On Thursday morning, off school and recovering from surgery, my Small Boy announced he wanted ‘dippy bread’ for breakfast. Bread with something to dip it into, I surmised. Seems fair enough; who doesn’t enjoy dunking warm bread into something soft and viscous, and ramming it in their gob? I made a yoghurt dip and whipped the last nights leftover roasted squash with a little coconut milk, and realised we didn’t have any bread. Drat. He’s struggling to walk, so I was reluctant to drag him up the steep hill to the nearest shop, and at seven he’s just slightly too small to be left alone while I bravely hunt down our breakfast, so I decided to make some bread. Instant bread, because as the parent of any hungry child knows, there are nanoseconds between being ‘a bit hungry’ and ‘full scale tantrum hungry’. I set a five minute timer, just to see, but I’m an avid baker, so give yourself eight to start with and see how quickly you can break your own record.

5 Minute Bread recipe by Jack Monroe

5 Minute Bread recipe by Jack Monroe

Made 4 breads at 3p each

100g self raising flour, 4p (65p/1.5kg, Sainsburys Basics)

70ml soya milk (or any other milk equivalent), 6p (Sainsburys soya milk, 90p/1l)

1/3 tsp bicarbonate of soda, <1p (90p/180g, Sainsburys)

A pinch of salt, <1p (40p/750g, Sainsburys)

1/2 tsp lemon juice or vinegar, 1p (55p/250ml, Sainsburys)

First turn your oven on to 220C, you’ll need this in a minute! Pop a frying pan on the hob but don’t turn it on yet.

Grab a mixing bowl and pour your flour into it. Add the bicarb and salt and give it a quick but thorough stir.

Pour in the milk and lemon juice and mix vigorously for a minute to form a dough. Now turn the heat beneath your frying pan on.

Tip the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and briefly knead it to bring it together, just for a minute. Divide it into four and roll them into balls.

Roll each ball out flat – around 4mm thick – and pop into the frying pan two at a time.

Cook on a high heat for one minute, then flip over for 30 seconds, transfer them to the oven to keep warm and finish, and do the other two.

And you’re done. And now you can go into your day knowing that you’re only ever five minutes away from freshly baked bread.

Now If you’ll excuse me, I’m a tad competitive, so I’m just setting myself a four minute timer over here…

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