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Mince Pie Toastie, 36p [Jack Monroe’s Advent Recipes]

Regular readers will know that I have quite the love affair with my toastie maker, and have done since childhood, when my mum would wrestle the big white Breville from beneath the sink and turn it on, and we knew that we had a scalding-hot pocket of delight for our imminent lunch. I rediscovered my love for toasties in adulthood – as life can sometimes be overwhelming and with a child tugging on my arm to be fed, and now nothing is safe from being sandwiched between those hot plates and slathered in cheese. This shouldn’t work, but it definitely does, and received rave reviews from my friends and family. It works with vegan cheese too – try Violife mozzarella slices or similar for the best results.

Serves one from 36p each

Two slices of white bread, 5p (55p/800g, Asda)

3tbsp mincemeat, 10p (or smashed up leftover mince pies), (£2.02/822g, Asda)

40g cheese, 20p (10 slices cheddar/99p, Smartprice at Asda)

A smudge of oil, 1p

Assemble your sandwich in the usual fashion: Lay the bread slices out on the worktop and butter them if you want to, I personally don’t as the filling here is pretty sloppy, but you may want to.

Spoon the mincemeat into the centre of one of the bread slices and spread it with the back of the spoon, shy of 1cm of the edges to prevent leakage! Top with the cheese, and then the second slice of bread.

If using a toastie maker, brush the inside plates with a little oil and turn on. If using the grill, turn it on to medium.

Place the sandwich in the toastie maker or grill and cook for three to four minutes, until the cheese is melted. Halve with a sharp knife and enjoy while hot!

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