We need to talk about Diane Abbott. Now. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

This is not a recipe. I wrote this as a series of tweets today and readers asked for it as a blog post, so here it is. Our politics may differ, so feel free to skip straight back to the recipes if that’s what you’re here for.


Right one of us political writer people needs to do this and it looks like it’s me. Grab a seat. I wanna talk about Diane.
Diane was first elected as an MP in 1987, the year before I was born. She has been dedicated to serving the British public for longer than I have even been alive. Hold that thought. Understand it.
Diane was the first black woman to have a seat in the House of Commons. She MADE HISTORY. Her father was welder, her mother a nurse. How many working class kids do we have in politics these days? Fuck all, really.
Diane went to Cambridge University to study history. IN THE SEVENTIES. In 2017 only 15 black kids went to Cambridge. Sit down and listen.
Diane worked for the Home Office in 1976. She was so smart they put her on a course to fast-track her career. (I’m just getting started.)
Diane was Race Relations Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1978 to 1980. (Big fucking job. Bet you couldn’t do it.)
 Diane was a TV researcher and reporter from 1978 to 1985. I know a lot of those. They’re fast thinkers, avid fact hounds, brilliant minds.
Diane’s political career began in 1982, on Westminster City Council. Then in 1987, I’ll say it again, she became the first black female MP.

In 2008, her speech on civil liberties in the counterterrorism debate won Parliamentary Speech Of The Year in the Spectator awards.

That speech is here. Watch it, and then come back.  https://t.co/qNMvtilMa1

She founded the Black Child initiative, to raise educational achievements among black kids. She shared her damn platform.

 She’s been the Shadow Minister for Public health,  working tirelessly to tackle Tory cuts to children’s services, maternity care, all of it.

 In September 2011, the Telegraph called her ‘one of Labours best frontbench performers’. The same Telegraph now monsters her for clicks.

 Diane was one of 16 MPs to write to Miliband in 2015 asking him to commit to opposing further austerity measures. She did that for all of us. Diane was one of a tiny handful of MPs to defy the Labour whip and vote AGAINST Tory austerity cuts. Those cuts are KILLING people.

 Diane has consistently voted against a reduction in spending on benefits. She has consistently voted for and campaigned for higher benefits over longer periods for people unable to work due to illness/disability.

In March she raised the issue of cuts to domestic violence services, in the House of Commons: “women and children are turned away daily”.

Diane has campaigned to help unaccompanied migrant children travelling from Greece and Italy.

Diane is a skilled orator, a quick thinker, a glorious debater, a genuine public servant and a thoroughly decent woman. I mean reading through Hansard right now is a delight, some of her points and comebacks are glorious. And brilliant. And strong.

 31st Jan 2017 – demanding to know why ESOL funding was being cut while the immigration debate focused on the importance of integration…

 She has spoken on Leveson, terrorism, education, poverty, welfare, illness, disability, refugees, child sexual abuse, pro-choice abortion. Her campaigns include legal aid, civil liberties, fighting crime, sickle cell thallasemia, public transport, improving education. She has given speeches at Harvard University, for Christ’s sake. Have you? She has travelled to Kenya, China, Uganda, all over the world, representing the Government. Representing Britain. HAVE YOU?

And how, how has this brilliant, bright, dedicated, little black girl been thanked for 30 years of daily service to our country?
 Like this. This is how you repay her. She gets this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. FOR. THIRTY. YEARS.

 Now most of us cannot imagine what that level of abuse must be like as a one-off, let alone every single day. Let me help you with that.

 I’ve been in the public eye for the last 5 years. I get abuse every single day too, but I’d imagine it’s not a tenth of what Diane gets. But let me tell you about it, and you can multiply it by ten to get some idea. Not much of an idea, as it’s not happening to you, but try.

 Online abuse has made me suicidal more than once. I have taken the pills. I have stood on the train bridge. I have been driven insane. I have had periods where I have been unable to work because I am such a wreck from sustained hatred and vitriol. I have lost work. I have been literally driven insane by hatred from strangers. It interrupts, it diverts, it permeates, it seeps in, you bullying bastards. It’s there when you’re reading bedtime stories to your kids. It strangles you in your sleep. It follows you in your hand, in your head. It slowly destroys you from the inside, a rot starts to set in. You become scared to say anything, scared to be anyone. You hide. You cry.

 Imagine 30 years of getting up every day and putting your suit on and going back to work to make life better for your abusers despite them.

 Imagine being tough enough to withstand people hurling metaphorical rocks at you every day and to still work to improve their lives.

 Imagine the dedication required to give 30 years in service to people who regularly tell you to die.

 Diane Abbott is tougher than any one of you sitting here making your lame memes from behind anonymous screens. She is a titan. A pioneer.

 Diane Abbott is here for women, children, food bank users, nurses, students, mothers, disabled people, refugees, every single one of us.

 Diane is one of the very best members of Parliament you could EVER hope to have to stand up for you, and you have her, & you better hold her. Because if the Tories get back in tomorrow my god we are going to need Diane more than ever to stand up to their callous, brutal austerity.

If we have five more years of cuts and cruelty, we need five more years of one of its strongest opponents to face it down. We need Diane.

 And so tomorrow, Stoke Newington & Hackney, go out and vote for the Diane Abbott who has worked for you for 30 years. Without hesitation.

 And as someone who has also done a lot of telly, we all cock up on breakfast sofas. It’s a horrible situation but unless you’ve been there, unless you’ve tried to answer three different questions in 15 seconds to 2million people with 6 cameras in your face before a cup of tea, you can sit down, shut up, and stop criticising people whose jobs and lives you really know bugger all about.

 I’ll end this by saying – this took a few minutes of research through news archives, Wikipedia, Hansard and TheyWorkForYou. Not tabloids. Her achievements and voting record are extremely simple to find. They’re handily above. Maybe read those, not the front pages of the Mail.

I conclude by wishing Diane some well-earned rest, and all the success tomorrow. Thankyou for all you do, for all of us, every single day.

With love, as a mother, a disabled person, a former food bank user, 

 Jack Monroe.

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    • Jack Monroe – Respect to your well researched article about this talented, Black Woman who has Fought & Studied for the Right to stand and fight for the rights of millions in the Houses of Parliament and around the World. Blessings x

      • Thrilled to see Diane Abbott kept her seat with 75% of the vote. Brilliant.

  1. I was disgusted yesterday to find people online staring at a photo of her and pronouncing ‘well she doesn’t look ill to me’. I’m guessing they​ all do capability assessments for a living, as they seem to operate the same system.

  2. She has certainly been a shining star. She is now ill. I wouldn’t like to assume what her illness is, neither would I want to speculate on its causes.
    I do understand that those who have a high public profile are laid bare to all sorts of vilification. I do not think that is justifiable in any way.
    I will be very glad when tomorrow is over, then we will be able to see what our future may or may not be.

    PS – Cooked salmon paste pasta the other night for the umpteenth time. Yum.

  3. thanks you for your brave and supportive words, Jack. They will reach many in need of some light. x

  4. Thank you, Jack. I have been horrified by the level of abuse that Diane Abbott has received, both today and in the past. One of the vilest things that I have seen today is a cartoon for the Evening Standard retweeted by George Osborne, but it was heartwarming to see the number of replies to that tweet, condemning it.
    What has this country become, where people treat other people like this?

  5. Shocking what she’s been subjected to, you only have to listen to her to know she’s got some brain.
    I wish her all the best with her recovery

  6. Well said! Far too many “people” (ok, idiots!!!) have so much vitriol towards others who are not only smarter than they are, but also willing to use their intelligence to try and make the world a better place for those who aren’t so fortunate as others. Anyone can be caught out when being questioned publicly (I know, I’ve had it happen to me too) and should not be vilified for making one mistake among countless brilliant speeches aimed at making a much needed change in society!!!!! The world needs MORE Diane Abbotts! It could sure use far less of those who make such hateful remarks towards a woman who has spent her life caring about others. Get well soon Diane and Good Luck for tomorrow!!!!!

  7. Hi there Jack,
    Yes, we do need Diane and all I can say is, those detractors are all complete a-holes, perhaps of the ukip, edl or bnp variety?
    Good luck to you tomorrow xxx

  8. Thanks for putting these thoughts together and being there for Diane. As you state I can’t imagine having to put up with those vile comments, just reading that short display you posted, makes me sick, that people can be and obviously are, so dumb.
    Power to you and power to Diane.

  9. Shocked by these tweets.  Diane Abbott is everything you say.  Just the most amazing, dedicated politician you could imagine. Thank you so much for writing this. . Sharon Aston

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  10. I’m not a voter in the UK. This post makes me wish I was, and that I lived in her constituency. Jack, thank you for your vocal and visible support for an equal world.

  11. Diane Abbott ROCKS. End of. Thanks for sticking up for her Jack, it’s about time someone did, I can’t imagine what this campaign must have been like for her, let alone the last 30 years.

  12. Thank you Jack. The facts may be available on-line, but sometimes I need someone whose opinion I trust (you) to put it into perspective so that I can understand. (I already postal voted, despite the newspapers, but it’s difficult as I’ve spent most of my life believing that they present a balanced point of view) All the best.

  13. Too right !!!
    Disgraceful behaviour!!!!
    The racist mantra of May & others is alive and well . Strong action should be taken every single vile racist troll.
    Diane – ignore these vile people and long will you continue with your fabulous ideals and career xx

  14. Well said Jack. Once again you’ve turned the impotent rage and frustartion I feel at this sort of mind-numbing idocy into a razor sharp expose of the vacuity of the bullies in the face of the facts. Thank you.

  15. This is great. I’m really happy to see a week thought through defense of Diane Abbot. What she has had to deal is sickening.

  16. Brilliantly written… I have shared this on Facebook in the hope it will shut the negativity down… thanks Jack… incidentally, Katie Hopkins has said if Labour win, she’ll leave the country… yet another great reason to vote Labour…

  17. Right now I despair of humanity, why do people have to be so vile. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, but this vitriol is another.

  18. I’m so glad I don’t do Twitter. I heard she was having racist, sexist, sizeist, etc slurs, but those are…words fail me! Have a well earned rest, come back Diane, welcomed with open arms! Thanks Jack for being so eloquent and to the point, as always. Again thanks.

  19. Well done Jack, people have to take responsibility for their comments and think how they would feel reading comments like that every day.

  20. Well said, Jack! I’ve just come from the local Lidl where I was unfortunate enough to see a copy of the “Daily Mail”, with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell on the front page labelled as terrorist sympathisers. The right-wing media are so full of hate it’s frightening, and the sort of morons that hurl abuse at people such as yourself and Diane Abbott are given licence to do so by so-called newspapers like the Mail and the Sun. All I can say is try and rise above it. That’s easy enough to say, I know, but over the years I’ve had to learn to curb my immediate desire to run out and set fire to the Daily Mail building and try instead to have some compassion for those who write for it and publish it – their lives must be so dreadful and empty of love and happiness, they must be so filled with self-loathing at their own inadequacies that they have to spew all that vitriol somewhere or they’d explode. (Actually, I’d pay money to see Paul Dacre self-combust!).

  21. Awesome article – absolutely spot bloody on. The level of vitriolic fuckwittery that these idiots peddle is beyond my comprehension but I can’t imagine they can tell their arse from their elbow, let alone achieve the tiniest fraction of what Diane Abbott and people like her have in their working lifetime.

  22. I don’t think abusing people like this is in any way acceptable, but truly after reading the vile things said today, I can only conclude she is doing something right.If they have to stoop to those levels they can’t make rational arguements stick. Get well soon Diane.

  23. Thank you for writing this illuminating piece. Brilliant. I hope Diane gets to read it, and that it helps her get well.

  24. well said Jack, I just wish you could read that out on mainstream TV for everyone to hear & acknowledge, absolutely brilliant!

    • That’s what’s needed. Get it out there tonight! How? I don’t know!I’ve shared it on my wall, as are others. Come on Jack, can’t you get on a platform? Please!

  25. Jack, your posts on Twitter moved me to tears and anger that people can be so damned savage, as if we needed another reminder. I don’t share Diane’s politics but I am a human being, and to see another human being crucified in consistently vicious and verbally violent and abusive ways is horrifying. Diane has done more for people and worked harder than any cocksure media hack or bedroom keyboard troll. Political sparring is one thing and accountability is crucial, but this is something else entirely.

  26. Thank you! I didn’t think I liked Diane Abbott, but the truth was I just didn’t know about her.

  27. Thank you for writing this, Jack. Hope beats hate, always, and I’m hopeful about tomorrow!

  28. I am glad you wrote this history. I hope it will be the complete antidote to the bullying that has been going on. Thank you.

  29. I’m sure Diane will get to see this and will say you shouldn’t have done it love, you’ll have attracted a lot more hateful people towards you, at the same time she’ll be so heartened by your words and those in the comments. Get ready with your block button Jack, I find it most cathartic blocking them. xx

  30. I’m from US and follow you you for recipes. But I wanted to say this is a clear thoughtful post so good luck to her and to you.

  31. Thank you so much for this,Jack. I’m so glad that someone has had the courage to speak out about the horrid bigots that seem to crawl out from under their rocks,just to hurt others for fun.

  32. I don’t know if her recent “gaffes” are in any way related to the unspecified illness explaining her benching today. Speaking as someone living with chronic illness, I hope not. I hope to see Diane back at fighting strength and hitting hard again soon.

  33. Thank you so much for taking the time away from all your other work/your own life to write this.

  34. Her constituents need to see this article and remember her commitment to them for many years. Her record like Corbyns is impeccable and it’s disgraceful the hostile and venimous racial abuse she’s had to endure. I hope tomorrow brings a new chapter to her life and that when she fully recovers back she comes ready TO SERVE IN THE NEWLY ELECTED LABOUR GOVERNMENT!

  35. Thank you Jack. You have done an excellent job, spot on. I hope Diane is able to see she has wonderful support from us all. As for those disgusting remarks about her, I am horrified that they were not taken down as soon as they were made. I am absolutely gob smacked that these idiots could stoop so low.

  36. Thank you for this. It’s what we need, loyalty to each other in the face of rancid racism and anti Labour vitriol. I had the pleasure of meeting Diane in the mid 80s when she was involved with the ACCT union. My thoughts are with her and her family and friends at this time. I hope she makes a full recovery. We need her.

  37. Well said. The way in which some people have reacted to the news that she is suffering from a “serious long-term condition” is utterly despicable. Comments from these vultures range from essentially calling her a liar to belittling her intelligence. Well, I hope she can be quickly cured of whatever afflicts her but I fear there’s no cure for their bigotry.

  38. So glad someone said it. The abuse she takes, and the lack of support/respect she gets from her party colleagues, is sickening.

  39. Well said, Jack. I hope Diane knows that there are many many people horrified by the attacks made on her. God knows how she has had the strength to carry on faced with the type of abuse she has had to deal with, not just recently but over many years. I hope that her colleagues in the Labour Party will stick up for her publicly too.

  40. Thank you. I have passed this on to quite a busy forum, and several people have already written that they feel both enlightened about Diane’s life, and utterly shocked by the level of abuse she has to put up with. Incidentally, it was a friend of ours who gave her a few piano lessons when she rather bravely appeared in public on TV, giving a performance. She abandoned her left hand notes at one point – he leaned forward and filled in the missing notes while she carried on to the end with her right hand alone. Well done her!

  41. I’m no supporter of Diane however it’s changed my opinion of her as a hard working woman trying her best to help others.

  42. Plenty of politicians have fluffed things in interviews and none of them have been criticized in the same way. But it has nothing to do with her being a woman or black … Yeah right.

    At least Dianne has showed up for interviews unlike Theresa May. May only shows up to photo ops with invited audiences. And the party that appointed the total liability that is Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary attempting to scare people by saying that Dianne could be Home Secretary on Friday … Word fail!

    Well done Jack 🙂 And Dianne, if you’re reading this, feel better soon and thank you for all you’ve done.

  43. On polling day it is perhaps worth remembering that most of the people, like Diane Abbott, that we vote for are hard working principled human beings trying to do their best for us in the ways that they say they will. Like the rest of us they muddle through under the demands coming from all directions; constituents; their local party managers; the whips office; their consciences; their families and friends and finally, time. Really our main enemy is the money that is allowed to get into politics – it is this money that is the currency of greed and corruption. Why else would the Republicans in the USA want to free up political sponsorship even more than they have already to give yet more power to the billionaires. We need an adult discussion about that – and legislation to outlaw its excesses. We are wading through dangerous swamps currently and we have no idea where the crocs and alligators are – they are invisible and technically, legally unaccountable.

  44. Well said, these sick people need to be prosecuted, I was truly shocked when I read those comments, just stunned that anyone would be that vile and full of hate. I am so sorry that you have been driven to despair by them too. I was pleased to see Dianne Abbott was returned to Parliament with a massive majority. Well done.

  45. I like the sentiment of this article, but it’s factually in accurate.
    “In 2017 only 15 black kids go to Cambridge”.

    This is wrong. The statistic was in 2015 only 15 black males got admitted to Cambridge. Over 100 go to Cambridge in 2017, I should know – I go there.

    Your point is still valid though, this is a shockingly under representation of BME students. I also commend Diane for being accepted in the 70s. Just thought I’d inform you, as I wouldn’t want a nicely written rant spoiled by an inaccuracy.

  46. And then Dianne got a massive huge 75% vote share in her Hackney & Stoke Newington constituency. A majority so large that it makes your head spin. I didn’t know all this stuff but I did do a little, rather pathetic clenched fist at the TV and I felt happier. Hope she’s back soon…

  47. Have you ever seen her speaking to someone who has no benefit to her? That’s who she really is.

  48. Thanks for the insight Jack.Who hasn’t made mistakes at work? Hope Diane recovers soon she’s needed now more than ever

  49. Thank you so much. Reaffirms what in my heart I new must be true. People do not keep voting for a person who is bad at their work. You dont let the trolls and nasties get to you fight back never give in. Never Surrender

  50. Thank you for writing this about Diane Abbott. The day before the election the Daily Mail had two articles on Diane that was disgusting, with over 3000 comments attacking her. The paper should be ashamed of itself as they know the true history of Diane but still ridicule her to their readers who have no knowdlege of her acheivements. Diane has kept her seat winning 75% of the votes in Hackney North and Stokie. Up 12%. People at my work place has called her rascist. which i have to step in and defend her. They clearly have not seen the demograhics of the area. Anyway thank you for writing this and get well soon Diane.

  51. I completely agree with most of this, however, to say “In 2017 only 15 black kids went to Cambridge” is incorrect.

    The 2017 intake does not join until September/October. At the moment, it cannot possibly be known how many black students will join at this point as most are still be waiting on results to have their places confirmed.

    I think you’re probably referring to recent press coverage that only 15 black male undergraduate students joined Cambridge in 2015. This refers to one gender and to one intake year, not to any broader figure.

    There is inevitably much more that can be done to encourage black students and other minorities to join institutions such as Cambridge, however, incorrect data such as this is unlikely to help.

  52. Excellent. THANK YOU,
    I really hope Diane Abbott reads this and realises people are behind her. This election particularly has shown the most vile, foul, cruel personal attacks on 2 basically honourable people, from mainstream media. The horrific racist and misogynistic crap that Diane gets on top of that is heartbreaking. I’ve never read your blog before, but my wonderful daughter pointed me to it when we were discussing how badly DA is being treated (thanks to her too!).

  53. Thank you for this. I’m of course writing after the event and Diane was reelected deservedly so. I’m writing from my perspective as a GP; I am dismayed about how ill-health of any kind is used as a weapon by sick bastards trolling social media. Many, many people with long-term illness – myself included- quietly go about our lives and no one would ever know about it. Diane should be commended for her dedicated long-term service, not villified.

  54. The best recipe ever written without cracking an egg! I miss this lady on the late night sofa before I turn off my reading light, her erudition, quite humour, subtle candour and understanding of the word commitment has made her into a very worldly wise woman. She deserves a medal, better still a big <<>> from me! Miss you already, Rx

  55. Absolutely fantastic that you have highlighted this issue with regards to the abuse projected a Diane Abbott. Shame on these perpetrators. Let’s send our love and support to our sister Diane. Let her know she has our respect, for being the great human she is.

  56. Further to all this, Diane is exceptionally hard working for her constituents – there could not be a better grass-root MP. She is always accessible and responsive, unlike many. She deserves a massive thank you rather than the unrivalled vilification she is subject to.

  57. After reading this and watching the video’s I am much better informed so I thank you and I wish Diane Abbott all the best in her recovery. Labour has started it’s comeback at last.

  58. Diane Abbott is a worthy, intelligent and committed MP but has made some serious gaffes in her professional lifetime. Please don’t forget she also gets paid a handsome amount for her ‘commitment to others’. Many do as much, if not more, for nothing. They are the real heroes.

  59. Diane is – in my opinion – a person who promotes policies which are harmful to the security and social well-being of the Kingdom. Others may disagree and have the right to do so.
    I reserve the right to criticise anyone but name-calling and abuse is not the way to do it. You need facts and logical counter-arguments, of which there are more than enough to enlighten anyone as to the qualities of the lady in question.
    I hope that she resigns as soon as possible to enjoy the happy retirement due to someone who has spent many years as a public servant. She tried her best but even if it wasn’t much of a best, at least she tried. For that and nothing else I have a flicker of respect for Diane Abbott.

  60. Thanks Jack. Really powerful piece and genuinely persuasive. Great piece of writing.

  61. To my shame, I didn’t know an awful lot about Diane Abbott, positive or negative. I’ve just watched the speech you linked to. It certainly deserved the award. I have heard some good Parliamentary speeches but none held my interest for that long. Thank you for posting this and educating me.

  62. Thank you Jack for revealing the story of this amazing woman who has done so much for Britain. They are lucky to have her for sure. They just don’t know that.

    But if they comment on her it’s only because they envie her and because they will never be able to achieve half of what she has done. Well done Diane Abbott.

  63. A wonderful testament that I ashamedly had hardly any knowledge of. Thank you for enlightening me and outing the despicable bigotry that still pervades our society.

  64. What a wonderful write up about Diane. Look at the numerous achievement and yet for just 1 mistake all those are forgotten.

    What a wicked world we live in. I hope and pray that she recovers fully and is able to come back and defend her integrity and self worth.

    May God have mercy on us!

  65. Dear Jack, thank you for your candid and unbiased honesty, as well as your courage. In this ugly world, it is heartening to know there are still decent human beings out there, I am sure Diane Abbott and family appreciate every support. Please remain strong in the face of adversities, remember Bullies are only TOOTHLESS Bulldogs. Bless you.

  66. Wow seriously well thought out and written piece, I feel sorry for those in the public gaze taking all the shit, so I want to say thank you to yourself and Diane Abbott for being strong when it is needed most!

  67. Thank you for writing this Jack! I didn’t know much about Dianne Abbot and I have a new found respect for her. We’ll done for championing someone who deserves it so much. This post gas been shared loads within my social group and I’ve seen a great response! I’d love to give that woman a massive hug and say well done, and you too! We are the resistance and it feels amazing right now <3 -<3 <3

  68. Dianne has had some very derisery comments lately and I will say that I do not agree with her politics ‘however I do think that she has been let down badly by the Labour Party . She is in my view a very sincere lady who is quite ill at the moment and she should have had more support . I wish her well and hope she has a speedy recovery

  69. Great piece Jack. Myself and my friends are horrified at her treatment. How are such vile posts allowed to remain? I will be dropping anyone from my social media who shows a willingness to propogate these lies about Diane Abbott. I have known about her in the past, impressed by her record but disgusted by the recent press and public comment.Get well soon Diane and thank you Jack.

  70. Her constituency majority increased by 10,000 so they get her. Says it all really. What’s for tea?

  71. Nice piece of writing Jack. Diane Abbott has achieved a lot in her life. I cannot say for those who cowardly write down disgusting, foolish and insensitive words to her before their computers on social media. She is also a human being.

  72. Sounds like someone we could sure use about now in the old US of A. Thanks for shining the light on this purposefully, amazing woman.

  73. here here – this online trolling is like verbal terrorism, people’s dark side emerging, not good.

  74. Free speech is there to be used, not abused. Same as our politicians. I find it difficult to believe the abusive comments against DA are not the subject of prosecution.

  75. Bless you Jack for a very articulate, moving and vitally important rant. I’ve been guilty of dismissing Diane Abbott as an out of her depth and despaired at what I perceive she does to the movement I support (I’ve never stooped to even think let alone type some of the horrific racist and sexist abuse you list above though, I am lucky and had a good upbringing). Thankyou so much for making me step back and have another look. As far as your own abuse goes, you can rise above it because you are better than any of that, there are more good people who support and follow you quietly than there are abusive bastards who express more about themselves than they do of you. Power to you and don’t ever stop.

  76. This has really, really upset me. I can’t get over that abuse. It makes me feel cold and sick all over. And to think that for Diane Abbott it’s a matter of course; she knows it’s coming at her all the time, every day. What enormous personal courage and inner resources must a person have to cope with that. I’m glad I know about this. Admiration and respect beyond words.

  77. Despite all of the abuse from the press( which lets face it is mostly in the hands of Tory sympathisers), Diane increased her majority and Labour increased in MP’s. i think it goes to show that there are people who don’t swallow this rubbish whole and can see trough smears and lies Well done Labour and well done Diane. Once again get well soon Diane, rise above the abuse , we know you are better than the abusers.

    • My best wishes to Diane as well. It surprises me the comments I have seen about Theresa May today none have been offensive rather critical of her lack of human emotions. The surprise has been how her adoring fans have rushed to defend her calling people vile and evil because they have commented ”she is robotic” no more than that. no threats swearing abuse. I have posed the question will they defend Diane as well. Will they condemn the murder of Joe Cox and the misogynist abuse other women who do not share the Conservatives view. So far nothing. Which is no surprise. Diane well done Jeremy well done Labour stand together change the lives of people who are being so badly treated by this despicable Government. I hope Diane is not to seriously ill and wish her a speedy and full recovery.

  78. I should add that I am a constituent of hers and have not seen her in the constituency once in the five years I’ve lived here.

  79. Interesting read, and I agree that some of the comments shown here about DA on Twitter are truly disgusting. Shame too many of this online generation seek to hide behind their PCs, laptops and mobiles and throw abuse. Well done to the author for putting together such a thought provoking piece, and as a consequence I respect DA the politician just a little more. I do not however agree with her politics, and when I have seen her debate (and Jack I am referring in particular here to your comments about her being a skilled orator “Diane is a skilled orator, a quick thinker, a glorious debater, a genuine public servant and a thoroughly decent woman. I mean reading through Hansard right now is a delight, some of her points and comebacks are glorious. And brilliant. And strong.”) I have found her to be pretty wishy washy and often struggling to back up her argument with anything that is political hogwash. As far as her views on austerity are concerned, I’d love it all for free but the reality is we just don’t have the money to pay for it….

  80. Loved the article Jack but you diluted the whole article by calling Diane ‘s little black’ girl’, slightly patronizing to call such an accomplished women a girl. 🙁

  81. So it turns out that Diane Abbott has Type 2 Diabetes, and has known this for two years. A serious and potentially debilitating illness, if not managed properly, and because she couldn’t successfully manage it during the election campaign, her job was given to someone else.

    So, move along folks, nothing to see here, then.

  82. We Need To Talk About Diane, Now. Unless someone proffers an opinion that doesn’t fit your narrative. My reasoned, polite post that suggested she was a liability to the Labour Party was “awaiting moderation” for four days and has now simply disappeared. Are you interested in a dialogue or are you just getting your money’s worth out of your privilege megaphone? In the meantime, JC4PM.

    • Nee Naw, this is Jack’s blog and it’s hers to moderate as she sees fit. And you don’t exactly help yourself by making a snarky, ad hominem insult that suggests you hadn’t taken on board the blog’s central premise; online abuse.

      You may or may not see this, Jack, but please keep up your passionate and reasoned blogging; it’s inspirational.

  83. Anyone with any kind of public profile today is going to get a faceful of the sort of twitter material shown above. Were we always as foul as this?

    Best wishes to Ms Abbott, and to Jack. I hope the tide of muck goes out soon, and stays out.

  84. It’s not just MP’s and black people that suffer horrific abuse. I was subjected to thousands of abusive comments social media because I posted a film showing a terrier man killing a fox – I been very upset about the illegal dig out as I tried to monitor the Flint & Denbigh Hunt. I was wrongly prosecuted for harassing a terrier man on social media when all I had done was report the dreadful cruelty in ,my usual way and added that the terrier men were evil. The police, the CPS and the judge who as it turned out had previously defended a terrier man of the same hunt. The C/A were involved in my case to ensure I got prosecuted. The local papers and pro hunt on social media went wild. It was said that I should have been shot and stuck down a fox hole – hung from a tree – burned – imprisoned for life – shagged with the rough end of a pineapple – said I needed a good seeing to – one local guy said he would show another guy where I lived so that he could come and sort me out – I was called every name under the sun by hundreds of pro hunt men and women on a daily basis for over three years and it is still going on according to friends. I removed my film showing the dig out before I went to court (2014) but the rabble had already made copies and began harassing me and the film was used to bully me. It was shown over 100,000 times, it is still on pro hunt pages or so I have been told I had it removed about twenty five times. One name that stood out and who had it in for me with regard to my film was Robing Del Cross Carpenter. I have most of the screen shots to prove it! My health has suffered as a result because being so sensitive I took all the threats and abuse to heart. I informed North Wales police a dozen times about the upset but each time they came back with the same excuse, “Well you went looking for them so there is nothing we can do”. They said I shouldn’t look at nasty comments made about me and that was that! Nobody was investigated so nobody was prosecuted. So imagine how I felt after I heard that Gina Miller had managed to get justice. I felt like all the hatred aimed at me didn’t matter – I was animal rights campaigner so my feelings don’t count!. I have since become very bitter and cannot for the life of me get my life back on track. My campaigning has all but evaporated and I now suffer full blown depression. THIS IS WHAT INJUSTICE DOES TO YOU – IT EATS YOU UP INSIDE!!!!!!!

  85. A JOY to read! Here another grateful white woman writes. HOW to quantify the debt of gratitude owed by the nation to Ms. ABBOTT!

  86. A brilliant article, please never think suicidal thoughts again, there’s loads of us out here who love your work and writings, we’re not real friends coz we’ve never met, but we will all stand your corner. And Diane what a trojan, and what a lot of wankers she has to deal with, sometimes I am ashamed to be a fellow human to these scumbags.

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