Month: April 2018

Coronation Frickin’ Burger, 13p

I discovered a taste for Coronation Chicken when I was still in primary school, finding a tub of the pre-made deli style stuff in my parents fridge and, after a tentative sniff, decided to try a little of it with my undoubtedly disgusting small-child finger. And I LOVED it. I begged my parents for it, queer little thing I was. Not that I knew its delightful secrets at the time, but the combination of sweet sticky mango chutney with a creamy sauce and subtle spice, spiked with fat juicy sultanas, became one of my favourite things. As a teenager,...

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Jacket Potato with Soy-Sauce Mushrooms, 38p

I love a good jacket spud. I said this out loud as I typed it, and my admin assistant Caroline stopped chewing on the roll of Sellotape she was fastening a box of books with and groaned, ‘God, who doesn’t?’. Well, exactly. Soft fluffy potato mashed to a creamy pulp with a little fat and salt and pepper, and topped with whatever sloppy goodness you desire, all contained in a crisp chewy jacket, a treat right at the end. Jacket potatoes seem to have fallen out of fashion since my childhood back yonder, where we were served them with...

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📚 Cooking On A Bootstrap – now available to order!

Excited to announce that I am now taking orders for Cooking On A Bootstrap colour edition – you get the book as soon as it comes out in August (I am clearly a glutton for admin)! It’s the best way to buy it – direct from the author – and you can get...

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Leftover Beer Bread, 5p

I had a small gathering of friends for lunch yesterday – the recipes of which are numerous and will follow in good time – and as is usually the way when a gathering imbibe themselves on sun and soaking up well-deserved drinks, as I tidied up this morning (for I am a slattern, but also have concussion and took my sober self to bed early after such frivolity), I came across half a glass of warm beer that had been sitting on the table all evening. Rather than pour it down the sink, I decided to rework the very...

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PBJ Crumble, 21p

I am near fanatical about peanut butter and jam – or peanut butter and jelly, for my readers across the pond. I have previously made these extremely popular PBJ cookies (vegan version here), PBJ microwave brownies for BBC Good Food, a PBJ semifreddo ice cream for a Small Boy and a PBJ pie with peanut butter hand-kneaded into the pastry, stuffed with thick, unctuous strawberry jam. My latest homage to my favourite marriage of flavours is this – the PBJ crumble I served at a lunch for 10 yesterday – met with a chorus of rapture as I placed it on the...

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