Ultimate Budget Christmas Dinner

Jack Monroe’s £4.34 3-Course, Zero-Waste Christmas Dinner: THE SHOPPING LIST

All prices quoted are from Asda and Tesco, correct as of December 2020

[*This post recommends Del Monte products because I genuinely really love them, and because we are currently working together in a long term commercial partnership. I never recommend anything that I don’t genuinely use and love, but in the interests of transparency, that’s why they’re namechecked here!]

Asda free range chicken, £5.04 avg 1.55kg

2kg white potatoes, £0.79, Farm Stores at Asda

250g lard, £0.39, Stockwells at Tesco

22 slice white loaf, 36p, HW Nevill’s at Tesco

Roasted and salted cashew nuts, £0.75/125g, Smartprice at Asda

12 x chicken or vegetable stock cubes, 39p, Asda own brand

500g Brussels sprouts, 93p, Redmere Farms at Tesco

12 sausages, £1.20, Woodside Farms at Tesco

500g cooking bacon, 75p, Woodside Farms at Tesco

1kg brown onions, 60p, Growers Selection at Asda

1kg carrots, 41p, Tesco

500g parsnips, 40p, Perfectly Imperfect at Tesco

1 can of mandarin segments, £1, Del Monte* at Asda

200g small frozen prawns, £2, Smartprice at Asda

130g shredded iceberg lettuce, £0.35, Growers Selection at Asda

250g cherry tomatoes, 48p, Nightingale Farms at Tesco

Half a cucumber, £0.32, Growers Selection at Asda

250ml seafood sauce, £1, Tesco

200g cranberry sauce, 49p, Tesco

411g mincemeat, £1.15, Asda own brand

1.5kg plain flour, 45p, Stockwell & Co at Tesco

250g Best For Baking Cake Spread, 55p, Asda own brand

Tin of custard, 50p, Asda own brand

6 medium free range eggs, 75p, Asda own brand

1 pint (568ml) whole milk, 50p, Asda own brand

Mixed dried herbs, 30p for 18g, Asda

Grapefruit, £1.10, Asda

A version of this menu was originally devised and developed for The St Giles Trust Pantry, registered charity number 801355. You can support their vital work by texting PANTRY to 70460 to donate £5.

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