This came about by accident; I couldn’t decide between peanut butter and marmite popcorn, or peanut butter and honey, so on a whim I decided to amalgamate all three. And good lord, I have no regrets about it at all. The tang of marmite, earthiness of the peanut butter and the sweet stickiness of the honey are a triumvirate of absolute bliss – Caroline and I polished off the bowl faster than I could say ‘How many should this serve? Four? Oh. Us.’

To make this vegan, replace the honey with golden syrup, or other thick liquid sweetener of your choice.

Serves four. Allegedly. From 11p per portion. (I provide links to the ingredients that I use so you can see how I calculate my recipe costs, and I may earn a small commission if you click the links or purchase any ingredients.)

80g corn kernels, 16p (£1/500g)

2 tbsp/32g peanut butter, 7p (70p/340g)

2 tbsp/42g honey, 12p (£1.24/425g)

1 tbsp butter or light cooking oil, 2p (£1.09/1l)

1 tsp/5g marmite, 5p (£2.70/250g) – cheaper ‘yeast extract’ and Vegemite are available, but some things I just won’t compromise on…

First measure your peanut butter, butter, honey and marmite into a microwave-proof small bowl. Microwave on High for 45 seconds, until everything starts to melt. Remove carefully, and stir vigorously to combine and melt any stubborn ingredients. Set to one side.

Grab a large, nonstick pan with a lid, and place it on the large hob ring on a medioum heat. Pour in the corn kernels – I like to spray the pan with FryLight or similar, but it doesn’t need it, I’m just obsessed with keeping my pans unscathed as it’s kind of my job. Pop the lid on, and wait, jostling the pan every now and then to distribute the heat and prevent any kernels from burning in the hot spot.

When the corn starts to pop, shake the pan vigorously, keeping a good handle on the lid to stop it flying off and all the popcorn escaping! When the final ‘pop’ has popped, remove it from the heat, but leave the lid on for five more minutes, as some of the kernels take their time to wake up and realise their true potential, and babe, same.

When you’re fairly confident that no popcorn is going to come flying out of the pan (I can tell you now, this confidence is misplaced, and 99% of the time a rogue piece of popcorn will make a bid for freedom), drench it in the sticky sauce and replace the lid, shaking vigorously to evenly coat it. Leave it to stand for a minute for the sauce to set, then tuck in while it’s still warm.

Will keep for 2 days max in an airtight bag or container, but best eaten immediately.
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