Month: February 2018

Sausage & Bean Casserole, 60p (WAS 48p)

This recipe first appeared in my Guardian column in 2013, where the prices have been helpfully preserved for posterity – and comparison. It is not a vegan recipe, for the purposes of accurately comparing the rise in prices in basic food products over the past five years, but can easily be made vegan by using your favourite brand of vegan sausages. I hope that readers understand why I am choosing to do this – I no longer eat pork sausages, but there are plenty of people who use my old recipes who do, and I cannot accurately demonstrate the...

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Mixed Bean Goulash, 31p (WAS 17P)

Serves 4 at 31p each. The original recipe at 2012 prices was 17p a portion. 1 x 400g tin of red kidney beans, 35p (Was 17p. Price increase: 106%) 1 x 400g tin of baked beans, 25p (Was 22p. Price increase: 14%) 1 onion, 10p (90p/1.5kg onions. Previously 5p as part of a 1.25kg Basics stew pack. Price increase: 100%) 1 fat clove of garlic or a generous shake of the dried stuff, 2p (35p/2 bulbs of garlic. Up from 30p. Price increase: 17%) 4 tablespoons oil, 6p (£3/3l sunflower or vegetable oil – price unchanged) 3 teaspoons paprika,...

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Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Burger, 17p (WAS 9P)

This burger is where the media storm began for me and, dubbed ‘the 9p burger’ because of the low cost of the ingredients used to make it in 2012, it’s one of my most popular recipes. A can of value range red kidney beans is a cheap but excellent source of protein and I built a lot of my early cooking around it. When my then-toddler asked me for burgers for tea, I made him these, and they became a firm staple in my household. These burgers cost 9p each to make in 2012, due in part to a...

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Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Soup, 18p

. I wanted to write another recipe, but I felt sullied, trite, misappropriated, and used. So instead I am going to rewrite my recipes from 2012 – that many of you will not have seen buried beneath the beautiful new ones – and re-cost them to demonstrate the soar in prices in the Basics range over the last 6 years, and how it is always the poorest who shoulder the burden of economic inequality. 

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My Ready Meal Is None Of Your Business.

Tonight, scrolling through Twitter, I came across a frankly audacious message sent from the ‘Bath Conservatives’ account, that had tagged me in. Unfortunately this is not an account dedicated to the frugal recycling of your dirty wash water, more’s the pity, but the haphazard and misfiring musings from the anonymous social media person for the Bath branch of the Conservative Party. You might have heard of them. They’re the ones in Government right now, and have been for around eight years now. These Conservatives decided, in their wisdom, to uphold me as an example of someone who could cook...

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