This afternoon one of my readers got in touch via Twitter to ask me how to make these cookies vegan, for a friend. This is one of my favourite recipes for a rainy-day activity with my small boy, and as the weather draws in around us and we will be looking for more baking days than beach days, it seemed as good a time as any to convert it for my vegan friends. If you don’t have self raising flour kicking about, just use plain flour and add 1 level teaspoon of baking powder instead. To make these gluten free, replace the flour with any gluten free flour blend, or ground almonds.

This recipe first appeared in ‘A Girl Called Jack’.

Makes 12 cookies at under 3p each (This post is not sponsored; I provide links to the ingredients that I use so you can see how I calculate my recipe costs, and I may earn a small commission if you click the links or purchase any ingredients.)

50g sunflower spread or other dairy-free butter equivalent, 10p (£1/500g,
Sainsburys sunflower spread)

2 tbsp sugar, 2p (80p/1kg, Fairtrade)

3 tbsp peanut butter, 12p (90p/340g, Basics)

9 tbsp or 75g self raising flour, 3p (65p/1.5kg, Basics)

4 tbsp jam, 6p (40p/454g, Basics)

First preheat your oven to 180C, and lightly grease a baking tray in preparation.

Pop the sunflower spread in a mixing bowl, pour in the sugar, and cream together using a fork or wooden spoon until softened and well combined. Add the peanut butter and mix a little more until evenly distributed. Spoon in the flour and stir to form a soft, crumbly dough. If it is a little too crumbly, add a teaspoon or two of cold water – but no more!

Lightly flour your hands, and break off a walnut-sized piece of dough. Place on the prepared baking sheet and flatten slightly with a fork. Repeat with the rest of the dough, leaving a little space between each as they spread slightly.

Using your thumb, or the back of a teaspoon, make an indent in the centre of each cookie, deep enough to hold a little nub of jam. Spoon a little jam into the centre of each cookie.

Bake in the centre of the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes, or until golden.

Allow to cool and firm for a few minutes before removing from the baking tray.

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Thrupenny PBJ Cookies recipe by Jack Monroe

Thrupenny PBJ Cookies recipe by Jack Monroe