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PUBLICATION DAY! Tin Can Cook is here!

It’s the day I have finally, eagerly been waiting for since I first pitched this book around eight months ago to my publisher, Carole at Bluebird (Pan Macmillan) – Tin Can Cook has hit the shelves this morning!


It’s currently, at the time of writing, sitting at #2 overall in the Amazon bestseller books chart – quite a feat for something I thought was going to be ‘pretty niche but sadly necessary’. Readers have written to me to tell me it is sold out in some of their branches of WHSmiths (they are getting more – see below for where else to buy it if this is the case!) I popped into my local Asda and cheekily spread it across the top shelf to make a jolly bright display this morning, scampering off giggling to myself. It’s fair to say I am having a lovely day!


The crowdfunder to send it to foodbanks has raised £30,000 – with 6,500 confirmed copies being sent out and the remaining money being donated either as cash or books to the Trussell Trust, depending on what they think will be more helpful to them – I’ll keep you posted.


I am serialising some of the recipes on this website over the coming weeks to try to coax you into buying it – I am probably proudest of this book of all of them, because it’s the book I wish I’d had when I was in my worst of times, trying to feed myself from food bank boxes with little energy, no self esteem, and feeling like most recipes were out of my reach.


It’s not just a book for food bank users though – it’s useful for camping, caravanning, boat trips, DofE expeditions, university, learning to cook for the first time, and more. The recipes are suitable for everyone from absolute novice cooks, to seasoned sceptics, and written in such a way that I hope the reader will grow in confidence with time and start to substitute their own ingredients, or fresh ingredients, and use them as a building block to truly learn to cook rather than just to follow recipes by rote.


If you have bought it, please do take a minute to leave a review on whatever site you bought it from, as reviews really do help authors gain exposure, and buyers to have a little confidence in what they’re buying. I’m quite nervous about this book in a way, as it’s unlike so many other cookbooks out there, and I want tentative potential readers to really know that it’s, pardon the pun, exactly what it says on the tin. Simple, affordable, accessible, delicious recipes.


I’ll post a few over the coming days and weeks – in the meantime, you can pick up your copies from a number of locations, depending on what takes your fancy:


Tin Can Cook by Jack Monroe at Asda, £4. Exclusive edition with 10 extra recipes and 40p from each copy going to the Trussell Trust.


Tin Can Cook by Jack Monroe at Amazon, £5.24.


Tin Can Cook by Jack Monroe from Jack Monroe, £6.99. (I get a slightly better cut selling my own books for the RRP, but also understand that I’m writing books for people without much money, so don’t feel you have to buy them directly from me when there are cheaper options available!)


Tin Can Cook by Jack Monroe at Hive, £5.49. Hive support independent bookshops and usually dispatch within 24 hours.


Tin Can Cook by Jack Monroe from Bluebird, £6.99 (my publisher, very good people, book wouldn’t exist without them!)


To help sponsor a copy for a foodbank, from £1, you can click here. 


It’s also available at Tesco, Morrisons, Waterstones, WHSmiths, Foyles and many, many other places – if you spot it, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!


Many thanks for all your support – both in encouraging me to write this book, and in buying it for yourselves and for food banks,


Jack Monroe



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