Fluffy Berry Pancakes, 41p [Cooking On A Bootstrap]

These are a favourite of my Small Boy, and something of a lazy Sunday morning tradition. We pop to the shop with our coats on over our pyjamas, grab a newspaper for me and a comic for him, and loaf around with all the breakfast we can possibly manage, reading, chatting and making up for a week of hastily bolted porridge and cartons of juice on the run to school. Breakfast rolls into lunch, into walks, into movies, into catching up with friends, but a Sunday isn’t a Sunday without a pancake in our house. Vegan readers, you can replace eggs with 2 over-ripe mashed bananas, and butter with a little oil. This recipe is easily multiplied for larger crowds, in which case pop a couple of baking trays in the oven as it preheats to around 140 ° C/ 275 ° F/ gas 1, and use them to keep the pancakes warm as you cook. It’s no fun being the person with the cold pancakes at the breakfast table. SERVES 2 from 41p each. … Continue reading Fluffy Berry Pancakes, 41p [Cooking On A Bootstrap]