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[UPDATE!] Your GoFundMe Donations for getting Tin Can Cook to foodbanks

A quick update on the GoFundMe page for donating copies of Tin Can Cook to foodbanks.

Thank you so much for the support you’ve given to this project so far. I have an exciting update today which means that your generous donations will cover more tinned goods and more copies of Tin Can Cook than I originally worked out.


The total donation at the time of writing is £23,977, (less the GoFundMe admin fee of £916.63 – which I have no control over) making a whopping £23,060.37 donatedThis entire amount is going to be used to supply books to food banks. 


I originally cautiously estimated that every £9 donated would cover 1 copy of Tin Can Cook and 3 cans of food, which would have covered 2,562 books and 7686 cans.


However, two great things have happened which mean your donations will actually go further, supplying more cans and more books to Trussell Trust food banks than originally estimated.


Heinz have kindly agreed to donate 10,000 cans for free to this project – 2,314 more than I estimated we would have supplied. The full amount raised via GoFundMe can now go toward supplying books.


I am also now able to supply the books for vastly less than the RRP,  including postage and packaging, via independent bookshop Newham Books, meaning your donations will now buy 6,588 copies for the food bank network.


To sum up, for every £3.50 donated I can (and will!) supply one copy of Tin Can Cook to the Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust is a registered charity in England & Wales (with registered number 1110522) and Scotland (with registered number SC044246). The 10,000 cans donated by Heinz will be on top of this amount.


My publisher Bluebird will also donate a further 300 copies, and provide 50,000 free recipe cards featuring Tin Can Cook dishes chosen by the Trussell Trust, distributed between the food bank network.  


If donations to this page continue to climb, I will discuss with the Trussell Trust whether they would prefer to receive the money as a cash donation or to give more copies to food banks.


As ever, thankyou so much for your fantastic support; because of your generosity, literally thousands of people who need this book most will have a copy, free of charge.


If you wish to donate, you can do so here. 6,588 books sounds like a lot of books, and will do a lot of good, but there are many, many thousands more people in Britain using food banks – just like I did – and every little helps.


Thanks again, for all your help with this – it’s incredible to see what your generosity has achieved.


All the best,


Jack Monroe.

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