestring myself, so this is the only way I can contribute to this splendid effort.

  13. Jack – i’ve had massive ££ problems – and I do mean massive – but I really would like a copy of this book. I now have a tiny bit of money to spare and wondered, is the kickstarter now finished? I really hope it’s still going on as I don’t want to wait until 2017!!
    You have been an amazing inspiration to me over the past few years, and i wish you and your son all the happiness in the world – you so deserve it. You openly share your life’s ups and downs, and your indomitable spirit and resiliance shine through as an inspiration to all your followers. Long may it continue.

    Susie x

  14. I`m so glad to hear this.. I missed the original Kickstarter and have been hoping you would get a publisher. Everything I`ve cooked from your recipes has been a great sucess, especially the Mushroom Rogan Josh. Congratulations!

  15. Many congratulations and as for the idiots who pulled out of your publishing deal … they clearly don’t have much of an eye for talent or a clue about public opinion. xxx

  16. that is great Jack, looking forward to getting this book, cant wait, love your recipes, can you add in the recipe for cloud bread please, i think that would be another cheap alternative to bread for those on a gluten free diet, thanks Debbie xxxx😊

  17. Cannot believe a publisher was stupid enough to pull out on you after you came out!! Blooming idiots. Their major loss. Very excited to receive my Kickstarter copy! And congrats on the new book deal. Well-deserved.

  18. Ironically, I wanted to add to the Kickstarter even more after reading the crap you’ve been dealt since coming out. As a 50 year old mother of three, two about your age, I want my kids to know I have their back-period. I want them to know that when people kick you, there are those that will support your dreams as long as you are willing to put the work into overcoming the challenges. You have embodied that spirit, and I am proud to have a tiny little piece in this book. Well done Jack.

  19. Good news Jack!

    Looking forward to the new book.

    Can we have lots more peanut butter (preferably vegan) recipes please 🙂

  20. I am so pleased for you and for those many people whose lives you will touch with goodness both in recipe form and your heartfelt care. Be gentle on you eh, TLC for self is really important:0) I’m really excited to know I have a packet of books heading to my address, one is for me but I decided the other 5 will be going to locations or individuals who will find real needs met by the books content.
    I live on a very small income but keep a tin with a slot in its lid for 20p’s found in my purse at the end of each week, sometimes there are none but when there is they go in there and over a year or two I find I have enough to give to others who may not have the skills of budgeting that I was taught by parents who were real make do and mend people, it has stood me in good stead so that i am still a saver even if that is ‘only’ a £1 a week is becomes a large sum, for me, at then end of a year.
    I loved your first book and it is certainly a book I will travel with happily as long as the pages stand up to use:0) Someone gave me your second book which is beautifully produced but hasn’t got the same resonance for me so is going to the library where i am sure it will be borrowed by many, including me from time to time:0)
    Stay well and at peace.

  21. Congratulations Jack that is brilliant news. Can’t wait for 2017 now so I can buy your new book to go with the other two xxx

  22. Re: your original publishers
    Some people passed on signing the Beatles or publishing the Harry Potter books…..there’s no accounting for fools!😄

  23. You go Jack! Can’t wait for my copy of Cooking On A Bootstrap, and unlike some of my signed cook books I know this will be signed by you personally. The only one i’m sure of is Rick Stein, and that’s because I was there when he signed it! Good luck.

  24. Wonderful news Jack! Thanks for writing this new book and, as one of the disabled people benefitting from the generosity of other backers, many thanks to them too!!!!! I’ve followed you for a long, long time now and can honestly say yours is one of the biggest hearts I know. Long may your success continue ….and stuff the publishers who are too blonkered to recognise true talent! xx

  25. I can’t believe a publisher would pull the plug because you’ve come out. Do they live under a stone? It’s 2016 FFS!!!

  26. Hi Jack! i am recovering from breast cancer and also recently lost my job i love your blog and i also managed to raise some cash to be one of your backers on your Kickstarter campaign! i am not having a good day today………until i read your totally FABULOUS news on your new book deal!! so so so so so so happy for you! i cant wait to get my signed copy of your book as i know it is a book that i will treasure and make such good use of bug hugs 🙂

  27. This is absolutely brilliant news. 🙂 As one of your Kickstarter funders I am really looking forward to receiving my copy in May, and I am even more thrilled that so many more people will be able to buy a copy for themselves just over six months later.

    Congratulations, this book is going to help SO many people, exactly as you wanted it to. xx

  28. Fantastic news! Well done Jack! You need and deserve something for yourself as well. Must be the Mum in me but I do want you and SB to be comfortable and happy; I don’t need to worry about whether you are eating properly anyway!!!!! Big Hug from the chilly North x

  29. Jack, you are a LegEnd, which is WAY better than a Legend. 😉

    You have taught me to cook. You have taught me to appreciate the small things. You have taught me to stand and fight when you feel like quiting. You have taught me to count the pennies. You have taught me to count my blessings. You have taught me that I can use tea and not wine in stews (still bowled over by that!!!) The only thing you have yet to teach me is how to plate my meal so I can take a decent shot for Instagram 😉

    You and your small boy deserve the world.

    I can’t wait to see wher you go from here

  30. That is really really good news. I know I am a backer and single mum so does that mean I will get my copy even in Australia.

  31. Oh what complete cowardy custards to dump you like that. I thought that Kickstarter was your way of keeping editorial control and doing things completely your way, which is a wonderful thing to have

    Bit like banks isn’t it, if you don’t need them, they want you

  32. Many thanks Jack, I was a week late learning of your Kickstarter project but I’m happy you will be able to publish more, so I can buy one. Granted it won’t be a limited edition but
    Well done and thanks.


  33. I tried really hard to get on the kickstarter website but for some reason my computer and the website would not play nicely together!!!!
    Then I gave up because I came to the realization that your work was so good that I knew in my heart a REALLY GOOD publisher would see merit and profit in your books and pick you up. :-).
    Now I can buy it YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I send a pm using facebook page about one week ago, cos was very sad not getting Your book Jack! And I’m so happy right now!
    I’m with You from Your beginnings, it was hard for me to get Your first 2 books, and this one should be my Christmas gift, but.. Kickstarter was not taking my card (and I have only one). I know by myself hard life in despair, no money, no perspectives. So it was for me VERY important to support You!
    Loving You and believing in You, remember!

  35. Jack,

    Tried to contact you via Twitter. I’m a professional indexer (those things at the back of books). I’ve indexed loads of cookery books (including Linda McCartney’s books). I’ll index Cooking on a Bootstrap for you in exchange for a free copy. What do you think?

  36. Hi Jack,

    I tried to contact you via Twitter. I’m a professional indexer (that thing at the back of books) and I’ve indexed lots of cookery books – including Linda McCartney’s cook books. I’ll index ‘Cooking on a Bootstrap’ for you in exchange for a free copy. What do you think?

  37. Dear Jack,

    I am so happy for you, I have followed your blog for a couple of years years and you have helped me so much to stick to good food and try new ideas through my financial ups and downs. I will now stop or I will start weeping too.
    I will definitely need a copy of your new book!

  38. Great news! I missed out on getting one through the kickstarter and have been kicking myself since. Just went onto your blog to make your carrot and chickpea soup and saw this so am very happy! Well done! X

  39. Your an inspiration to us .Jack to go through what you have and come out so positive… Keep up the good work And Well Done on your new book another to get to add to my collections

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