Easy Zero-Waste Veg-Peel Stuffing Roast, 12p

This recipe is ideal for vegetarians as the main centrepiece for a roast dinner, or can be served to a crowd as a stuffing alongside roast meats. A friend of mine loves this recipe so much that I often send her home with a foil-wrapped package of the leftovers, which she enjoys in sandwiches for the days that follow! It’s extremely versatile, and is an excellent place to use all of the peelings that may usually get discarded in the preparation of a roast dinner. You can use pretty much any veg peelings for this; the outer layer of skin, bendy carrots or parsnips, swede and beetroot and squash skins; it’s never the same thing twice in my household! For the fruit, you can substitute apples for pears, oranges, or canned prunes, pears or mandarins; they all work lovely!

Makes two, to serve four to six apiece – one for the table and one for the freezer!

350g assorted vegetable peels

2 apples or pears, 12p (52p/9, Growers Selection at Asda)

1 large onion, around 140g, 7p (50p/1kg, Growers Selection at Asda)

115g or 3 slices of bread, 5p (39p/22 slices, Smartprice at Asda)

400g can of chickpeas, plus the liquid from the can, 35p (35p/400g can, KTC)

1 tbsp mixed dried herbs, 4p (45p/12g, Asda)

a generous pinch of salt, <1p (27p/750g, Asda)

plenty of black pepper, <1p (£1/100g, TRS)

1 egg, 15p (90p/6 free range eggs, Asda)

100g cheddar cheese, 44p (£3.65/825g, Smartprice at Asda)

First heat your oven to Gas Mark 5 (190C/375F), and ensure there is a shelf in the centre or thereabouts.

Next, finely chop your vegetable peels, apples and onion; if you have a food processor or small bullet blender you can pop them in here – although the small bullet blender will need to be done in batches – but if not, persevere with a large heavy sharp knife and some gusto, until they are about the size of large grains of rice. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Pulse or grate your bread, or chop into small pieces, and add to the bowl, followed by the chickpeas and the liquid from the can, the dried herbs, salt and pepper, and the egg. Mash everything together well with either a masher or a fork, until it starts to come together. grate in your cheese, and mix again.

Lightly grease a loaf tin or roasting dish, and transfer the mixture into it; pressing it into the corners and lightly pressing down to compact it into the tin.

If using the whole mixture, bake it for 1 hour. If using half of the mixture, 35-40 minutes should suffice. Not all veg peels and fruits are created equal, however, so insert a small knife into the centre to check if it is cooked; it ought to be fairly firm but still moist and slightly springy to touch.

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