Month: December 2017

Post-Party Panzanella

I knocked this together from some scrappy bits left kicking about on Boxing Day – the kind of thing that is usually found at any kind of gathering, extended to feed a few more for an extra day. A bit of bread, some tomatoes, some greenery, a dash of oil and lemon and you have yourself a perfectly delicious side dish that’s on the lighter side after a season of excess. I smuggled some olives and odds from a mezze platter into mine for good measure, and it went down a treat. I’ve not costed it yet as it...

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Leftover Turkey Curry, 34p

This is a recipe adapted from my second cookbook, A Year In 120 Recipes, using turkey instead of the lamb in the original. I no longer eat meat, and haven’t done for around two years, but my job is to teach people to cook and make the most of what they have on a small budget, and it is impossible to ignore that today of all days, the nation is a nation scrabbling to use up their leftovers. Turkey is an ingredient that has been missing from my kitchen table for quite some time, but the lean nature of...

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Boxing Day Pasties, 13p

An ideal place to smuggle leftovers – for today or for the freezer, these pasties are as versatile as the scraps of whatever you have left over from your dinner – just knock up (or buy) a quick shortcrust pastry and you’ll have lunch in a jiffy for not very much at all. This recipe was first featured in my second book, A Year in 120 Recipes. Serves 6 at 13p each 250g fat (butter, marge, or a combination), 60p (Vitalite, £2.40/kg) 500g plain flour, 18p (55p/1.5kg, Sainsburys Basics) a few teaspoons ice cold water Any quantity of leftovers:...

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Caribbean Style Chilli, 28p

Winter is coming, the time of year where perpetual colds and snuffles are imminent, the nights draw in darker, and I start to crave a little bit of heat and spice. Usually I spend my winters making long slow curries, but, ambling around the Caribbean section of a supermarket I don’t usually manage to get to, I started to rifle through the unusual (to me) goods on offer, and muse about what to do with them. I enjoy a new culinary adventure, and I picked up a few tins of gungo peas, callalloo (a little like spinach), ackee. I...

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Peanut Milk Rice Pudding, 16p (slow cooker)

Sometimes all you need is a little nursery-soft sloppy comfort food, and for me, rice pudding usually does the trick. Over the years I have made rice pudding in many kinds of ways, on the hob, in the oven, and scooped from a tin, but last night I decided to give the slow cooker a go. And, my oh my, am I glad I did. As soft and creamy as any tinned variety, as plump and rich as any from the oven, this is delightful, and so so very simple. Those of you without a slow cooker can make...

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